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  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    Healing Hands Clinic Dr. Ashwin Porwal

    Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, M.B.B.S, D.N.B. (Surgery),

    Dip. Proctology (Italy), Dip. Laparoscopy (EIS! I"C#D, $rance

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt



  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt



    • Person Has %nco&'ortale " In're*uent Bo+l Moe&ents "esults $ro& Sluggis- Peristalsis -at #llo+ Etra /ater  Be "e&oed $ro& $eces May "esult $ro& Insu0cient $ier In Diet

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    How Do You Know If You Suer From Constipation .

    • /-at #re t-e Sy&pto&s1 •

     2ou &ay -ae3 • $e+ o+el &oe&ents •  roule -aing a o+el &oe&ent (straining) • Hard or s&all stools • # sense t-at eeryt-ing didn4t co&e out • S+ollen ado&en or ado&inal pain • 5o&iting

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    !h" Does It Happen • So&e causes o' constipation include3 • #ntacid &edicines containing calciu& or alu&inu& • C-anges in your usual diet or actiities •

    Colon cancer • Eating a lot o' dairy products. • Eating disorders • Irritale o+el syndro&e • Neurological conditions suc- as Par6inson7s disease

    or &ultiple sclerosis

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    !h" Does It Happen

    • Not eing actie • Not enoug- +ater or 8er in your diet •

    eruse o' laaties (er ti&e, t-is +ea6ens t-e o+el&uscles) • Pregnancy • Prole&s +it- t-e neres and &uscles in t-e digestie

    syste& • "esisting t-e urge to -ae a o+el &oe&ent, +-ic- so&e

    people do ecause o' -e&orr-oids • So&e &edications (especially strong pain drugs suc- as

    narcotics, antidepressants, or iron pills) •  Stress • %nder actie t-yroid (-ypot-yroidis&)

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt



    •  Constipation is one o' t-ose topics 'e+ people li6e to discuss. But i' you su:er 'ro& constipation you 6no+ it

    can e pain'ul and 'rustrating and inter'eres greatly+it- your daily li'e. • "esearc- s-o+s up to ;< percent o' indiiduals +it-

    constipation report -aing t-e condition 'or 8e years or &ore. No+ t-ere is a good reason to tal6 aout c-ronic constipation. -ere is a surgical alternatie t-at &ay e ale to -elp +o&en +-o -ae een unale to 8nd solutions in t-e past 'or a type o' c-ronic constipation called O#stru$te% Defe$ation S"n%rome &ODS'

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    •I' you -ae troule +it- your o+el &oe&ents 'or &ore t-an t+o

    +ee6s, you s-ould see your doctor. He or s-e &ay as6 'or t-ese teststo 8nd t-e cause o' your constipation3

    •Blood tests to c-ec6 on -or&one leels

    •Bariu& studies to loo6 'or any loc6ages in your colon. $or t-is test,

    you7ll do+n a special drin6 and t-en get an =!ray.

    •Colonoscopy or ot-er tests to loo6 'or loc6ages in your colon


    Ho+ Do Doctors Diagnose It1

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    Consultation and reat&ent Serice >   Healin( Han%s Clini$ whi$h starte% as a small set

    up in the heart of Pune) to%a" has its presen$e in Chin$hwa% ) Cha*an) +aipur.

    • Foun%e% #" In%ia,s lea%in( $olore$tal sur(eon) Dr Ashwin Porwal)Healin( Han%s Clini$ is the -rst Pro$tolo(" Clini$ euippe% with /0I Defe$o(raph" in the $ountr". It is IS certi8ed and a &e&er o' EC# (Eurasian Colorectal ec-nologies #ssociation) and ESCP (European Society ' Coloproctology).

    • #ccolades represent &erit and t-e clinic +as recently con'erred +it-2Center of 34$ellen$e for Piles5 #" Dr. Antonio 6on(o &Ital"') pioneer o' t-e stapler surgery (MIPH) 'or Piles. -e clinic -as also een

    7 4

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    "elie' $ro& Constipation,   ne More Step #-ead..A

    • S#"" Surgery!#n #c-ie&ent ' Dr.#s-+in Por+al • #nal a &ano&etry is a test per'or&ed to ealuate

    patients +it- constipation or 'ecal  incontinence. -ere are &any causes o' constipation. So&e inole sluggis- &oe&ent t-roug- t-e +-ole colon, +-ereas ot-ers inole t-e anal sp-incter &uscles. In so&e patients

    +it- constipation, t-e anal sp-incter &uscles do not rela appropriately +-en earing do+n or pus-ing to -ae a o+el &oe&ent. -is anor&al &uscle 'unction &ay cause a 'unctional type o' ostruction. Muscles t-at do not rela +it- earing do+n can e retrained +it-

    io'eedac6 tec-ni*ues using anal &ano&etry.  It alsoacts as a source o' io'eedac6 in +-ic- you can &onitor yourseles +-ile doing pelic oor re-ailitation. #norectal &ano&etry is a sa'e, lo+ ris6 procedure and is unli6ely to cause any pain.

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


     P  ) S  

     ) P E " #  I 5 E

      I N S   " % C 

     I ) N S A

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt


    • Dr. #s-+in Por+al re&ar6s  /it- t-is innoatie option patients can no+ assure t-e&seles o' a 'aster recoery and guaranteed cure 'ro& Constipation. Healing Hands Clinic -as o:ered suc- treat&ent to all types o' patients 'ro& all oer India  'e+ 'ro& ot-er countries as +ell.

  • 8/19/2019 Constipation Ppt



    Healin( Han%s Clini$

      Conta$t 7s89999:9999;

     -an6 2ou