Condenser tube cleaning system

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1921Development and first applications of rotating band screens, through-flow design (Gennevilliers, France)

1921First pressure-line strainers (Fenne Power Plant, France)


Beaudrey Patent for through-flow travelling band screens (545.686 dated 7th January 1922)

1922World's first backwashed pressure line strainer.

1923Beaudrey Patent for condenser tube-cleaning systems (561.362 dated 24th January 1923)

1924Beaudrey Patent for dual-flow travelling band screens (577.255 dated 16th February 1924)

1924First application of bar screen raking system (Chute de Drac Romanche, France)

1927First drum screens (Edison)

1935First on-line condenser debris filters (Saint Denis Power Plant, France)


Beaudrey-Bergeron split into two companies. Beaudrey continues to specialize in screening equipment.

1940First applications for micro-filtration (microstrainers)

1942Beaudrey patents its "Colmatometer" in Morocco, an instrument to be used to measure the clogging capacity of water

1951Development of large-diameter drum screens (10 m or more)

1953First large diameter drum screen is installed (Gennevilliers, France). 11 m diameter.

1954Installation of the first microstrainers (Annecy, France)

1955Development of travelling band screens with contact, mobile seals that make fine-mesh screens possible.

1965First travelling band screens without supporting structures in the civil works

1966First trash rake (Les Awirs, Belgium)

1970Beaudrey patents the first water-flushed trash rakes (patent n 7001171 dated 14th January 1970)

1973Water-clogging measurement developed by Beaudrey is standardized (Afnor reference NF T 90-030)

1976First totally static debris filters, called "C" type (Dunkerque 1-2, France)

1978Development of the fish-friendly "Scoop-a-fish" device. Beaudrey patent n 7720258 dated 1st July 1979

1979Manufacture of the largest ever drum screen, 20 m in diameter (Paluel 1-2, France)

1980Development of the fish-friendly "Flo-in Flo off" device. Beaudrey patent 8021465 dated 8th October 1980.

1980Development of the fish-friendly "Bio-flush" device for trash rakes. Beaudrey patent 8026266 dated 11th December 1980.

1983Start of Beaudrey's activities in the USA (Palo Seco, Puerto Rico)

1983First dual-flow travelling band screen in the USA (Astoria)

1983First-ever installation of a travelling band screen using a helicopter as a crane (Camazes dam, France)

1984Manufacture of a 22 m diameter drum screen (Flamanville, France)

1985Creation of screening media with a minimal level head-loss and reduced biological impact (Nocling TM).

1986Complete revamp of the "W" debris filter design with rotating internal screening disk.

1986Feasibility study of Beaudrey debris filters with Japanese partner Marusei. Choice of design for future development and sales in Japan (Kashima, Japan). Selection of the "W" type.

1988First sales in South Bangkok (Thailand) and Taichung (Taiwan 1-4)

1993Development of the multi-cartridge, static Statodyn strainer, first installation for nuclear heat-exchanger applications (Cattenom, France)

1995Creation of plastic Nocling screening media with low level of head-loss.

1998Based on the successful field-tested "W" filter design, development of the Zero Ball Loss (ZBL) concept, viable alternative to conventional condenser tube-cleaning systems with the guarantee that no balls are lost in the environment.