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Connecting Through Social Media. Jessica Cuthbertson CTQ Teacherpreneur, NBCT Candidate @jjcuthy. Abigail Quesinberry Media & Marketing, CTQ @abigailqberry @teachingquality. #NBPTSacademy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecting Through Social MediaJessica CuthbertsonCTQ Teacherpreneur, NBCT Candidate@jjcuthyAbigail QuesinberryMedia & Marketing, CTQ@abigailqberry@teachingquality#NBPTSacademyIntros


@JJCuthy: One candidates journey from skeptic to convert.

(In 140 characters or less?!)#NBPTSacademyGet a feel for 2Twitter 101: What Twitter IS NOT3#NBPTSacademyJust another Facebook

A platform for sharing what you had for breakfast


Solely a self-promotional tool

How you will finally meet Justin Bieber

3Twitter 101: What Twitter IS4#NBPTSacademy

A powerful curation tool for interest-based learning

Peer-reviewed credibility

A virtual PLN

Access to thought leaders

A platform to export your expertise and share your leadership

45I just completed the best hour of professional development in ages! Oh and it was on Twitter!Precious Crabtree, CTQ Collab member#NBPTSacademy5The story of a hashtag: #TeachingIs61,354 individuals contributed their definitions & stories

5,316 uses of the #TeachingIs hashtag

#TeachingIs messages reached more than 3.1M people


The result was a teacher-generated campaign in which more than 1300 people shared their definitions of what #TeachingIs, using the hashtag more than 5300 times. These messages reached more than 3.1 million people during Teacher Appreciation Week and appeared in social news feeds nearly 8 million times. The landing page where the content lives on our website garnered more than 2400 visits during this time.6Teacher-generated Content

7#NBPTSacademyHere is just a sampling of some of the things teachers had to say about their profession. There were many messaging affirming the importance of what teachers do, the complexity of their work, and the reward of seeing those lightbulb moments in their students. I recommend that you go to the landing page when you have some time and peruse the many, many more. You can go to

7Time to Tweet! #NBPTSacademy8#NBPTSacademyThink about the current strengths and potential of this network at a local and national level. Imagine its 2024, 10 years from today:

Q1: How are NBCTs leading?

Q2: How has the profession and public education evolved as a result of the National Board?

Q3: What can YOU (NBCTs) do now to achieve your vision for the future?AQ and JC facilitate a micro Twitter chat live in the room post feed and try 1-3 questions during 15 minute applicationEncourage participants to follow and RT others in the room engaged in the chat both those they know and those they havent met


Ask away(!) or tweet them with#NBPTSacademy#NBPTSacademy9