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<ul><li><p> April 15 is typically a memorable day for most people and it was so again this year but for a very different reason. This year, April 15 served as the date of the Constituency Session of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference. Delegates from the 100 organized churches and com-panies came in record numbers to elect conference leadership, listen to reports of growth and progress in the work of the conference over the past quadrennium as well as the past decade, approve re-commended changes in the Constitution and By-laws, and vote on the 2012-2016 Conference Objectives. Elder Ken Denslow, Assistant to the President, North American Division, pre-sented the devotional for the session. Elder Stephen Orian chaired the session except for the reports that were brought from the Nominating Committee, which was chaired by Elder Larry Moore, Presi-dent of the Southwestern Union. Laura Weyer, member of the Rogers, Arkansas Church, served as secretary of the Nomi-nating Committee. Elected to serve for the next four years </p><p>were Stephen Orian, President; Juan Borges, Secretary; and Rodney Dyke, Treasurer. Other departmental directors elected were Carlos Portanova, Associ-ate Treasurer; Stephen Burton, Superin-tendent of Education; Ray House, Youth Director; Terry McCormick, Association Secretary and Religious Liberty Secre-tary; and Kenneth Simpson, Planned Giving and Trust Services Director. Mem-bers of the Conference Committee and of the Association Board were also elect-ed as recommended by the nominating committee. All remaining departmental positions were voted by the delegates to be referred to the Conference Executive Committee. A number of Constitution and By-laws changes were voted. Perhaps most sig-nificant of those had to do with the cap-ping of the number of elected delegates for a constituency session at 500 elected delegates. Each church would be enti-tled to one delegate, and the remaining number of delegates up to 500 would be apportioned to the churches by percent-age of their membership.</p><p> 318-631-6240</p><p>NVolume 2, No. 9 - July 2012</p><p>E W S L E T T E R</p><p>33RD CONSTITUENCY SESSION</p><p>ARK ANSAS-LOUISIANA CONFERENCE OF SE VENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS</p><p>CONFERENCE Constituency - Voting</p><p>Stephen Orian, Conference President</p><p>Rodney Dyke, Conference Treasurer</p></li><li><p>Page 2</p><p> Juan Borges accepted the invitation of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Constitu-ency Session at its April 15, 2012, meeting to serve as executive secretary of the confer-ence. Borges, who was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Chicago and Puerto Rico of Puerto Rican parents, was baptized at the age of 12 after hearing that Jesus was coming again! Since then, a product of Adventist Christian education, he attended eighth grade at Lake Shore Jr. Academy in Chicago, IL and went on to Broadview Academy. In 1982 he received his BA in theology from Antillian College in Mayagez, Puerto Rico, and in 1987 received his MDiv from Andrews University Theological Seminary and is currently working towards a Doctor in Ministry degree in Family Life. </p><p> Borges was ordained to pastoral ministry in 1990. His experience has led him to work for the church in the various conferences: West Puerto Rico, Central California, Carolina, Idaho, and most recently, Southern New England where for the past eight years he has served as Executive Secretary and Hispanic Ministries Coordinator. Borges is also a United States Army Reserve Chaplain holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with a three year active duty tour and has seen combat deployments to Kuwait and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom as he ministered to soldiers in a combat environ-ment. He continues to minister to soldiers once a month as the Unit pastor in the Army Reserves. Juan and his wife, Betty, an LPN and who is from the country of Guatemala, have two adult children: Miguel and Lizbeth and have four grandchildren. Borges says that he is honored and privileged to serve the members of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference and gives all the glory to God for the opportunity given to serve in this capacity. </p><p>NEWS</p><p> The first meeting of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference Executive Committee for the new 2012-2016 quadrennium was a full and significant meeting. Although he will not officially begin his service for the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference till the first of July, Elder Juan Borges, who was elected Conference Secretary at the Constituency Session, came to participate in this first meeting and shared a challenging devotional message. Elder Larry Moore, SWUC President, also took time to challenge new committee mem-bers with a committee orientation of duties, responsibilities, and protocol. </p><p> The Committee had been charged with the responsibility of electing individuals to serve in conference departmental positions that had been left vacant but recommended by the Constituency Session to be filled