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Connections is a free guide to holistic events in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire


<ul><li><p>Deadline:1st M</p><p>ay</p><p>ClassifiedsGENERATE A GOOD INCOME &amp; CHANGE LIVES. with Accredited Meditation Teacher Training. Cotswolds based. Learn how to run corporate &amp; private meditation sessions. Tel: 0800 634 3320</p><p>GODDESS, FAIRY, WOODLAND WISDOM MESSAGE CARDS. Woodland Way 12 month Priestess course. FFI visit</p><p>MINDFULNESS: 8-week courses starting soon. Mindfulness is a safe, effective, clinically proven approach to stress, de-pression and anxiety. For info, bookings:, (01453) 883560</p><p>MODERN DANCE &amp; ZUMBA: Modern Dance Wed 20:15-21:15 @ CHHC, 32 Wellington Road, GL52 2AG. Zumba: Tuesday 19:45-20:45 @ St Lukes Hall, GL53 7HP. Natasha: 07747 080929,</p><p>NLP/EFT MONTHLY PRACTICE MORNINGS. All NLP and EFTers welcome, regardless of School, wanting to hone their skills. Contact Kim for details or visit</p><p>QIGONG. Regular monthly qigong class with Daverick Leggett. A simple and profound practice for self-healing. No experience neces-sary. Saturdays 10am-4pm. Contact Chaya: (01242) 571285</p><p>WHITE DRAGON TAI CHI CLASS Thursdays at 7.30pm, Christ Church Sports Centre, Arle Road, Cheltenham. Other nights available. (01452) 540657,</p><p>ZUMBA DANCE FITNESS CLASSES @ La-dyTone, 23a Pitville Street, GL52 2AG. Fridays: 11:00-12:00, Sats: 12:30-13:30 5/4 concession, 16+, first class free. Class Instructor: Natasha-Lee,, 07747 080929</p><p>GATEKEEPER TRUST LOCAL GROUP Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves. Regular walks, meetings, pilgrimages in Three Counties area. Fiona Hopes: (01684) 892533WHEEL OF LIFE CENTRE. Yoga: 10am-12md Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7-9pm Thursday. Contact Alix Jones, (01886) 833826. Pilates Tuesday 10am. Contact Liz Batty, 07790 567790. Malvern Sangha, Buddhist service Wednesday 7-30pm. Contact Fiona and Kaspa, 07900 605055. Interfaith Services: 2nd Sunday of the month, 10.30am. Contact Lionel Shorestone, (01684) 560098</p><p>Stroud &amp; District</p><p>AUTHORISED MOTHER MEERA MEDITATION. First Friday monthly (except June) 7.30pm. see / Call June on 07969 972124</p><p>CIRCLE DANCING, fortnightly, Horsley Village Hall, GL6 0PT. Thursday evenings, 5.00. Drop-in class, beginners welcome. Healing, transforming, relaxing, fun! Contact Hazel: (01453) 834125, DANCE, 5 RHYTHMS: Weekly with Dawn Morgan, Monday evenings @ Stroud GL5 1BN, 8 conc. 12 or 50 for 5 (not nec-essarily consecutive). Contact Dawn: 01453 750608, SPIRITUALIST CHURCH: Lansdown, Stroud. Est. 1978. Spiritual Healing Mon. </p><p>2.00pm, Open Circle Thurs. 7.30pm, Clair-voyance Fri. 7.30pm, Sunday service 6.30pm. All are welcome.WHITE DRAGON TAI CHI CLASS Wednesdays at 7.30pm, Paganhill Hall, Mathews Way, Stroud. Other nights available. (01452) 540657,</p><p>Never miss another event!</p><p>Sat 6 - CONTEMPLATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. Quieten the mind, develop camera skills alongside time in nature. Nikki Simp-son. 65 (inc. delicious lunch/refreshments). Hawk-wood College, Stroud. GL6 7QW. Tel. (01453) 759034,</p><p>Sat 6 to Sun 7 - MINDFULNESS &amp; THE BREATH: Science and spirituality to optimise your health and well-being. Learn to make your breathing both conscious and satisfying. David Beales and Jonathan Nunn. Residential single 215, shared 200, Non-residential (inc. meals) 180. At Hawkwood (see April 6)</p><p>SUN 7 - POETIC EDGES: WRITING &amp; SELF-EXPRESSION. Support in touching upon your creative edges. Jay Ramsay. 