Connect & Empower Welcome to Max International’s Top Team Training Welcome to Max International’s Top Team Training

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  • Connect & EmpowerWelcome to Max Internationals Top Team Training

  • This training is designed to be the nucleus to illustrate and direct the new associate to the resources for conducting the MAX business Use this information as a catalyst to ignite your MAX business and get your feet firmly planted on the ground.

    Everything covered in this training is meant to connect and empower the new associate.

  • Max International owners and formulasThe System3-Way callsWhere to find Online ResourcesThe Compensation Plan Brief

    What to Expect

  • Success PrinciplesExecute a business plan. Print your plan @, complete & submit

    Learn everything we can about upcoming events. *Promote heavily*. Supplementing our daily activity with Events builds the business FAST

    Determine your personal Whywrite it downshare it with your sponsor

    Attend every possible event & training available

    Spend time reading for personal development

  • Connect and Empower


  • We all come from different backgrounds This is not about sales!There are no sales skills required, as a matter of fact being a Super Salesperson can work against usLets face it, most are NOT sales people

  • Master InvitersSales is about talking and convincing, we are in the sorting business not the convincing business (master inviters)

    Say less to more people faster Cover more ground using the tools without saying too much. Become the person you wish to attract.

    Critical to this business is approaching the RIGHT people & those having interest.

  • Formula for Success*The Network Marketing Industry is unique and it is critical that even the most savvy business person understands its principles*With this industry Success is the ability to apply the simple proven System and to duplicate it through training others.Understanding and applying these principles will ensure the elusive Sustainability within our business

  • The System

    We want our business to be System dependant and not skill or person dependantThe key in this industry is to create layers upon layers of duplication using the SystemThis System" is based on Team Work and Relationships This is a relationship business not a business relationship

  • The System cont. ~ 3 stepsPeak interest without saying too much

    Provide one of our tools

    Follow up with the prospect, having a support team member on the phone with you, to give recommendations

  • What is the most important tool in this business?

  • 3ways-Getting ConnectedGetting connected begins prior to enrollment through the first 3-way conversation with a Senior PartnerDuring that conversation the new person is given recommendations from experience and gets a glimpse of the teamwork that awaits them

  • The 3-Way Call cont. 2During this initial conversation the new person hears reasons to execute quickly like the first mover advantage. This is much more effective when conveyed from a third party.It takes the salesman cap off of the referring associate.We call this the 3-way call

  • This 3-way call is the third step of a 3-step system which is outlined in the Max System to Success and Leadership document which should be provided by your sponsor

    The 3-Way Call cont. 3

  • These conversations are the lifeblood of the business and are highly encouraged to be done with prospects and team members on a regular basis

    * A consistent flow of 3-way conversations throughout your organization will infuse energy and empower your team *

    The 3-Way Call cont. 4

  • Be sure to ask your sponsor to introduce you to all available Senior Partners

    The 3-way calls are meant to introduce, inform, encourage, invite and empower

    Fostering pillars of leadership within our team creates business sustainability

    The 3-Way Call cont.5

  • Resources(E-mail)Having a separate email account for your MAX business is encouraged. Business email wont be lost in clutter.

    Be sure to request our regular team email & text broadcasts from Steve Lee & Steven Kent

  • Resources(Online Resources)A critical initial training is located at It is highly recommended to begin with this audio training & pen in hand for notes.Review Build to Bronze video @ Log in to the site with your user ID/password and spend time familiarizing yourself with your back office. A domain name is encouraged.

  • Online Resources cont.Health Professionals: Formulator Interview: www.DoctorKellerVideo.comDr. Oz on Glutathione: MaxGXL TV @ Video tabThis training: Network Marketing validation: *Robert Kiyosaki & Tim Sales videos*

  • Resources(Additional)Also provided by your sponsor will be:Guidelines of conducting 3-way callsSenior Partner support contact infoSenior Partner bios for 3-way intros*Audio CD training* Listen ASAP, frequently review & duplicate for your new associates getting started benefit. Also available @

  • Power ToolsLive Event Promotion: Local, out of state & international. Weekly briefings, Max wine socials, local or company conference calls & home briefings, etc.

