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    PART A: GENERAL INFORMATION Vision IFC Mission IFC Core Values IFC 1 General Information 1.1.1 Council of Trustees 2 1.1.2 Honorary Associates of the Museum 3 1.1.3 Museum Staff 4 1.2 Legislative and Other Mandates 10 1.3 Statement of Responsibility and Confirmation of Accuracy for the Annual Report 10 1.4 Organisational Structure 11 1.5 Strategic Outcome Oriented Goals 12 1.6 Foreword by Chairperson 14 1.7 Director’s Overview 16 PART B: PERFORMANCE INFORMATION 2 Performance Information by Programme 18 2.1 Programme 1: Administration 18 2.1.1 Sub-Programme 1.1: Entity Management & Governance 18 2.1.2 Sub-Programme 1.2: Support Services 24 2.2 Programme 2: Business Development 28 2.3 Programme 3: Public Programmes 45 2.3.1 Sub-Programme 3.1: Exhibitions 45 2.3.2 Sub-Programme 3.2: Education & Outreach Programmes 49

    PART C: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1 Personal Costs 60 2 Salaries, Overtime, Housing Allowance & Medical Assistance 60 3 Employment & Vacancies 60 4 Annual Turnover Rates by Salary Levels for the Period 60 5 Reasons why staff are leaving the institution 60 1 Employment Equity 61 2 HIV/AIDS & Health Promotion Programmes 61 3 Labour Relations 61 4 Skills Development 62

    PART D: GOVERNANCE 1 Introduction 63 2 Council 63 3 Risk Management 66 4 Internal Control Unit 66 5 Compliance with Laws and Regulations 66 6 Minimising Conflict of Interest 67 7 Code of Conduct 67 8 Health, Safety and Environment Issues 67 9 Social Responsibility 67

    PART E: FINANCIAL INFORMATION 1 Report of the Audit and Risk Committee 68 2 Report of the Auditor General 70 3 Annual Financial Statements 73 3.1 Approval of the Financial Statements 73 3.2 Council members 74 3.3 Statement of Financial Position 75 3.4 Statement of Financial Performance 76 3.5 Statement of Change in Net Assets 77 3.6 Cash Flow Statement 78 3.7 Notes to the Annual Financial Statements 79


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    Council Members for the period 1 September 2015 – 31 March 2016 Council Members for the period 1 April 2015 – 31 August 2015

    Dr S Malapane Doctor in Divinity (Honorary)

    (Wesleyan Theological Seminary), Project Management (Cert.),

    Professional Presentation Skills (Cert.) (CBM), Estate Agency (Cert.)

    (Estate Agency Affairs Board), Marketing (Cert.)

    Mr N Khuzwayo B. Pedagogic (UNIZUL), Project

    Management (Higher Cert.) (MAPP SETA), Economic Development (Higher Cert.) (UWC), Sports Administration &

    Coaching (Cert.) (UNIZUL)

    Mr K Ranchod Pr. Teachers Certificate, Pr. Teachers

    Diploma (Dower Training College), BA (UPE), B. Ed (Rhodes), MA in Education

    Planning, MA in Education Theory & Policy (Penn State University, USA), MA

    in Social Research (UJ)

    Prof NV Makunga BA (Hons) (FORT HARE),

    MA Clinical Psychology (NATAL), D Litt et Phil (UNISA); Dip (Management Practice) (ISIS COLLEGE), Dip (General

    Nursing) (NATALSPRUIK)

    Mr F Dantile (Deputy Chairperson) BCom

    (University of Transkei), BA (Hons) (WSU), Dip (Business Management) (Executive Education), Dip (Labour

    law) (IDEC), Strategic Human Resources Management Programme

    (UCT), Directors Induction Programme (Wits Business School)

    Mr D Coovadia B.Compt (Hons), CA (SA), RA, FIMC,


    Mr P Croeser BSc Botany & Entomology (Rhodes),

    BSc Entomology (Hons) cum laude (NATAL), MSc Entomology:

    Phylogenetic Systematics cum laude (NATAL)

    Prof NV Makunga (Chairperson) BA (Hons) (FORT HARE),

    MA Clinical Psychology (NATAL), D Litt et Phil (UNISA); Dip (Management Practice) (ISIS COLLEGE), Dip (General Nursing)


    Prof DJ Brothers BSc (Hons) (RHODES),

    PhD (KANSAS)

    Mrs ND Gallant B.Compt Hons: (UNISA), B.Compt

    (Accounts): (UNISA), IPSC: Institute of Personnel Service

    Consultants, Equity Traders Exam: Johannesburg Stock Exchange,

    RPE – Financial Markets: SAIFM

    Prof NM Mazibuko BA, BA (Hons) (UNIZUL),


    Prof MO Ndwandwe BSc (Hons) (UNIZUL),

    MSc (UNISA), PhD (UNIZUL), Postgrad Dip

    Business Management (NATAL)

    Dr EM Zungu (Deputy Chairperson) BA (UNISA), BA (Hons) (UND), BEd (UNIZUL), MA (UND), D Litt et Phil (UNISA),


    Mr I Lockhat BCom (Accounting): (UKZN);

    Postgraduate Honours Diploma in Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Finance,

