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  • 7/28/2019 Cont 008



    700 gms Loin of Pork, trim properly, season with salt and pepper. Roast in olive oil

    Roll with

    100 gms Poularde Farce and

    300 gms Blanched Spinach. This roll should be laid in

    400 gms Puff pastry and baked for 15 min at a temp of 210 o C.

    The Loin of Pork should be medium rare


    Pork Stock

    2.8 kgs chopped bones of pork must be browned in

    60 ml Olive oil. Fill up with

    6 lit. Cold Water and allow to simmer slowly. Meanwhile degrease stock

    1.3 ks Mire Poix (Onions, Mushrooms, Carrots, and Celery) roast brown and add

    to stock, add

    200 gms Ripe Tomatoes

    150 gms Leeks and

    4 cloves Unpeeled Garlic. After 6 hours the stock should be strained through a


    Cloth. Quantity will be 3 lit. Now this stock has to be reduced by half.


    250 gms Chopped Onions in

    100 gms Butter. Fill up with

    1 lit Red Wine and allow to reduce until the fluid is nearly gone. Fill up with

    1.5 lit. Pork stock and combine with

    100 gms Beurre Manie. Add

    100 gms Butter and complete with chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 008



    800 GMS potatoes

    100 gms Salt

    Milled Pepper

    25 cl Milk

    25 cl Double Cream

    1/2 piece Garlic clove, peel and chop

    1/4 tsp. Grated Nutmeg

    30 gms Butter

    Cut peeled potatoes into 3mm thick slices and pat dry - dont wash, season with salt and pepper.

    Boil the milk and potatoes together in casserole slowly for 10 min. Add the cream and half of the

    chopped garlic and nutmeg. Cook slowly for further 20 min observing that the potatoes do not get


    Take out the potatoes and place them in a bowl. Pour a bit of the liquid cream and sprinkle with butter

    flakes. Place the bowl in a bain marie and cook for further 10 min in an oven at 180 o C, until a nice

    golden colour has been obtained.

    NOTE: It is most important, that the potatoes are not washed after peeling. This will ensure that they

    will keep their starch and not fall apart. Further starch is a natural binding agent and the potatoes will

    retain their taste.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 008



    Production Weight: 1.950 kgs

    300 gms Apricots (stewed, tinned) with

    300 gms Sugar - cook to syrup. Add

    1.6 kgs Pineapple pieces (2 cm cubes)

    Cook and drain

    Bavarian Cream with Pineapple

    Production Weight: 2.3 kgs

    1 lit Milk

    160 gms Egg yolks

    200 gms Sugar (if using Maraschino Cherry Liqueur use 160 gms Sugar)

    2 pcs Vanilla Sticks

    50 ml Kirshwasser or Maraschino Cherry Liquor

    16 leaves Gelatine, soaked in iced water

    1 kg Whipped Cream

    Boil milk, sugar and vanilla sticks. Add the egg yolks and allow to simmer, strain and slowly add the

    dissolved gelatine, allow to cool. Shortly before emulgation add Kirshwasser/ Maraschino Cherry

    Liquor and the whipped cream by underlaying carefully.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 008



    Biskuitroulade for Charlotte

    Production Weight: 3.150 kgs

    = 6 bottoms (forms) per 525 gms

    360 gms Egg Yolks add beat to a foam900 gms Whole Eggs add

    900 gms Sugar

    450 gms Flour should be added to foam by carefully underlaying, portion by portion

    as well as beaten egg white from

    540 gms Egg White and

    100 gms Sugar

    Place the mixture on paper and bake at 210 o C with fully opened chimney. Apply a dark red jam on

    top of roulade, after cooling and not too thickly. Roll and rest over night. Cut into thin slices and lay in

    the form of bunch of grapes.

    Per Tartform - portions for 8 persons, 6 cm high and 19 cm circles


    130 gms Biskuitroulade (lay). Add

    600 gms Bavarian Cream as filling

    130 gms Pineapple Compote laid on top

    120 gms Biskuitform for base, allow to cool overnight, turn over the following day

    100 gms Glaze with hot Apricot Jam

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 008



    Parfait Mousse

    1 lit Coconut Milk

    1.3 kgs Sugar should be mixed


    800 gms Flesh of Coconut with

    2 lit. water, mix emulgate, strain, add per litre fluid

    1.4 kgs Sugar


    640 gms of this hot syrup add

    320 gms Egg Yolks. Sterilize all ingredients for 50 min in slightly boiling bain marie,

    after which the ingredients should be beaten cold. The egg foam should be

    stiff and smooth.


    500 ml Volume Egg Foam add

    1 litre Volume Whipped Cream and

    50 ml Brandy and mix carefully

    Prepare a biskuit base per icetart and brush with heated jam. Place biskuit in a suitable metal tart ring

    and sprinkle with sugar syrup and a little bit of brandy. Place a small ring of chocolate ice cream in the

    middle of the biskuit and add the rest of the ingredients.

    Store in freezer at minus 18 C

    Before serving sprinkle with chocolate flakes.