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  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityEggs 8 Nos.

    Stuffing:Smoked Chicken Julienne 120 gmsGreen Capsicum (Julienne) 30 gmsTomato Julienne 30 gmsGarlic 15 gmsChopped Parsley LittleThyme PinchCream 3 TablespoonBchamel Sauce 3 Tablespoon

    Pepper powder PinchSalt To tasteButter 40 gmsOil To cook

    Method:1) Beat eggs for Omelette, add a pinch of salt and keep aside.

    Stuffing:1) Heat Butter.

    2) Saut Green Capsicum, Garlic for two minutes.3) Put Thyme, Tomatoes and Chicken quickly saut for two minutes.4) Now put Bchamel Sauce and Cream. Mix well.5) Put seasoning and chopped Parsley.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    HERBAL SCRAMBLE(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityEgg 8 Nos.

    Oregano PinchThyme PinchParsley 3 gmsPepper powder PinchMilk cupButter 40 gmsSalt To taste

    Method:1) Beat Egg.2) Heat Butter, put Oregano, Thyme.3) Add beaten egg, milk and make scramble.4) Check seasoning.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityFish fingers 12 Nos. (25 gms each)

    Oregano 1 teaspoonThyme 1 teaspoonRosemary 1 teaspoonBlack Pepper (crushed) 2 teaspoonPaprika powder (coarse) 1 teaspoonNutmeg powder LittleLemon Juice 2 Nos.White Wine 2 tablespoonSalt To tasteFlour To dustOil To deep fry.

    Method:1) Marinate fish in lemon, white wine, salt and keep aside for hour.2) Mix together thyme, rosemary, oregano, paprika, nutmeg and pepper.3) Remove fish from marination and now smear Creole spice on it.4) Dust with flour.5) Heat oil and meuniere fish fingers.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityBreast of Chicken 4 Nos.

    Honey 1 TablespoonLemon Juice TablespoonWhite Pepper powder PinchWostershire Sauce 1 TeaspoonSalt To tasteOil To moisten

    Method:1) Marinate chicken in above marination. Keep for four hours.2) Grill chicken to sear juices.3) Put chicken in an oiled tray and keep in oven till done.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients Quantity

    Prawns 600 gmsJulienne of Ginger 25 gmsGarlic paste 20 gmsStock (Lemon flavoured) litreSoya Sauce 1 tablespoonSugar 1 teaspoon

    Aji no Moto PinchSpring Onion 30 gmsCrushed Dry Red Chillies 15 gmsVinegar 2 tablespoonChinese Rice Wine 1 tablespoonWhite Pepper powder PinchSalt To taste

    Oil To sautCorn flour 1 tablespoon

    Method:1) Shell, wash, de vain the prawns.2) Heat oil, saut onion, ginger, garlic paste till brown.3) Add prawns, saut.4) Now add all other ingredients.5) Thicken with cornflour.6) Serve sprinkled with green plant of spring onion and ginger julienne.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    CAESAR DRESSING(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityEgg Yolk 4 Nos.

    Dijon Mustard teaspoonChopped Garlic 5 gmsLemon Juice 1 No.Wostershire Sauce 1 teaspoonWhite Pepper powder PinchSalt To tasteOlive oil 50 mlFresh Cream 50 mlGrated Cheese 20 gms

    Method:Emulsify egg and oil. Mix together the ingredients.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityCoriander root paste 50 gms

    Fresh red chillies 15 gmsFresh bird chillies 15 gmsLime juice 20 mlNampla 1 teaspoonSugar 15 gmsOil 20 ml

    Method:1) Grind all to a fine paste.2) Mix with oil.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    THAI CHICKEN(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityChicken cubes 400 gms

    Basil leaves 20 gmsRoasted Dry Red Chillies 20 gmsRoasted Garlic Cloves 20 gmsRoasted Sliced Onion 40 gmsJaggery 20 gmsTamarind pulp 20 gmsNampla 1 teaspoonChicken stock cupOil cupSalt To taste


    1) Apply salt on chicken and keep aside.2) Grind red chillies, garlic, onions and jaggery to a fine paste.3) Put tamarind juice to it.4) In a pan, put oil, saut chicken.5) Now put curry paste and saut for five minutes.6) Add chicken stock, basil leaves and cook till chicken is done.7) Add salt and Nampla.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    CHICKEN GALLETS(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityMinced Chicken 300 gms

    Chopped Garlic 10 gmsChopped Onions 40 gmsChopped Celery 10 gmsChopped Parsley 3 gmsNutmeg powder LittleDry Herbs teaspoonWhite Pepper powder pinchEgg Yolk 3 Nos.Salt To tasteOil To shallow fryFresh Cream 5 tablespoonButter 40 gms

    Method:1) Heat butter, saut onion, garlic, celery till brown.2) Put chicken mince in a pan. Mix onion mixture, parsley, nutmeg, herbs and seasoning

    to it. Mix well.3) Put egg yolk and cream to the mixture. Mix well.4) Now divide mince into small balls and form gallets.5) Grill till cooked.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    DUXELLE TOMATOES(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityTomatoes 4 Nos.

