Consolidate to a high-performance, scalable storage solution

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Consolidate to a high-performance, scalable storage solution: IBM System Storage DS8000 series with IBM Power Systems and IBM System z. Click to know more about IBM DS8000 series.


  • 1. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution Brief Consolidate to a high-performance, scalable storage solution IBM System Storage DS8000 series with IBM Power Systems and IBM System z As data growth continues to place unprecedented storage demands onHighlights organizations, organizations are increasingly looking at consolidation as a smarter alternative to managing multiple storage systems. Consolidation Consolidate storage for disparate applica- allows organizations to use fewer resources to store and manage increas-tion environments to a single storagesystem with self-optimizing performance ing amounts of data from a variety of disparate application environments.and quality of service capabilitiesHelping to facilitate and accelerate this effort, the IBM System Storage DS8000 series provides a single system on which to consolidate Support a wide variety of server platformsincluding IBM Power Systems withworkloads from a wide variety of distributed and mainframe serverIBM AIX and IBM i operating systems environments.and IBM System z Provide high-end performance, reliabilityThe DS8000 series offers a solution that embodies smarter storage.and scalability to achieve both efficientIt supports a wide range of server platforms and operating systems andand effective storage consolidationprovides an ideal storage system for IBM Power Systems and IBM System z mainframe systems because it provides an extraordinary level of synergy with these platforms. Using the DS8000 for data and workload consolidation is an especially attractive option for organizations already using DS8000 storage with System z because they can leverage a solution already in place and take advantage of its enterprise-class reliability, versatility and scalability.

2. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution BriefOptimizing performance and availabilityto maintain quality of serviceWhile the ability to support a variety of workloads with onestorage system represents an efficient way to meet growing Entry storagestorage demands, storage administrators may have concernsabout maintaining the same performance, quality of service Midrange storage(QoS) and high availability they enjoyed when workloads werespread across separate systems. To address these performance High-end storageconcerns, DS8000 storage delivers advanced self-optimizingperformance capabilities, such as automated tiering, dynamicworkload prioritization and intelligent caching algorithms.Additionally, the DS8000 provides unique performance andbusiness continuity capabilities for IBM Power Systemsand System z server environments, enabling organizations tooptimize their IT infrastructures for applications running onthese enterprise server platforms.IBM System Storage Easy Tier forautomated tiering IBM System Storage DS8000DS8000 storage includes automated tiering capabilities thatconstantly monitor data throughput activity and move perfor-mance-intensive workloads to faster drives as needed in order to The IBM System Storage DS8000 is ideal for consolidating data and work- loads from multiple storage systems, enabling organizations to manage moremaintain optimal price/performance levels. IBM Systemdata with fewer resources.Storage Easy Tier can recognize disk hot spotsareas on adisk system that have high activity or long wait timesand canrebalance data across multiple tiers or within a single tier.Easy Tier can help optimize the use of higher-cost SSDs byEasy Tier can support up to three classes of drivessolid staterelocating only the most frequently accessed data on this tier.drives (SSDs), enterprise Fibre Channel or serial attached Based on the results of one industry standard benchmark,SCSI (SAS) drives, and serial ATA (SATA) or nearline SAS using Easy Tier to relocate just five percent of data to SSDsdrivesto address the specific performance and costfrom traditional hard disk drives dramatically reduced averagerequirements for disparate workloads.input/output (I/O) response time from 9 milliseconds to 2 milliseconds.1 This demonstrates that moving even a small portion of data to SSDs can satisfy performance-intensive workloads without incurring the high cost of putting entire data 2 3. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution Briefsets on SSDs or spreading the data sets over a large number ofunder-utilized spinning disks, a technique known as driveshort-stroking. Easy Tier also has the intelligence to addressIBM System Storageregularly-scheduled peak workloadssuch as end-of-week orDS8000end-of-month batch processingby storing and analyzing I/Ohistory patterns and automatically moving data to the right tierat the appropriate times. SSDEasy Tier includes a Storage Tier Advisor Tool to analyzeactual workload performance across the systems existing vol- Tier 1umes, helping users easily determine how much each volumewould benefit from an optimal mix of drive tiering. This insightallows administrators to focus on performance trends and Tier 2capacity requirements, rather than estimating the best way tomanually and regularly tune the system. One of the main bene-fits of using Easy Tier is that it requires virtually no ongoingmanagement once it is deployed, since it dynamically adapts tothe systems ever-changing workload activity. Self-optimizing storageEasy Tier automatically rebalances data across German IT services leader benefits from Easy Tier drive tiers to help optimize performance and costs by moving the right data to the right tier. IHK-Gfl, which provides IT services to 80 chambers of commerce and industry in Germany, relies on DS8700 storage with Easy Tier to manage storage in an IBM System x environment.For organizations that want the flexibility to manually place specific application volumes on a specific drive tier or in aUsing Easy Tier, the DS8700 automatically moves the companysmost frequently accessed data to SSDs for maximum performance, specific storage pool, the Easy Tier manual volume migrationand moves less frequently accessed data to slower, lower-cost disks. feature can move full volumes around the system nondisrup-As a result, IHK-Gfl has been able to achieve its performance target tively. This feature has the ability to include or remove specificof no more than 2 milliseconds access time for databases at all times. volumes from an Easy Tier pool when there is a need to isolate a volume in a specific tier or storage pool. This extensive f lexi-Our ERP system database access times improved ten times, from bility helps accelerate effective storage consolidation with the 20 to 25 milliseconds to under 2 milliseconds, with IBM Easy Tier ability to support a variety of distinct application requirements flash optimization, notes Dr. Andreas Himmelreich, CEO of IHK-Gfl. throughout the system.To ensure continuous availability, the company replicates data on itsproduction storage environment using IBM Global Mirror software to I/O Priority Manager workloadanother IBM System Storage DS8000 series system at a secondarylocation. prioritization The DS8000 I/O Priority Manager is another self-optimizing feature that enables effective storage consolidation and performance management. It is designed to constantly monitor system resources and align QoS levels to separate workloads in the system. 3 4. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution BriefI/O Priority Manager dynamically aligns DS8000 resources to impact of such a failurewhen consolidating systems. Theeach volume according the volumes relative priority, which isDS8000 series includes a variety of high-availability featuresdefined by the administrator. When the performance of a high- designed to keep mission-critical applications online.priority application begins to suffer because other applicationsare competing for access to the same drives, this intelligent QoS The DS8000 is well known for its bullet-proof reliability withfeature automatically delays the I/O of the lower-priority appli- sophisticated data integrity features, full hardware redundancy,cations. This happens automatically and only when there isRAID striping and support for nondisruptive logical andcontention for the same drives by multiple application volumes. physical configuration changes. Other data protection functionsWhen the volumes are no longer contending for the sameinclude the IBM FlashCopy and Global Copy features, whichresources, I/O Priority Manager allows the system to resume provide important point-in-time copy abilities. More advancednormal I/O operations without delaying any I/O activity.local and long-distance mirroring solutions are available withthe Metro Mirror and Global Mirror family offerings that areWhile it supports any server platform, I/O Priority Manager designed to ensure that critical applications remain online allprovides specialized synergy with System z and thethe time.IBM z/OS operating system. In a tightly integrated process,the z/OS Workload Manager feature in System z can directAdditional high-availability solutions integrating theI/O Priority Manager on the DS8000 to prioritize workloadsDS8000 and IBM server platforms include the Geographicallybased on specific application performance goals managed byDispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) HyperSwapthe System z server. This is yet another unique benefit onlyManager and Open HyperSwap. These advanced solutions areavailable through IBM.another testament to the tight integration and synergy betweenIBM servers and the DS8000 that allows the server to switchHigh-availability features forinstantly from a primary DS8000 system to a standby DS8000consolidated workloadssystem that has a mirror image of the data. This unique integra-As organizations consolidate storage in fewer disk systems, the tion provides