65 (inc. delicious lunch/refreshments). At Hawkwood (see April 6)</p><p>Tue 9 - SHEFA HEALING FREE WEBINAR 8.00 pm Link-in via phone or computer. Link-in via phone or computer for live questions and answers with Theolyn Cortens. Register at</p><p>Thu 11 - COMETS - DIVINE MESSENGERS OR FLASH IN THE PAN? Astrologer Jodey Collorick and writer Jill Shearer explore what have traditionally been regarded as harbin-gers of change. 6 (members 4), Aquarius Severn, 8-10pm, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Oriel Road, Cheltenham. / Graham: (01242) 228796</p><p>Thu 11 - OVERCOMING EMOTIONAL EATING help with out of control eating, overeating and binge eating. 12-week course starts in Cheltenham.</p><p>Sat 13 to Sun 14 - TRUE TO OUR ROOTSQI GONG WORKSHOP with Nadia Smith, 10am-5pm, The Fold, near Mal-vern (see advert).</p><p>Sun 14 - CIRCLE DANCES FROM MANY TRADITIONS, both spring-like and reflective. Friendly group, all dances taught. Friends Meeting House, Warwick Place, Chelten-ham GL52 2NP 7-9pm. Kris Lee (01451) 822438Tue 16 to Sat 27 - LETS FACE THE MUSIC... Ceramic Exhi-bition by Millie Wood Swanep-</p><p>oel at Lansdown Gallery, Stroud GL5 1BB. Open Monday to Sunday, </p><p>10am5pm., 07754 182082</p><p>Wed 17 to July 3 - THE ARTISTS WAY. A twelve week course encouraging you to open your heart, tune into your inner guidance and play. Theresa Sansome. 245 excluding the book. 9.30am-12.00pm or 7pm-9.30pm at Hawkwood (see April 6)</p><p>Thu 18 - SHEFA HEALING FREE WEBINAR 8.00 pm. Link-in via phone or computer for live questions and answers with Theolyn Cortens. Register at</p><p>Sat 20 - EXPLORE YOUR INNER SOUND voice workshop with Sheila Hill, 10 am-5-30pm, 30.00, Minsterworth Vil-lage Hall.</p><p>Sat 20 - NEED TO MANIFEST MORE MONEY? Workshop: Marie-Claire Carlyle. This Money Magnet workshop helps you to clear your unconscious and opens you up to receive your full value! Isbourne Holistic Centre, 10am-5pm Cost: 99.00. </p><p>Mon 22 LOVINGKINDESS. Talk: Sharon Saltzberg. One of the worlds most respected meditation teachers introduces lovingkindness as a meditation that cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart. Cheltenham Town Hall 7-9pm Cost: Early Bird 13 until 8th April 16 thereafter.</p><p>Tue 23 to Thu 25 - SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP &amp; RESILIENCE IN TIMES OF TRANSITION. Ideal for people who are keen to start or join a social enterprise. Isabelle Duquesne. Residential single 255, shared 225, Non-residential (inc. delicious meals/refreshments). 180. At Hawkwood (see April 6)</p><p>Thu 25 - FAMILY PATTERNS: Astrologer and counsellor Cate Reidy discusses the transmission of family narratives across generations, and their echoes within our </p><p>own birthcharts, especially the twelfth house. Aquarius Severn, Cheltenham (see April 11).</p><p>Thu 25 to Fri 26 - DREAMING OUR WORLD INTO BEING. Exploring spir-itual development through traditions of shamanic work. Batrice Simmons-Heiz. Residential single 180, shared 160, Non-residential (inc. delicious meals/refreshments) 140. Friday 26th only 70 (inc. delicious lunch/refresh-ments). At Hawkwood (see April 6)</p><p>Fri 26 to Sun 28 - FREEDOM &amp; FLEXIBILITY: THE F.M. ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE. Learn to rid yourself of hidden or unwanted tensions. Robin Simmons and Batrice Simmons-Heiz. Residential single 245, shared 210, Non-residential (inc. delicious meals/refreshments) 170. At Hawkwood (see April 6)</p><p>Sat 27 BECOME MUCH HAPPIER. Workshop: Anthony Peters. Exciting workshop aimed at everyone, it will teach you some practical and powerful ways to boost the one thing we all want more of - lasting happiness. Isbourne Holistic Centre, 9.30am-4.30pm Cost: 54.00</p><p>Sat 27 to Sun 28 - STROUD INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES FESTIVAL AT HAWKWOOD. Colour Texture and Form in Photography (90 non res) and Collage-Textiles-Stitch (105 non res). At Hawkwood College. To book contact Stroud International Textiles on or go to</p><p>Sun 28 CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER &amp; FIND YOURSELF. Workshop: Karen Kingston. Got clutter? Feeling stuck? Karen will show you why theres hardly any point doing any kind of personal development work unless youve cleared your clutter first. Isbourne Holistic Centre, 10am-5pm Cost: 60.00.</p><p>Cheltenham</p><p>AQUARIUS SEVERN ASTROLOGY SOCIETY. Regular Thursday evening talks, twice-yearly day workshops. Graham: (01242) 228796</p><p>BIODANZA. Joyful expressive dance to inspir-ing music. No partner or experience required. For details contact Victoria: 07968 100555,,</p><p>CHELTENHAM HEALING GROUP Healing and Support: 1st &amp; 3rd Mondays monthly. 7.30-9.00pm. Isbourne Foundation, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Chelt. Contact Alison: (01242) 621152 or Sue: (01242) 662824</p><p>CHELTENHAM DOWSERS First Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm, The Exmouth Arms, 167 Bath Road, Cheltenham GL53 7LX. Guests/new members welcome. Contact: (01242) 570 387 or</p><p>INFINITE TAI CHI AND CHI KUNG. Spring-bank Resource Centre Tuesday 10.3011.30am, Charlton Kings Library Tuesday 6.307.30pm, Wednesday 1.302.30pm. Phone Gillian: (01242) 248663</p><p>MEDITATION GROUP. Small, friendly group meets on Thursday evenings on Leckhampton Road, 7.30 to 9pm. Sessions include brief in-struction and recorded talks from renowned Buddhist teachers. Ring (01242) 514280 for details.</p><p>Forest of Dean</p><p>MONTHLY SHAMANIC JOURNEY CIRCLE.</p><p>SEASONAL CELEBRATIONS @ Millers Farm, Blakeney (7.30-9.30pm) marking the eight solar festivals of equinoxes, solstices, fire festivals. 7 includes simple supper. Dates on, (01594) 541850.</p><p>SHAMANIC SUNDAY MORNINGS (10.30-12.30). First Sunday of each month in Blak-eney - journeying circle and group chat. 5 includes tea. (01594) 541850. Email:</p><p>WHITE DRAGON TAI CHI CLASS Mons 7pm, Berryhill (The Hut), Lakers Rd. Other nights available. (01452) 540657,</p><p>Gloucester</p><p>WHITE DRAGON TAI CHI CLASS Fridays at 7.30pm, Christ Church (in the church), Brunswick Square, Montpellier Road, Gloucester. (01452) 540657, Other nights available.</p><p>Malvern</p><p>ART FROM WITHIN. Explore yourself through art regular group and individual sessions. For details call Ann (01684) 575095,, email</p><p>Freud conceived that the unconscious mind contains all of our repressed, un-resolved memories and experiences. The humanistic perspective sees the unconscious as a reservoir of skills and resources that can be nurtured and cultivated.</p><p>But what is the unconscious mind? Well your unconscious mind is the part of you that you are not conscious of right now. So this involves everything that is not in your present moment awareness. For example, you wouldnt be conscious of your breathing if you hadnt have thought of this now. It may help to view your unconscious mind as a storehouse because it includes all the men-tal processes, memories, thoughts, ideas and images going on in your mind. It protects you from pain by repressing painful experi-ences and memories, but it also stores all your positive experiences and memories too. </p><p>Your unconscious mind enables you to do many things without thinking, such as governing your bodys autonomous processes and healing mechanisms, circulating your blood, causing your heart to beat, your eyes to blink and communicating with every cell in your body. Plus your unconscious mind creates strategies and habits