    Mushrooms 60 gmsGarlic chopped 10 gmsChopped Parsley 3 gmsWhite pepper powder pinchThyme pinchButter 3 gmsChopped onions 30 gmsSalt To taste

    Method:1) Chop the mushrooms.2) Heat butter, saut onions, garlic till brown.3) Add mushrooms and thyme. Saut well for 2-3 minutes.4) Put parsley and add seasoning.5) Scoop tomatoes and sprinkle salt.6) Stuff tomatoes with the mushroom mixture.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    LUXEMBURG PRAWNS(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityPrawns 4 nos.Lemon Juice 1 no.Thyme pinchPaprika powder teaspoonSalt To tasteEgg 1 no.Flour 1 teaspoonVermicelli To coatOil To deep fry


    1) Shell the prawns.2) Marinate prawns in lemon juice, thyme, paprika and salt.3) Beat egg.4) Remove prawns from marination.5) Dust with flower.6) Dip in egg, roll in the vermicelli.7) Deep fry.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    FRUIT SALSA(4 Portions)

    Ingredients QuantityOrange dices 50 gms

    Apple dices 75 gmsPineapple dices 50 gmsChickoo dices 1 no.Lemon juice 2 lemonsBlack grape juice litreCornflour 1 teaspoonRed Wine 2 tablespoon

    Method:1) Put mixed fruit in Lemon juice.2) Reduce the Black Grapes juice and Red Wine to half.3) Thicken with cornflour.4) Add fruit.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityDiced potatoes kg

    Paprika powder 1 teaspoonTomato puree 2 tablespoonSalt To tasteWhite pepper pinchOil to cookThyme pinch

    Method:1) Boil potatoes.2) Heat oil.3) Add potatoes, paprika and the puree.4) Mix well.5) Check seasoning.6) Add parsley.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityBaby Corn 50 gms

    Carrot dices 50 gmsMushrooms 30 gmsGreen peas 30 gmsSprouted Moong 30 gmsRed Pimento 20 gmsGreen Pimento 20 gmsYellow Pimento 20 gmsZucchini 50 gmsSoya Sauce 2 tablespoon

    Ajino Moto pinchPepper powder pinchSalt To tasteOil To cook

    Method:1) Heat oil.2) Saut all the vegetables for five minutes.3) Add soya sauce, the Pimentos, Ajino Motto and pepper.4) Stir. Saut till all the vegetables are cooked.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Ingredients QuantityBreast of Chicken 4 Nos.

    Stuffing:Chopped, Boiled Spinach 2 bunchChopped onion 40 gmsChopped garlic 15 gmsChopped celery 10 gmsBell cheese 6 packetThyme pinchCrushed Black Pepper corn pinchButter 60 gmsSalt To taste

    Sauce:Brandy 4 tablespoonRed Wine 4 tablespoonBrown sauce 200 gmsChopped celery 10 gmsChopped garlic 10 gmsSliced mushrooms (Fresh) 30 gmsPepper powder pinchSalt To tasteButter 40 gmsChopped parsley little

    Method:1) Stuffing - Heat butter, saut onion, garlic, celery till brown.

    2) Add thyme and saut and stuff in the chicken breast Sautsaut SautNapnels 50 gms

    Chopped celery 5 gmsChopped garlic 5 gmsChopped mushrooms 20 gms

    Bchamel Sauce2 tablespoonFresh cream1 tablespoonButter 30 gmsWhite pepper powder pinchChopped parsleylittleSalt to tastePuff Bouches 4 nos.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022


    Method:1) Melt butter in a pan.2) Saut celery, garlic till brown.

    3) Put mushroom and saut for three minutes.4) Now add corn and then Bchamelsauce. Stir well.5) Put cream, salt, pepper.

    6) Sprinkle parsley.7) Stuff in scooped Bouches.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 022



    Chocolate Sponge


    Ingredients QuantityButter chocolate 400 gmsFresh cream 200 gmsRum 50 ml

    Decorate like a cake.