Conjugación – un repaso

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Conjugación – un repaso. Vamos a volver a español 1. Yo sé conjugar un verbo regular. Stem Changing / Boot Verbs. Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs. e →ie o→ue u→ue. Alm o rzar D o rmir V o lver Ll o ver Emp e zar Ent e nder Qu e rer Mer e ndar. To have lunch To sleep To return - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs

Conjugacin un repaso

Vamos a volver a espaol 1

Yo s conjugar un verbo regular

Stem Changing / Boot Verbs Spanish Stem-Changing Verbseieoueuue

Los verbos que cambian(oue)and (eie)AlmorzarDormirVolver LloverEmpezarEntender QuererMerendar

To have lunchTo sleepTo returnTo rain To begin (start)To understandto wantto have a snackStem-changing verbs give their stems the boot!

How do these verbs work?Verb endingsIf a verb ends in ar, you add:oasaamosanVerb endingsIf a verb ends in er, you add:oeseemosen

if a verb ends in ir, you add:oeseimosenVolver- to return (o-ue)v__lvvolvv__lvvolvv__lvv__lvoeseemosenueueueueis

Dormir- to sleep


d__rmd__rmueueueueoesimosesenAlmorzar- to have lunchAlmuerzo a las once y media.


alm__rzalm__rzoasaamosisanueueueueLlover- to rainCuando llueve me gusta leer.Ll v Va a llover (ir + a + infinitveeue

El Fin

So, since querer ends en er (querer), which endings will we add?The er endings:oeseemosenNow, lets add our stem change.

Remember, only the e in the stem can change.quererentenderIf there are two es in the stem, the second one always changes.preferirempezarNow lets change the stems.Remember, e can change to ie only within the boot. This means the nosotros & vosotros form never changes!Quererquierquer emosquierquerquierquieroeesenisThe uue and oue verbs work the same way.

PoderJugarDormirSoarVolverDevolverto be able to (can)to playto sleepto dreamto return (to a place)to return (a thing)First, find the o or u in the stem that is going to changePoderJugarDormirSoarVolverDevolverThen, decide which verb endings you will use.For jugar:oasaamosanFor volver:oeseemosenThen change it in the boot-Jugar- to play a sport juegojugamosjuegasjugisjuegajuegan