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  • Container Catalogue

    Spare Parts

    Consumable Parts

    USB Host Adapter (UHA)

    USB RS232 Adapter (URA)

    Motor and Compressor Repair

    Electronics Repair

  • Introduction of AM-Solution

    Contact Information


    AM-Solution is a dynamic and innovative company

    which brings more than 20 years of Maintenance and Repair knowledge into the industry. Experience from

    reefer- to electronic repairs and from spare parts to finished goods and logistics; we know how it works in every detail. With this knowledge, we create cost effective programs for large global, but also small local companies. We do electronic repairs, develop innovative tools, consumable spare parts, consulting, advising, marketing and even implement sales programs into your market place.

    All our parts, repaired or produced are made with the highest care and quality and carry 1 year

    warranty. Every single day we try to extend and improve our product lines. When a product is not mentioned or offered, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team

    AM-Solution Head Office & Electronics DivisionHoogvlietsekerkweg 126a3194 AM HoogvlietThe Netherlands

    Phone: +31 (0)10 7371019Fax: +31 (0)85 8769310E-mail: sales@am-solution.comWeb :

    AM-SolutionAM-Solution South Africa (Pty) Ltd.Unit H1Millennium Business ParkStellenberg RoadParow IndustriaCape Town - South Africa

    Phone: +27 (0)71 8955646E-mail:

  • Is it possible to send your parts for repair?

    What can you expect from us?

    The Electronics Division

    Frequently Ask Questions

    How does it work?

    The Electronics Repair Division was founded in 1994 and started with the repair of reefer electronics.

    Our manufacturer supported service can be very cost effective; especially when working with service

    contracts. The savings can rise up to 75%.

    Our electronics department can currently repair or modify a wide variety of parts.

    Quality is very important, all repairs are carried out according to IPC electronics standards.

    Like ISO, IPC sets high quality standards for the electronics industry regarding the repair and rework of

    electronic circuits and/or Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). IPC devotes its resources to management improvement and technology enhancement programs, the creation of relevant standards and the

    protection of the environment.

    Therefore, a 12 months no nonsense guarantee on all "Repair Price List Parts" is applicable.

    We also act as a knowledge base for our customers as far as technical solutions are concerned.

    The repair of defective electronics is an "open market". This means you can do whatever you want with

    your electronic parts.

    If you have defective electronics follow the 3 simple steps below:

    Step 1: Collect your defective parts:

    Step 2: Produce a letter detailing the following company information:

    Company nameContact personDelivery address and invoice address (if applicable)E-mail addressOrder number (if applicable)VAT number

    Step 3: Send your parts and the company information to the address below:

    AM-SolutionAttn: ESD (Electronics Division)Hoogvlietsekerkweg 126a3194 AM HoogvlietThe Netherlands

    All orders will be confirmed within 24 hours, with details of costs.

    The delivery time for the repaired parts depends on the volume but is on average 4 days.

    Following repair, all controllers will be fitted with the latest software version.

    All tripdate will be reset, including container number and configuration.

    Faceplates will be renewed, if necessary, without additional cost.

    Modifications will be made to known weak components: our extensive experience in this field means that a lot of potential

    problems can be prevented.

    One year full "no nonsense" warranty.

    Excellent service and quality.



  • Notes

    Features and Conditions

    Prices are not mentioned in this catalogue and are excl. shipping costs or local fees.

    No additional costs for small orders.

    No cure, no pay.

    No forms to be completed, just simply send your parts.

    All orders will be confirmed within 24 hours, with details of costs.

    One year full "no nonsense" warranty on all parts detailed in our repair price list.

    Following repair, all controllers will be fitted with the latest software.

    Electronics not mentioned in the catalogue can be repaired on request.

    We accept all electronic parts, except heavily burnt, heavily corroded, broken or non-professionally repaired parts.

    We reserve the right to refuse parts which cannot be repaired because of manufacturer specific


    The defective PCB must be complete; missing parts will be subject to additional charges (e.g.


    In case of warranty AM-Solution cannot be held liable for lost cargo.

    Prices are dependent on the USD rate, and can be changed without notification.

    All orders are subject to AM-Solutions general conditions, as filed at the Rotterdam Trade Register, Nr. 52399788

    AM-Solutions general conditions will be sent on request and are available at our website.