by the Executive Committee. Below are the depart-ments and the names of those elected to serve in those positions:</p><p>Hispanic Coordinator, Coordinated Ministries, Juan BorgesAdventist Chaplaincy MinistriesMinisterial Director, Evangelism Coordinator, Dennis ShafterStewardship Adventist-Laymens Services and Industries (ASI) Stephen OrianCommunication Director Stephen BurtonHealth Ministries Coordinator Ray House*Adventist Community Services/Disaster Response Lavida Whitson*Childrens Ministries Coordinator Joyce Fortner*Pathfinder Director Lloyd Clapp*Prayer Ministries Coordinator Marian Parson*Womens Ministries Coordinator Melody Radde*Womens Ministries Assistant Coordinator-Hispanic Anna Alvarez</p><p> Another significant duty of the Executive Committee was to appoint all the Boards and Committees that will serve the needs of the conference over the next quadrennium. These included the K-12 Board of Education, the Camp Yorktown Bay Board, the South Louisiana Convention Center Board, the Evangelism Committee, and the Personnel Committee.</p><p>*Indicates volunteer positions</p><p>Juan Borges Accepts Call to Serve as Executive Secretary for the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference</p><p>Borges, Juan and Betty </p><p>EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT</p></li><li><p>Page 3</p><p> At the April 15 Constituency Session, an action was taken requesting that a priority dealing with revival and reformation be added to the recommended document outlining the five 2012-2016 quadrennial conference priorities. This has been reviewed and ap-proved by the Conference Executive Committee and is now incorporated as point number one in the conference priorities. This document has been prepared and sent to all of the churches of the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference for distribution and chal-lenge that each church and every church member prayerfully adopts these priorities as a part of their personal ministry and witness. We long for a completed work of the gospel commission given to us by Jesus and long for the day of His second coming. </p><p>NEW PASTOR OF HARRISON/BERRYVILLE</p><p> April 21, 2012 was a high Sabbath at the South Loui-siana Camp Meeting in Hammond, LA. The first ever combined pastor ordination and teacher commissioning service in our conference was conducted at 4:30 pm. Ken Blundell, pastor of Denham Springs and Gonzales, accompanied by his wife Sherry was ordained as a min-ister. Ken has pastored in Ripley, Charleston, Spencer, and Huntington, West Virginia, as well as Clarksville, AR. Teacher candidates included Joyce Bourgeois from Baton Rouge, who currently teaches grades 1-4, Judith Koffler also from Baton Rouge, who currently is principal and teaches grades 5-8, and JanElla Schnepp from New Orleans, who currently is principal and teaches grades 5-8. Camp Meeting guest speaker Richard OFfill gave an inspiring message to the candidates. Each candi-date gave a response to the message. An ordination and commissioning prayer was offered by Ray House, ARKLA Youth Director. Teacher candidates were given a charge by Stephen Burton, ARKLA Superintendent of Education, and Dennis Shafter gave a charge to the pas-toral candidate. Elder Stephen Orian gave Ken an of-ficial welcome to the ministry and his wife, Micki, gave </p><p>ARKANSAS-LOUISIANA CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES FOR 2012-2016</p><p> We are very pleased to welcome Pastor Ron Vozar and his wife, JoAnn, as a part of our ministry team in the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference. Pastor Vozar serves as district pastor of the Harrison-Berryville Churches where he and JoAnn have been joyously and enthusiastically received. Coming from the Ohio Conference, he has served as a bi-vocational pastor for several years, and recently was asked to serve as a full time district pastor. Pastor Vozar has a real love for people and that has been clearly demonstrated in his soul-winning endeavors. Much of his career has been in the publishing work where he has served as both an Assistant Manager and Manager of Adventist Book Centers. God has blessed the Vozars in their service and ministry for Him and we are thankful they accepted the invitation to use their talents and calling in our field.</p><p>Pastor Ordination and Teacher Commissioning Servicea shepherdesses welcome to Kens wife, Sherry. Special music was given by Pastor Sorin Munteanu and his wife Corina. Were thankful for these teachers who are committed to Adventist education and for a pastor who is dedicated to a soul-winning ministry. Congratulations to all of you!