Contact Information Anti-Social Behaviour 2018-04-14آ  Vandalism, graffiti, fly-tipping. Buying or taking page 1
Contact Information Anti-Social Behaviour 2018-04-14آ  Vandalism, graffiti, fly-tipping. Buying or taking page 2

Contact Information Anti-Social Behaviour 2018-04-14آ  Vandalism, graffiti, fly-tipping. Buying or taking

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  • OLNWA could reduce your home insurance premiums

    Being a member of the Old Leake Neighbourhood Watch Association could reduce your home insurance costs. Most insurers will ask if the policy holder belongs to a NW scheme. As you’re being seen to be taking active steps to keep yourself and your home secure, your insurer is likely to take this into account. Around a third of insurance provid- ers offer discounts to households that are part of an active NW scheme. Bear in mind that an in- surer may require proof that you’re part of a local NW organisation if you need to make a claim.

    Finding An Agent That’s Right For You

    POLICE Emergency 999 Non-Emergency 101

    CRIMESTOPPERS - Call Anonymously 0800 555 111

    Lincolnshire Highways Department 01522 782070

    Fly Tipping

    Boston Borough Council Enforcement Officer 01205 314200

    Abandoned Vehicles

    Telephone 101 or

    Contact Information


    OLNWA Chair: Vicki Hackl 01205 872138

    Next OLNWA Public Meeting: Tuesday 20 February 2018 7pm Old Leake Community Centre

    Cucina Sano make generous donation to fund speed sign

    Lincolnshire Police - Winter Driving Advice


    Behaviour The following are classed as Anti- Social Behaviour: Nuisance neighbours.

    Intimidating groups taking over public places.

    Vandalism, graffiti, fly-tipping.

    Buying or taking drugs on the street.

    Dumping rubbish or abandoning vehicles.

    Excessive, anti-social drinking.

    Excessive noise.

    Threatening behaviour or verbal abuse, including racist abuse.

    Inconsiderate and dangerous driving.

    If you have any information about suspicious activity or behaviour, you can report it in confidence on:

    0800 789 321

    Cucina Sano, Old Leake’s largest employer, has made a substantial donation to the Old Leake Neighbourhood Watch that will cover the full cost of a reac- tive speed-monitoring sign to be mounted at and moved between various locations in both Old Leake and Leake Commonside. The sign will be of the same type that can presently be found on the A52 in Wrangle. The device displays the current speed of ap- proaching vehicles and logs that figure. Data can then be retrieved and analysed with a view to pre- senting a road safety case to Lin- colnshire Highways for a reduc- tion in the posted speed limit and/or further traffic monitoring or calming measures in coopera- tion with Lincolnshire Police if required.

    Following an unofficial traffic survey in Old Leake, many vehi- cles were logged exceeding the 30mph limit with one travelling in excess of 50mph along a road with a school, shop, parked cars, and frequent HGV and agricul- tural traffic. With two schools, medical cen- tre traffic and a shop that is well -patronised by school children and passing trade from the A52 in Old Leake, it is believed that there is a strong case to cam- paign for a 20mph speed limit along Church Road, Old Main Road and School Lane where pedestrian traffic is highest. Thanks to Cucina Sano’s support for the local community, the sign and mountings should be installed and working in January.

    Before you travel

     Check the weather forecast.

     Make sure you have warm clothing, food, wel- lington boots, a torch, a shovel and reflective clothing.

     Plan your route. Keep to the main roads and/or routes that have been gritted. Check the Lincolnshire County Council website.

     Check your lights are clean and working properly.

     Check you have enough screen washer fluid.

     Clear all your windows and mirrors of frost. In heavy snow, clear your whole vehicle, not just the windows.

     Check that you have plenty of fuel.

     Let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to arrive.

    When driving

     Keep to main roads and drive slowly.

     Use dipped headlights in poor visibility or snow.

     Drive in as high a gear as possible.

     Avoid harsh accelerating or braking.

     Take care when approaching junctions.

