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  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007



    160 gms Diced Onions

    350 gms firm, ripe Tomatoes

    250 gms fresh, long Marrow - cut into the same thickness as other


    300 gms blue Eggplants - cut into the same thickness as other


    80 gms Olive Oil

    1 flake Garlic

    1 twig Thyme

    Salt and Pepper

    Take the diced onions and glaze in olive oil. Rub the garlic flake over the bottom of bowl. Cut the

    marrow and eggplants in 3mm thick slices and tomatoes into 5mm thick slices. Alternately place

    eggplant tomato marrow slices on top of browned onions like scales of a fish. Add salt and pepper.

    Sprinkle with the rest of the olive oil and place wig of thyme on top. Seal the bowl with aluminum

    foil and bake for 40 min at 180 o C

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007



    Production Weight: 870 gms

    Lemon Cream:

    150 ml freshly pressed Lemon Juice and

    260 gms Sugar and

    200 gms Unsalted Butter. Cook and pour over

    300 gms Eggs

    Bring to boil and boil well. Strain and allow to cool

    Pastry for Tartlets:

    450 gms Unsalted Butter

    550 gms Crystal Sugar

    Salt and mix together

    200 gms Eggs and

    1 kg Sift Flour, add and mix

    Cover with foil and cool overnight.

    The next day spread out dough in baking tray and bake.

    After cooling fill with lemon cream, top with Italian meringue, which has been beaten with a 3-

    blade whisk. Flamb to finish off

    Italian Meringue:

    800 gms Sugar with

    200 gms water

    Boil at 121 o C, when the sugar reaches the temperature of

    115 C mix

    400 gms old Eggwhite with

    80 gms Sugar and whip

    The eggwhites may not become flaky. Take the 121 o C sugar and add. Slowly stir until cool.

    Cover airtight with transparent foil. The mixture may be kept for three days in the fridge.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007



    Production Weight: 1.8 kgs


    800 gms Roasted Breast of Poularde with

    200 gms self made Gooseliver Terrine

    300 gms Butter

    20 ml Portwine, Madeira, Cognac

    450 ml Whipped Cream

    6 leaves Dissolved Gelatine. Dissolved in

    50 ml reduced Chicken Stock. Add salt and pepper

    Mix in Stephans cutter. The roasted breast of poularde with the gooseliver terrine and butter to a

    smooth, soft texture. Add first the chicken stock mixture, then very carefully underlay with whipped

    cream. Spice with Portwine, Madeira and cognac. Allow to cool slowly in the fridge until it can be

    piped. Lay 2 slices of roasted breast of poularde per sandwich. Pipe between the slices the cooled

    mixture. Garnish with dark grapes.


    Mix cottage cheese carefully with Yoghurt and cream. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with

    pistachios and cashewnuts. Prepare on sandwich with salad and tomato slices.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007



    Production Weight: 10 lit.


    5 Soup chickens each 2.2 kgs with

    10 nos. Peppercorns in

    15 lit. Cold Water

    Add an hour before the chicken are already boiled

    1 kg White Mire Poix

    Remove the already cooked chicken and use the chicken meat

    for other dishes. Allow the stock to cool and degrease it

    Reheat the stock with

    2 kg Chicken Leg meat, which should be cut in thicker stripes

    Simmer slightly for 2 hours and strain by means of cheesecloth.

    The Cheesecloth must be prepared with 2 pressed garlic flakes and grated Nutmeg

    MUSHROOM PANCAKE ROLL (as accompaniment)

    200 gms Poularde Farce mix with

    300 gms Chopped Mushrooms. Brush on pancake and roll it. Revolve

    in tin foil and heat in steamer for 20 min at a temperature of 150 C.

    This preparation should be sliced very thinly.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007



    Production Weight: 1.350

    100 gms Chopped Onions

    80 gms Mushrooms

    40 gms Spinach

    90 gms Leeks

    120 gms Carrots

    Glaze all ingredients in

    100 gms Butter. Dust with

    50 gms Flour and fill up with

    1 lit Chicken consomm and 200 ml Cream

    Allow to cook together with parsley for about 20 min

    Mix all ingredients and emulge with

    120 gms Parsley and

    100 gms flakes of Butter. Complete with lemon juice, salt nutmeg and

    season with soya sauce



    100 gms butter to mousse. Add carefully

    200 gms whole eggs. Add

    500 gms dry Cottage Cheese and

    250 gms Wheat Semolina. Form small dumplings and simmer in veg.


    Retain the dumplings in the cooling stock. Portion the dumplings in a bowl and pour with a bit of

    veg. stock.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007



    Production Weight: 1.300

    5 cloves Peeled Garlic

    20 gms Crushed corn of Coriander

    250 gms Olive Oil

    1.1 kg Tomato concasse, made from ripe flesh tomatoes, chopped


    salt and pepper

    30 nos. Kingprawns each 45 gmsPREPARATION:

    Heat olive oil at a temperature of 100 o C. Add garlic and coriander. Allow to simmer for about 20

    min. Strain the oil and cook tomatoes in the strained oil. The tomatoes should be kept at least half

    an hour in a heated bain-marie. Complete with herbs, salt and pepper. Grill the Kingprawns and

    serve with sauce.

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 007