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  • 7/28/2019 Cont 003



    90 gms Gambas60 gms Banana30 gms Corned Beef Brisket sliced very thin5 gms Oil5 gms Butter0.25 gms Salt0.15 gms PepperGARNISH:

    90 gms Saffron Pilaf (cooked weight)90 gms Ratatouille New Orleans

    Production Method:

    Cut Banana into 5 equal piecesWrap each piece with a thin slice of Corned Beef Brisket

    Alternate on a wooden Skewer the Gambas and Banana/Corned BeefPlace on baking sheetSeason with salt and PepperBrush with oil/butter mixture (previously heated) all sides of brochette Let Drain (30% of oil/buttermixture will run off)Place on hot grill and mark on all sidesCool offTake wooden skewer off before dressing in casseroleDress on top of saffron pilafGarnish sides with ratatouille mix

    RATATOUILLE: (Yield: 35)Cut 2 lbs. unpeeled Zucchini into slicesCut 2 lbs. Eggplant into 1/3 slicesIn a large skillet fry the eggplants with 35 gms Olive Oil for about 1 min on each sideRemove the slices and drain on paper towels

    Add the zucchini slices to the oil in the skillet and brown them lightly for 3 minDrain the zucchini on paper towelIn the same skillet stir in 3 Green Peppers trimmed and thinly sliced, 2 onions sliced and 3 garliccloves, let cook for about 7 minRemove and discard the garlic

    Add 2 lbs. Tomatoes - peeled, deseeded and cut into thin slicesRub a flameproof casserole with 5 gms butter and arrange layers of eggplant, zucchini andtomatoesBetween each layer sprinkle a little black pepper (total 10gms), chopped Basil (10gms) andThyme (5gms), a bayleaf, Brown Sugar (15gms), Dark Rum (15ml)Cover with a lidCook over low heat for about an hourCool off

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 003



    110 gms Pintadeau Supreme (deboned, skin off)5 gms Butter2.7gms Oil1 gm Salt0.5 gms Pepper5 gms Cornstarch15 gms Fresh Pineapple (cut & trimmed)10ml Dry White Wine5 ml Creme Flouters

    GARNISH:80gms Tagliatelli Verde (boiled & drained)

    1 each 20gms Tomato Provencale50gms Baby Corn50gms Mini Courgette

    Production Method:

    Dress supreme on buttered baking sheetSeason with salt and pepperBrush with oilRoast for about 8 min at 350 o F ovenRemove skinDress with cut & trimmed pineapple slicesPut back in the oven for 5 minCool offDeglace pan with 10ml dry white wine, reduce

    Add 5 ml creme fleuretteThicken up with cornstarchDrainDress supreme on top of pastaGarnish with sliced pineapplesTop with sauceGarnish dish with 1 each tomato provencale50 gms steamed Baby corn50 gms Steamed mini courgettes

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 003



    8 x 4 oz Fillet of Sole4 oz Spinach Leaves Blanched12 oz Salmon Fillet2 oz Dry White Wine6 oz 18% Cream4 each Egg Whites0.20 gms Salt0.08 gms Green Pepper2 qt. Fish Stock

    GARNISH:2 oz Chateau Potatoes (2 each) steamed

    2 oz Turned Carrots steamed1 oz Green Asparagus steamed(No seasoning or butter used for above)2 oz White Wine Sauce1 pinch Paprika

    Production Method:

    Flatten fillets and lay flat skin side up on a piece of saran wrap, the edge slightly overlappingSeparate each spinach leaf and place on the sole in an even layerCombine all other ingredients in a chopper and make into a smooth pastePlace the mousse on top of the spinach in a cylinder shapeFold over one edgeRoll completely around the mousseSecure with saran wrap around the ballotine Tie each endWrap in foil and poach in fish stock for about 15 to 20 min

    Allow to cool before slicingDress in casserole 2 slices of the aboveGarnish each casserole with 2 each chateau potatoes skin on partially (one every 2nd cut), carrotsand asparagusTop Fish with white wine sauceSprinkle paprika on top

  • 7/28/2019 Cont 003



    1 lb. Scalloped Onions1 lb. Scalloped Celery Stalks lb. Sliced Carrots lb. Cauliflower Florets lb. Button Mushrooms6 each Garlic Cloves crushed1 each Bag Mixed Spices2 cups Olive Oil2 cups Regular Oil2 tbs. OreganoSalt & Pepper to taste

    Saut all the above ingredients (without colouring) in oil till starting to limp

    Add 2 cups Scalloped Pimentos gals Tomato Ketchup gals Tomato Juice cup Malt Vinegar2 each tbs. Sugar lb. Tunafish Meat lb. Salmon Meat1 lit Dry White Wine

    Bring to boilLet simmer for 30 minCool and store in cooler for 2 days before using (Remove spice bag before using)Dress in dish (1 oz) of the above mixture on top of lettuce liner Garnish:2 each Cornets Genoa Salami (thinly sliced)1 each Parsley Sprig1 each Black Olive1 each Green Olive