     Keep a safe distance behind other vehicles.

     Keep a careful watch on other road users, particularly cyclists and children.

    If you get into trouble

     Stay with your vehicle until help arrives.

     Put your hazard lights on to warn other road users.

     If you have to leave your vehicle, be visible to other road users.

     If you are forced to abandon your vehicle call us imme- diately to provide details of your vehicle.

    Report it Call us on 101 if you have abandoned your vehicle in severe weather conditions. If you have had an accident and are in immediate danger, call us on 999.


    Wednesday 27th September saw the first public meeting of the Old Leake Neighbourhood Watch As- sociation (OLNWA) at the Community Centre, Furlongs Lane, attended by c. 50 residents, from both Old Leake and Commonside, including Cllr. Barrie Pierpoint (Old Leake/Wrangle and Deputy Mayor of Boston), members of the Parish Council, PCSOs, Fire Chief Bell and a representative from Cucina Sano.

    The OLNWA was established by local businesswoman Vick Hackl who presented the meeting and was the principal speaker for the evening. There was an introductory presentation by Clive Parrish, pro- prietor of Lincs Locks ( addressing the issue of door and window secu- rity and the need to have up-to-date fixtures and fittings which are a greater deterrent to potential burglars than older ones.

    The main topic presented by Vicki was the proposal of a 20mph speed zone throughout the village and the data-gathering steps that would need to be undertaken before a viable application for speed limit reduction could be made. There was widespread support from attendees, especially with regard to heavy goods and agricultural traffic. Given that there were two schools in Old Leake and more housing proposed, it was felt that additional signage was required alerting drivers, especially upon entry into Old Main Road.

    The two PCSOs for Old Leake spoke about credit/debit card security concerns now that contactless technology was taking off and also to individual residents in the room about any issues they had.

    Fire Chief Bell concluded the evening by highlighting fire safety concerns in homes and urged every- one to complete a home safety check either online or by requesting a hard copy form. Eligible resi- dents would qualify for a home visit to assist them and this was an entirely free service. See below for more details.


    The Old Leake Neighbourhood Watch Association would like to thank Cucina Sano for kindly printing this edition of the OLNWA Newsletter.

    The next edition (Spring 2018) is expected to be published in March. If you would like to become a member of the OLNWA, please come to our next meeting at 7pm at Old Leake Community Centre on Tuesday 20th February 2018. This edition was written and compiled by Mark Amess and Vicki Hackl.


    Want to know what’s happening in your neighbourhood? Join the Lincolnshire Police Community Messaging System. Why not register now and join a growing database of over 50,000 people. Email: Tel: 01522 558399 No access to the internet? Call 01522 558146 for an application form and we will send you either text or home tele- phone alerts.



    A Home Safety Check is an excellent way of im- proving safety in your home.

    A home visit is carried out by either a specialist Fire Safety Advocate or an operational crew. They will offer fire safety advice and guidance to give you peace of mind in your own home and, if relevant, will improve your fire safety with the installation of free smoke detectors or other spe- cialist equipment. A self-assessment form is a comprehensive, room by room, of fire risks in the home and how to reduce those risks.

    If you would like to discuss a FREE Home Safety Check, please contact us at:

    Tel: 01476 565441


    Phishing What is phishing?

    Phishing is where fraudsters create genuine-looking emails purporting to be from genuine companies, or even someone you know, in order to infect your computer with malicious software that will steal sensitive information such as online bank details, credit card information or passwords.

    How is this done?

    In email attachments or links within the email text itself. Links usually take you to a site impersonating a bank, Pay- Pal etc. or can directly infect your computer with malware or ransomeware. Ransomeware affects your computer by blocking access to your files, usually threatening to delete them, unless money is paid within a certain number of days.

    How can I avoid this?

    Never respond to emails that ask for personal or financial details; banks will not send emails asking for this infor- mation. Such emails often address the recipient as “Dear Customer” (a genuine organisation will use your name) and invariably