    Video links for emails, blogs, social media, etc. @ or ~ do a search for MaxInternationalLLC

  • Dr Keller Audio CDThe audio CD is the tool of choice for the wellness professional or anyone else who might be opposed to hearing about the business first. Refer to First exposure with a Wellness Professional emailBranding ~ Max caps, clothing, gear, etc., can be added to regular shipments.

    Power Tools cont. 2

  • Videos/DVDsMax International offers DVDs for purchase.For the online version, direct your contacts to & the Videos option.

    Brochures (*MaxATP*) and support material available & can be added to our shipmentsRefer to the Max System for Success and Leadership for recommended use of all tools

    Power Tools cont. 3

  • Your Co-Foundersand Leaders

  • Steven K. Scott

    Co-founder American Telecast

    Multimillion Dollar Success with Total Gym

    One of the 25 Most Influential People in Direct Response TV

    Authored Six International Best Sellers

  • Of ~ Guthy-Renker

    One of the Worlds Largest Direct Response Television Companies.

    Leading Producer of Informercials Wen HaircarePro-Active SolutionMalibu-Pilates Sales up to $1.8 Billion per Year

    Strategic Offices Around the GlobeBill GuthyGreg Renker

  • The GXL ProductOur dynamic product MaxGXL stands in a differentiated category of is own. Refer to it as a nutraceutical to set it apart.Explain to the new person that not everyone will experience noticeable benefit in the same time period.*Combine as many Max formulas, with GXL, as possible for maximum impact & use the MaxGXL Sport product sheet PDF

  • GXL Product ~ 4-week supplyPlan A is to always have the new person purchase & consume MaxGXL for a full 4-weeks, if they are not the business type that executes right away.To give any nutritional formula a fair-shake, they need to consume it consistently for at least month.*Combine N*Fuze with MaxGXL for best results. Provide several sample packets*

  • Max N*FuzeThe Usher leading to GXL at timesFull-spectrum advanced cellular nutrition & defense formulation. *Use MaxN-Fuze product sheet PDF with everyone.*Enhances/compliments benefit from MaxGXL & MaxOneFast acting and dynamiccan be sampled regularly to have prospects enjoy a great on-the-spot first experience.Makes all multi-vitamins obsolete compared to its advanced science & taste.

  • MaxATPSuper cell performance in a bottleCategory creator ~ 2oz shot clinically proven to facilitate increased ATP/glutathione production - Clean natural cellular energy*RiboCeine* technology. Exclusive, 25yrs of R&D result by the former Chief Editor of Medicinal Chemistry (32yrs) & Max Chief Scientist, Dr. Herbert T Nagasawa. Use MaxATP productsheet PDF with everyone

  • MaxATP cont.Proven ATP (Natural Cellular Energy) Production Optimizer Increased *ATP* strengthens muscles, including the heart & supports brain functionPromotes enhanced cell performance, protection, antiaging benefits & athletic ability. Performance on demand*Facilitates burning of available body fat as a natural energy source*

  • MaxOneMaxOne is our next generation glutathione booster.

    100% RiboCeine in a veggie cap

    Both components of RiboCeine, D-Ribose & L-Cysteine, are naturally occuring in the body.

  • Visible SolutionsVS is our revolutionary youth recovering skin care technology.Immediate visual & skin texture results upon 1st demonstration.$60 Fast track commission paid out to the enroller of associates when they purchase the VS *Enrollment pack*.

  • Compensation BriefPreferred Cus. Plan pays 25% referral commission ~ *$17.25 per GXL monthly, $18.50 per N*Fuze or MaxOne monthly & $31.25 per MaxATP monthly, for a potential total of $67 or $68.25 monthly residual, based on (1) Preferred Customers monthly order of all (3) Visible Solutions kits pay out $60 each.

    No contract or fees (*Preferred Customers are not eligible for referral commissions*). Shipments are direct to PCs address. Ideal for health professionals

    PC referral commissions paid through weekly checks

  • Income ~ Cash-flow & ResidualFast Track bonuses paid to enroller (via weekly checks) on new associate p