a superior level of business continuity and dataimpact of a system failure has the potential to disrupt moreintegrity for mission-critical applications running onapplications. It is therefore more important than ever to takeIBM servers. Initially available for System z environments,steps to reduce the risk of such a failureor minimize theHyperSwap now also supports IBM Power Systems running AIX.4 5. IBM Systems and TechnologySolution BriefDS8000 storage also offers a policy-based resource group The IBM three-part vision for optimizedmanagement feature that offers enhanced data protection forstorage and service levelsmulti-tenancy environments. This feature helps administratorsIBM Smarter Storage is a leading-edge portfolio of solutionsprotect volumes in copy services relationships from interferingand essential technologies designed to help organizations takewith each other and allows administrators to limit the actions control of their storage so they can focus on gaining morethat can be performed on each volume. This advanced data valuable insights from their data and delivering more value toprotection capability is important for consolidated andtheir business. IBM Smarter Storage systems are:multi-tenant environments where organizations need toseparate, for example, their open volumes from their mainframe Efficient by design. Efficiency features are designed intovolumes, or where cloud service providers need to isolate the IBM storage systems from the beginning. Advanced featuresvolumes of different customers from each other. are pre-installed, ready to deploy and operate consistently. Self-optimizing. Self-optimizing storage operates at theSupporting high scalability for massive speed of businessmuch faster and more accurately thanamounts of data manual performance tuning. It is used to increase throughputThe DS8000 series offers tremendous scalability and flexibility.for critical applications and support new workloads.The physical capacity of the DS8000 series can range from less Cloud agile. IBM Smarter Storage has virtualization built in,than 5 terabytes (TB) to more than 2 petabytes (PB) on a single enabling agility by enabling online data migration andsystem. It can support a combination of traditional spinningautomated storage provisioning. Storage virtualizationdrives of varying rotational speeds and ultra-fast SSDs. In improves cloud economics by enabling higher utilization,addition, to help simplify management and accommodate automating storage administration tasks and improvingchanging application requirements, administrators can easilyflexibility for managing unpredictable workloads.and nondisruptively add and expand storage capacity withdynamic volume expansion. Thin provisioning is another Why IBM?feature that can significantly reduce the time administratorsFor environments using IBM Power Systems with IBM AIXspend provisioning new storage while keeping applicationsor IBM System z, IBM System Storage DS8000 is an idealonline. Thin provisioning allows easy allocation of capacity tochoice for consolidating data and workloads. Powerful DS8000servers on a just-enough and just-in-time basis, which is afeatures, such as Easy Tier, I/O Priority Manager, HyperSwapkey requirement for effectively managing capacity in a consoli-and additional business continuity solutions, can help todated environment. improve performance and availability. With comprehensive functionality for consolidation and performance optimization, the DS8000 enables organizations to derive the most value possible from their storage infrastructure. 5 6. For more informationTo learn more about consolidating multiple workload environ-ments to the IBM System Storage DS8000 series, contactyour IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or Copyright IBM Corporation 2012Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire the IBM Corporation Systems and Technology GroupIT solutions that your business needs in the most cost-effective Route 100and strategic way possible. Well partner with credit-qualifiedSomers, NY 10589clients to customize an IT financing solution to suit your Produced in the United States of Americabusiness goals, enable effective cash management, and improveJuly 2012your total cost of ownership. IBM Global Financing is your IBM, the IBM logo,, System Storage, AIX, Easy Tier, DS8000,smartest choice to fund critical IT investments and propel Power Systems, System z, and z/OS are trademarks of Internationalyour business forward. For more information, visit:Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at Copyright and trademark information at This document is current as of the initial date of publication and may be changed by IBM at any time. Not all offerings are available in every country in which IBM operates. The performance data discussed herein is presented as derived under specific operating conditions. Actual results may vary. THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WIT...


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