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<ul><li><p>Content Strategy Deliverables*What Are You Trying to Achieve?</p><p>Summary of company goals</p><p>What Do You Own?Content inventory or auditContent assessment (quality and quantity)</p><p>Whats Missing?Content gap analysisComparative content analysisCompetitive analysis</p><p>How Do You Present the Words?User personasUser scenarios (think believable stories)Editorial strategyCore messaging strategyContent templatesSample contentSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) strategyMetadata strategyBrand strategyStyle guideGlossary</p><p>Where Does It Go?Copy deckContent conversion/migration strategyContent flow schematicChannel strategyCommunity and social strategyVisual presentation recommendationsWireframes</p><p>How Do We Make It Happen?Content approval workflowCommunication plansCommunity moderation policiesContent production workshops and trainingContent sourcing review and plans (people, tools, budget, time)</p></li><li><p>How Do We Stay Organized?CMS requirementsBusiness rulesTaxonomiesResponsibilitiesSchedules</p><p>Whats Coming Up?Editorial calendar</p><p>How Do We Know Its Right?BenchmarksChecks and balancesSummary of company goalsSuccess metricsUsability tests</p><p>*Not every project needs every content strategy deliverable, so if youve checked everything, you might need to reassess. Your content strategist will help you determine whats most valuable to your unique goals. Also, remember youll need the people resources and time to take action on the deliverables.</p><p>Some deliverables are best provided by someone on your team or the creative or marketing agency youre working with. Share information with your content strategist for best results.</p><p>For more information:</p></li></ul>