Conference on coastal and port engineering in developing countries: Colombo, Sri Lanka 20–26, 1983

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<ul><li><p>9 4 </p><p>Announcements </p><p>CONFERENCE ON COASTAL AND PORT ENGINEERING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES </p><p>Colombo, Sri Lanka, March 20--26, 1983 </p><p>OBJECTIVES </p><p>It is the main objective of the conference to provide an international forum where coastal and port engineers from developing countries can ex- change know-how and experience. </p><p>Engineers from developed countries are encouraged to participate with a view to exchange know-how with their colleagues from developing countries. </p><p>Emphasis will be put on practical applications of port and coastal engi- neering methods in developing countries, including descriptions of case studies. </p><p>PROVISIONAL CONFERENCE PROGRAMME </p><p>Papers will be presented on the following subjects with special reference to developing countries: </p><p>- - Coastal stability, beach erosion and control -- Ports in developing countries, site selection, lay-out, choice of struc- </p><p>tures and materials, construction and performance - - Small-craft harbours, anchorages and landing places - - Low~ost harbour facilities in undeveloped areas - - Dredging and sedimentation problems -- Hydrographic survey techniques -- Environmental impacts of coastal engineering works It is the intention to arrange two parallel sessions, and to select approxi- </p><p>mately 70 papers for presentation. Twenty minutes will be allowed for each presentation, which will be followed by a discussion of about twenty min- utes. </p><p>Technical tours and social events will be arranged during the week of the conference. </p><p>PAPERS </p><p>Selection of papers for presentation (in English only) will be based on a two- page abstract to be forwarded in five copies before March 1, 1982, to: </p><p>Paper Selection Secretary Danish Hydraulic Institute Agem Alle 5 DK-2970 Horsholm, Denmark Telephone: 2-86 80 33 Telex: 37402 dhicph dk Telegram: hydroinstitute </p></li><li><p>FURTHER INFORMATION </p><p>Conference Secretary Coast Conservation Division Ministry of Fisheries 69 Horton Place Colombo 7, Sri Lanka Telephone: 1-98 265 Telex: 21419 minfish </p><p>95 </p><p>HYDRODYNAMICS IN OCEAN ENGINEERING </p><p>Trondheim, Norway, August 24--28, 1981 </p><p>An international conference on Hydrodynamics in Ocean Engineering will be arranged at The Norwegian Institute of Technology August 24--28, 1981. </p><p>The conference will present recent results in the field of ocean engineering hydrodynamics. It will discuss present and future techniques of predicting loads and motions of offshore structures by means of theoretical calculations, model testing, and combination of the two. </p><p>Seven invited distinguished scientists and engineers will present the prin- cipal aspects of the above topics. In addition, 58 papers have been selected for presentation based on call for papers. </p><p>The conference will mark the opening of the new Ocean Basin at the Norwegian Hydrodynamic Laboratories. This basin is 50 m wide, 80 m long and 10 m deep. It is equipped with an adjustable bottom and a system for generating current in any direction. The wavemakers are capable of generat- ing longcrested regular and irregular waves as well as shortcrested waves with a directional spectrum. </p><p>The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Office of Naval Research - US Navy, and Det norske Veritas are sponsoring the conference. </p><p>For further information please contact: </p><p>The Secretariat -- HOE'81 Director of Studies The Norwegian Institute of Technology 7034 Trondheim-NTH Norway Telephone: 47 75 95268 Telex : 55637 nth ad </p></li></ul>