enabling you to sign your name automatically, tie a shoelace, brush your teeth, stop at a red light and so on without conscious thought. Firstly, you </p><p>learn how to do these tasks consciously and then through repetition and reinforcement your unconscious takes over and runs these strategies on autopilot. </p><p>Your unconscious learns both good strategies and bad strategies. However, once the habit or strategy is installed in our neurology, it can become very difficult to undo. This is fine if the habits are positive and serving us, </p><p>but not so good if the habits are unwanted, such as nail biting, smoking, comfort eating, worry, allergies and so on.</p><p>Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) shows you how to talk to your unconscious mind so you can undo unwanted habits and install more beneficial strategies. Many NLP techniques deliberately by-pass the conscious mind, the part of your mind that </p><p>criticises, judges, resists and doubts, because this can interfere with and sabotage any pos-sibility of change. The conscious mind likes to analyse and it can be counterproductive to analyse because this can get in the way of the solution. As Einstein once famously said, you cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it. </p><p>One of the great benefits of NLP is that you learn a range of tools and techniques that allow you to tap into the tremendous storehouse of unconscious resources, skills and creativity. You learn to move away from negative habits, strategies, emotional states and thought patterns to more empowering, positive results. States such as worry, fear, stress, conflict, sadness, hurt, guilt and frustration lessen. Unwanted habits and strategies from obesity to allergies drop away as we move towards cultivating positive habits, strategies, thoughts and emotions. And greater success, confidence, motivation, creativity, health, happiness, peace and love are all yours to enjoy.</p><p>Kim Phillips is a professional and experienced NLP trainer and coach. She delivers courses in NLP from one-day beginner classes to Master Practitioner. </p><p>For further information: Email: Web:</p><p>Advertisement Feature</p><p>NLP - Open to All</p><p>By Kim Phillips</p><p> 612856</p><p>Certificate level Shamanic Healingat Ragmans Lane Farm, Ruardean, GL17 9PA</p><p>Introduction to Shamanic HealingJune 3rd -July 8th on Mondays</p><p>from 6.30-9.30pm</p><p>Intermediate Level Shamanic HealingJune 8th -July 13th on Saturdays 10am-1pm</p><p>Certificate level Shamanic Healingat Ragmans Lane Farm, Ruardean, GL17 9PA</p><p>Introduction to Shamanic HealingJune 3rd -July 8th on Mondays</p><p>from 6.30-9.30pm</p><p>Intermediate Level Shamanic HealingJune 8th -July 13th on Saturdays 10am-1pm</p><p>TellingTheStones_Ad_66x97.pdf 1 3/18/13 2:34 PM</p><p> means the advertiser has requested no cold calling by other publications.</p></li><li><p>Deadline:1st M</p><p>ay</p><p>Mon 6 - HAWKWOOD OPEN DAY. Free taster workshops. Enjoy tours and taste our delicious home cooked food and ice-cream. Family /childrens activities, live music, singing and traditional maypole dancing. Guest artists. Free Entry, 3 per car parking. Hawkwood College, Stroud. GL6 7QW. Tel. (01453) 759034,</p><p>Fri 10 - JAZZ GEMS, Concert: James DAngelo and Jenna Monroe. Jenna and James have been melting and moving hearts for years and are set to do so yet again in this programme featuring the jazz greats! Isbourne Holistic Centre, 7.30-9.30pm Cost: 10.00</p><p>Fri 10 to Sun 12 - SHEFA HEALING STAGE ONE INTENSIVE. Small group for optimum initiation. Beautiful West Wales venue. Superlative accommodation nearby. for details.</p><p>Sat 11 to Sun 12 - STROUD INTERNATI...</p></li></ul>