</p><p>JanElla Schnepp, Judith Koffler, Ken Blundell, Sherry Blundell, Joyce Bourgeois</p><p>ANNUAL ALL RETIREES RETREATGuest Speaker: James R. Nix President - E.G. White Estate, Inc. Board Chair - Adventist Heritage Ministry</p><p>September 14-16, 2012Camp Yorktown Bay</p><p>For more information call 318-631-6240</p></li><li><p>NEWS</p><p> Camp Meeting continues to provide a special time where members of Gods church can come together to be spiritu-ally revived and strengthened while at the same time enjoy special fellowship with brothers and sisters who share the same Biblical beliefs and are looking for the promise of the blessed hope. This year the speaker for both the English and Spanish South Louisiana Camp Meetings was the same! While working in the General Conference, Elder Richard OFfill was one of those instrumental in the founding of Adven-tist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and spent some years working in Chile, South America, and thus be-came fluent in Spanish. Though retired, Elder OFfill continues to travel exten-sively serving the church as an interna-tional revivalist with a particular interest in strengthening the Adventist home. </p><p> On Sabbath, May 19, 2012, Elder Jeff Villegas was ordained to gospel ministry at the Shreveport South Church where he serves as pastor. In a special worship service Dr. Phillip Samaan, Professor of Religion at Southern Adventist University, presented the ordination message, Elder Stephen Orian offered the ordination prayer, and Elder Dennis Shafter gave the ministers charge. Elder Villegas began his ministry in the Carolina Conference and after three years moved to Berrien Springs, Michigan where he received his Master of Divinity Degree from Andrews University Seminary. Elder Villegas and his wife, Darlynn, then accepted the invitation to come to the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference and together serve in ministry at the Shreveport South Church. Darlynn ministers to the little children who attend the childcare center oper-</p><p>Ordination to the Gospel Ministry</p><p>Dennis Shafter, Jeff Villegas, Phillip Samaan, Darlynn Villegas, Stephen Orian</p><p>ated by the church. Elder Villegas also visits one of our conference churches each month to conduct a youth emphasis Sabbath as a part of our conference youth ministry emphasis. We are very pleased to have the Villegas ministering in our field and wish them the continued blessings of the Lord as they use their talents and abilities for Gods glory.</p><p>SOUTH LOUISIANA CAMP MEETINGS</p><p>Barry</p><p> and A</p><p>pril M</p><p>osier</p><p>He has authored at least ten books of which Lord, Keep Your Mansions, Just Save My Children has been the most popular. A special feature at the Eng-lish Camp Meeting was Barry Mosier and his daughter, April, who shared the story of their work in the Congo and how God miraculously saved their lives in a plane crash where 46 people died and 100 more were injured. The English South Louisiana Camp Meeting was held over the weekend of April 20-21, while the Spanish South Louisiana Camp Meeting was the very next weekend, April 27-28. The Con-vention Center just east of Hammond, Louisiana continues to serve as an ex-cellent meeting place for these major convocations of the church. The band and bell choir along with a number of special selections from vari-ous students all from Ozark Adventist </p><p>Academy provided the music for the English Camp Meeting. Under the direction of Leandro Bizama, the musical performance of the stu-dents was outstanding and greatly appreciated by those in attendance. At the Spanish Camp Meeting, Ysis Espaa, popular soprano vocalist from Alvarado, Texas, provided special music along with an afternoon concert that blessed hearts and lifted the spirits of all.</p><p>CLASSES:Introduction to DisasterPreparednessDonations OperationsLeadershipWarehouse Management</p><p>Cost: Early Bird Registration $135.00. After August 10, $150.00</p><p>Please note that registration includes class materials, meals and lodging.</p><p>For more information, please contact: Lavida Whitson Adventist Community Services/Disaster Response Director (501) 317-0997 or Sylvia Downs Adventist Community Service/ Disaster Response Secretary (318) 631-6240</p><p>ARKLA Adventist Community ServicesDisaster Response Training</p><p>Instructors: Joe WattsNorth American Division Disaster Response DirectorSherry WattsACS Resource Depot ManagerLavida Whitson ARKLA Disaster Response Coordinator</p><p>This event is sponsored by Adventist Community Services. </p><p>If you are interested in volunteering your help during a disaster, we invite you to join us at Camp Yorktown Bay for training Friday evening to Sunday August 10-12, 2012.</p><p>Page 4</p></li><li><p>ARKLA Adventist Community Services</p><p>Page 5</p><p>Inspiring Thoughts and Memories from My ShareHim Trip Shared By Those Who Journeyed to the Philippines - Compiled by Dennis Shafter, Evangelism Coordinator</p><p>Thoughts and comments from those who conducted ShareHim Philippines for Christ Campaigns, during March 30-April 14, 2012. When the pastors and their wives attended the union-wide January Ministers Meetings in Fort Worth, Duane and Kathy McKey from the Southwestern Union challenged the lady attendees to hold an evangelistic campaign. These campaigns were sponsored by the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference in conjunction with the Southwestern Union Conference. Of the 21 ladies who participated from the SWUC, (representing Texas, Texico, Oklahoma, the Southwest Region, and Arkansas-Louisiana Conferences), eight of the ladies were from ARKLA, of which five were ministers wives, one a volunteer from the </p><p>Denha...</p></li></ul>