    We reserve the right to make corrections if there are changes or errors in this catalogue and price


    Bank : ABN AMRO - RotterdamEuro Accountnr. : NL61 ABNA 0617.7839.26USD Accountnr. : NL23 ABNA 0617.8128.37

    BIC/Swift : ABNANL2AV.A.T. nr. : NL.850.427.071.B01KvK/CoC : 52399788


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    Contents Page

    Batteries ........6

    Keypads / Controller Cables..........7

    Heaters / Condenser / Relays ..........8

    Caps / Compressor Parts ..........9

    Fuses ATO / Ceramic ......10

    Fuses Glass / Crimp Connections ...11

    Sensors .......12

    Sensors / Power Connections .......13

    Power Plugs (Male / Female) / Wall Mount Sockets 14

    Cold Shrink Tubes / Heat Shrink Tubes .15

    Power Cables / Extension Cables ...16

    Traditional Communication Cables .17

    USB to Serial (RS232) Communication Cables .18

    USB RS232 Adapter (URA) .......19

    Communication Kits / Accessories .20

    USB Host Adapter (UHA) .21

    Memories / Consumer Batteries Special for Tools ...22

    Supporting Tools ...23

    Supporting Tools ...24

    Supporting Tools / Tape ...25

    PPE Personal Protective Equipment ...26

    Refrigerant Risk Assessment ...27

    Compressor and Motor Repair .......28

    Electronic Repair ......... 29 - 39

    Notes ......... 40

    Catalogue Index


  • Picture Part number Description

    AM30-00407-02SV ML2i/ML3 Battery Pack

    AM09-00369-00SV ML2i RTC Battery

    AM09-00375-00 ML3 RTC Battery

    AM41-8717 Battery Module MP4000

    AM203-509 Lead Acid Battery 12V - 2,3Ah

    AM1686786 Battery Pack Rechargeable 7,2V - 600mA

    AM818536B Battery Pack 9,6V - 2500mA (CIM 5)

    AM818536C Battery Pack Rechargeable 12V - 700mA (CIM 6)

    AMS200-008 Battery Charger, Microprocessor Controlled 12V

    When alarm DAL86 & 87 appear, this Real Time

    Clock battery needs to be replaced. An easy job

    to do.

    The Original RTC battery can not easely be replaced without

    soldering. This kit will put a new battery parallel to the old

    exhausted one without soldering, just use the attached


    This Nickel Cadmium Battery pack is giving

    the best performance for the job. Delivers

    7.2 VDC and will be

    automatically recharged by the controller

    during operation.


    Quality alternative for: 09-00369-00

    Quality alternative for: 09-00375-00

    Quality alternative for: 30-00407-02SV

    Quality alternative for: 41-8717

    Quality alternative for: 203-504

    Quality alternative for: 1686786

    Quality alternative for: 818536B

    Quality alternative for: 818536C


  • Picture Part number Description

    AM79-66669-02 Keypad ML2i & ML3

    AM41-4142 Keypad MPC2000 & MP3000

    AMS400-014 Keypad MP4000

    AMS400-004 Keypad CIM 5

    AMS400-005 Keypad CIM 6

    AM41-8716 Communication Cable Serial CM-4000 to PM-4000

    AMS310-001 Frequency Converter Reset Tool

    High quality, UV protected and based on 3M

    material keypad. The keypad will be

    supplied in a carton box for protection

    during transport and Long shelf life.

    Controller Cables


    Keypad repair is past history. Dont return

    your defective one, it will save freight cost,

    time and quality is much better. Perfect fit

    including stainless steel screws.

    High quality, UV protected and based on 3M

    material keypad. The keypad will be

    supplied in a carton box for protection

    during transport and Long shelf life.

    Quality alternative for: 41-8716

    Quality alternative for: 79-66669-02

    Quality alternative for: 41-4142


  • Picture Part number Description

    AM24-66603-00 Heater Element, 750W (230V)

    AM24-66604-00 Heater Element, 750W (460V)

    AM45-1791 Heater Element, 680W (265V)

    AMS350-011 Universal Condenser Coil (per piece)

    AMS350-012 Universal Condenser Coil (5 pack)

    AMS350-010 Universal Condenser Coil (20 pack)

    AM41-7587 Power Relay

    AM92-860 Power Relay Clip

    AM40-1244 Power Relay & Clip Kit

    Universal Condenser Coil for 69NT40-511 and 69NT40-541

    series (Thinline)

    3 CO contacts, rated voltage /

    max.switching voltage AC 400/440 VAC.

    The perfect fit for