Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload ://s3. 2015. 4. 21.¢  to get women to email them, I got a ton of

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  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    Magic Emails: Writing First

    Messages That Make

    Women Respond

    Copyright May 2015

    By JT Pierce

    Don't Mess With My Copyright!

  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    This book is copyright 2015 by JT Pierce. We actively search for

    people attempting to violate my copyright. If you try to copy,

    steal, give away or distribute any part of my book, we will find

    you and have my attorney contact you.

    No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, or

    transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,

    including photocopy, recording, or by any information storage and

    retrieval system, without permission in writing from JT Pierce.

    You understand that this publication is an opinion and for entertainment

    purposes only. It’s not intended to be legal or personal advice. We make

    no claims this publication should be used for any purpose beyond

    entertainment and discourage the use of this publication for any reason

    other than amusement. You are responsible for your own behavior.

    You browse use this book at your own risk, and JT Pierce, online-dating- and its owners and agents are not liable for any direct,

    incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of

    your access to or use of this book or any information contained therein.

    Further, everything in this publication is provided to you 'as is' without

    warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    About This Book

    As Magnetic Profiles has gained in popularity and guys have been using it

    to get women to email them, I got a ton of requests for advice for

    sending emails.

    In the second edition I added a whole chapter with cut and paste emails

    and email templates to make responding to her messages really easy for


    As the need grows, I wanted to have a whole new book for you just

    on writing first emails since guys wanted to venture out on their own and

    not wait for a certain girl to find them first.

    If you already have Magnetic Profiles, you'll notice that a couple of emails

    here are also in the book. It wouldn't make sense if I didn't have a couple

    of those examples in here for you too. Plus you'll find a lot more here...

    and if you use these ideas, you'll find a lot more women emailing you!

    I'm excited for you to see firsthand what a difference these principles can

    make for getting your inbox full of replies from women you've started

    conversations with.

    And I'm also excited because we are doing a lot of work on first emails

    right now to include in my new system, Inbox Overload.

    See, a lot of guys have been asking me for some advanced tactics and

    methods to use for emailing women.

  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    I knew I needed a full-on system dedicated just on sending emails. I

    wanted a copy and paste system that anyone could use. Inbox Overload

    was born!

    It covers everything you need to be successful when emailing women...

     Email tactics and techniques that set her up psychologically to

    want to meet you

     A sequence of copy and paste emails that get her out on a date-


     Emails to send when a woman doesn't reply to your first message-

    these are great to use when you really like someone but she's just

    not emailing you back

     Ideas to change the copy and paste messages just a little bit to

    make the message totally personalized. These are great for

    someone you don't mind investing an extra minute or two in to


     What to say to women who turn you down at first and how to

    spark their interest with this great message.

     A killer message to use if a woman "disappears" on you. This is

    for those times when things seemed to be going great and then

    your girl vanishes into thin air.

    I'm pumped that you can get it and complete your emailing education!!!

  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    You can get the complete system and not miss out on any women by

    getting Inbox Overload here.

    Otherwise, enjoy using this book on sending first emails, and enjoy your



    Hey Guys... Please note: The emails you have in this book are for you to

    use when you are sending first emails to women...

    There are a few techniques for sending replies to her first message in

    Magnetic Profiles. And Inbox Overload has the complete system.

    Me and a bunch of guys have worked really hard the last few months to

    test out first emails so that I could bring you a method for writing

    messages that women actually reply to. I think you are really going to

    appreciate the effort!!! 

    Writing first emails that get women to reply is tricky. First of all, you have

    to have a good profile. No matter how good your message is, if your

    profile sucks, a woman isn't going to respond to your message.

    This is doubly true of your profile picture. Every site shows a thumbnail

    picture of you next to your message, and if the picture isn't good, that

    will hurt your chances before she even reads your message. So, if you

    need work on your profile and your pictures, take a quick look at

  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    Magnetic Profiles and re-do those sections of your profile before sending


    Now, if your profile is good, and you have a decent picture for your main

    image, you're ready to start sending messages to women!

    When I used to send first emails to women, I would be lucky if one in 50

    responded. That has gone up considerably by using the messages you

    have in this book. These are tested and proven to get women to respond

    the highest percentage of the time.

    We are still experimenting with some different messages and some

    different styles of writing messages. I have a couple of those

    experimental ones in here for you, and I'll have more in Inbox Overload

    as we fine-tune them and get them ready for you!

    I wrote the emails in this book so you can pretty much just copy the

    method here to get great messages that women reply to. You want to

    stay true to the principles and use the tone of these messages. I've

    broken each section of the email down for you to make this really, really

    easy for you.

    Sending First Emails

    When you write a first emails, there are a few things you have to get


  • Magic Emails by JT Pierce

    Consider upgrading to Inbox Overload


    The biggest problem centers around a basic attraction principle that says

    the person who invests the least in a relationship has the most

    control in the relationship.

    If we send a girl an email before she even knows we exist, we are

    automatically investing more than she is and automatically seen as less


    The good news is we have been experimenting with a few ways around

    this and have a system for keeping the power- even when you email first.

    But... no matter what you do or say in the first message, she still has

    more control than you and therefore your response rates will be lower

    compared to the success you have when a woman emails you first.

    Knowing we weren't going to get as high a response rate by writing first

    emails, my goal was to come up with first emails that got the highest

    percentage of women to respond. Then I wanted to create a

    pattern or a method that YOU could reproduce over and over again to

    get the largest number of women to reply to your messages.

    How Long Should Your Message Be?

    This is a question I get a lot and it's a tough one. Tough because there

    isn't a clear-cut answer. Honestly though...

    It doesn't matter that much as long as you hit the right buttons and

    show the right things in your message. If you can create interest or

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