    Taxation and Auditing: (UKZN)

    Adv S Magaqa BProc (UNITRA), LLB (WITS)

    Prof NM Mazibuko (Chairperson)

    BA, BA (Hons) (UNIZUL), MA (NATAL), PhD (ILLINOIS), Dip

    (PR) (DAMELIN)

    Council of Trustees

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    Honorary Associates

    Emeritus Directors

    Dr JGH Londt – 2003

    Honorary Keepers

    Dr JGH Londt – 2003

    Honorary Research Associates

    Dr RM Miller – 1982

    Dr DE van Dijk – 1982

    Dr JC Poynton – 1982

    Dr BH Lamoral – 1983

    Mr PE Reavell – 1985

    Mr D Green – 1988

    Mr M Moon – 1988

    Mr LE Schoeman – 1988

    Mrs P Trafford – 1988

    Dr JP Marais – 1990

    Honorary Associates

    Mr C Auret – 1983

    Mrs S Henderson – 1983

    Mrs R McGuire – 1983

    Mrs J Stannard – 1985

    Dr AJ Lambiris – 1991

    Mr IJ Knight – 1992

    Mr G Borthwick – 1983

    Mr D Bundhoo – 1994

    Mrs M Taylor – 1994

    Ms M Manqele – 1995

    Ms S Tshabalala – 1995

    Dr R Maud – 1996

    Mr E Ndlovu – 1997

    Dr JD Plisko – 1998

    Mrs VF Ward – 1998

    Ms I Bornman – 2002

    Mr J Huntly – 2002

    Dr DA Barraclough – 2003

    Mrs M Cole (née Bursey) – 2003

    Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife CROW

    Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs CoGTA

    Cultural Resource Management CRM

    Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement CAPS

    Department of Arts & Culture DAC

    Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and

    Rural Development DAEARD

    Department of Fisheries and Forestry DAFF

    Department of Public Works DPW

    Department of Science & Technology DST

    Entomological Society of Southern Africa ESSA

    Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife EKZNW

    Friends of the Museum FOM

    Further Education and Training FET

    Indigenous Knowledge Systems IKS

    Information Resources Management Association IRMA

    Inter Library Loan ILL

    Learners Resource Centre LRC

    National Curriculum Statement NCS

    National Heritage Council NHC

    National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund NLDTF

    National Research Foundation NRF

    National Youth Development Agency NYDA

    Oceanographic Research Institute ORI

    Rock Art Mapping Project RAMP

    South African Biodiversity Information Facility SABIF

    South African Biosystematics Initiative SABI

    South African Human Rights Commission SAHRC

    South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity SAIAB

    South African Museums Association KwaZulu-Natal SAMA-KZN

    South African National Biodiversity Institute SANBI

    South African Preservation & Conservation Group SAPCON

    South African Post Secondary Education SAPSE

    South African Rock Art Digital Archives SARADA

    Treatment Action Campaign TAC

    University of KwaZulu-Natal UKZN

    Table of Abbreviations

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    Director: Mr LJ Maphasa MSc (UCT)

    Deputy Director: Mr SR Miya BA, AUDIS (Natal), BBibl (Hons) (UKZN)


    Acting Assistant Director: Mrs PD Ngidi JPTD (Applesbosch Coll of Edu)

    Chief Education Officer (Community Outreach)

    Mrs PD Ngidi JPTD (Applesbosch Coll of Edu)

    Senior Education Officer: Mrs TS Ndlovu (BSc) (UKZN)

    Education Officer: Mr S Maphumulo

    Nat Dip (Tourism Mgt) (DIT)

    Senior Information Officer: Mrs D Moodley

    Information Officer: Mr AT Zondi

    Nat Dip (Tourism Mgt) (DUT)

    Information Officer: Ms BP Nene

    Nat Dip (Tourism Mgt) (DUT) (from 1 March 2015)

    Contract Information Officer: Mr T Sithole

    (from 1 November 2015)

    Mr L Maphasa

    Mrs TS Ndlovu

    Mrs D Moodley

    Ms BP Nene Mr AT Zondi

    Mr T Sithole

    Mr SR Miya

    Mrs PD Ngidi

    Mr S Maphumulo

    Museum Staff

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    Mr MH Mazibuko

    Ms LP Ndlovu

    Mr SE Dlamini

    Ms Z Dlomo


    Assistant Director: Vacant

    Finance and Administration Division

    Manager: Finance & Administration: Mr MH Mazibuko BTech (Taxation) (DIT), B.Compt (UNISA)

    (until 31 August 2015) Contract Finance Officer:

    Mr MH Mazibuko BTech (Taxation) (DIT), B.Compt (UNISA) (14 January – 31 March 2016)

    Acting Manager: Finance & Administration: Mr SE Dlamini Nat Dip (Cost & Mgt Accounting) (MUT)

    (from 1 September 2015) Director’s Personal Assistant & Council Secretary:

    Ms NP Zondi Dip Office Admin (VARS. COLL) Switchboard Operator/Junior Clerk:

    Ms LP Ndlovu Dip Office Admin (VARS. COLL) Human Resource Officer:

    Mr LT Ntombela Nat Dip (HRM) (DIT) Finance and Administration Officer: