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  • Concord University Board of Governors

    April 19, 2011 12:30 p.m.

    The Concord Room 201A Marsh Hall

    Concord University

    Board Members

    Lane Bailey, Vice Chair Josh Lawson Frank Blackwell, Chair John Mendez Hugh Campbell Brace Mullett, Secretary Steven Collins Amy Pitzer Robert Doc Foglesong Susan Rogers Elliot Hicks Stephanie Stafford

    Gregory F. Aloia, President Sharon Manzo, Recorder


  • Agenda

    Concord University Board of Governors April 19, 2011 - 12:30 p.m.

    The Concord Room, 201A Marsh Hall Concord University

    I. Call to Order and Determination of Quorum II. Approval of the February 15, 2011 Minutes

    III. Committee Reports

    A. Academic Affairs Committee Mr. Bailey, Chair/Dr. Smith, Vice President and Academic Dean Action Items

    Approval of the Program Proposal for a Master of Social Work

    Approval of the New Content Specialization for Special Education under the current M.Ed. Program

    Approval of the Program Proposal for a Master of Arts in Health Promotion

    Approval of the History Certificate for Prism-WV Professional Development Program

    Approval of the Academic Program Review Athletic Training

    B. Student Affairs Committee Mr. Hicks, Chair/Dr. Flanigan, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs /Mr. Garrett, Athletic Director

    C. External Affairs Committee Mr. Mullett, Chair/Mr. Gamble, Director of Enrollment/Ms. Alicia Besenyei, Interim Vice President of Advancement

    D. Finance and Facilities Committee Mr. Mendez, Chair/Dr. Becker, Vice President for Business and Finance

    Action Items

    Tuition and Fees/Housing and Dining

    Capital Financing Plan for Student Center

    EAST Bond Project

    Architectural Contract for EAST Bond Project

    E. Executive Committee Mr. Blackwell/Mr. Campbell, Director of Human Resources Action Items

    Approval of Revisions to Policy #28, Student Financial Aid Policy

    Approval of Awarding an Honorary Degree to Secretary Kay Goodwin

    Intent to Revise Policy #35, Policy on Hiring Classified Employees

    Intent to Revise Policy #6, Policy on Awarding Honorary Degrees

    Intent to Plan a Policy on Hiring Non-Classified Employees

    Intent to Plan a Policy on Disciplinary Action

    Intent to Plan a Policy on Equalization of Overtime and Required Overtime

    IV. Presidents Report

    V. Executive Session VI. Adjournment


  • Board of Governors April 19, 2011 Meeting


    8:30 8:55 Hospitality Presidents Complex

    9:00 10:00 Board Training* Concord Room 10:15-11:15 Board Training* Concord Room 11:30 12:15 Lunch State Room Jerry L. Beasley Student Center 12:30 Full Board Concord Room Board members are invited to tour the Presidents home at the conclusion of the meeting. *Kathy Butler, Vice Chancellor of State Colleges/Senior Director of Academic Affairs, will address issues of the accountability requirement for Boards of Governors and also related approval processes and what that means to the Board.


  • Concord University Board of Governors Committees 2010-2011

    Academic Affairs Lane Bailey, Chair Hugh Campbell Brace Mullett

    Doc Foglesong Josh Lawson Susan Rogers

    University Staff Bill OBrien

    John David Smith George Towers Kendra Boggess

    Cheryl Trull

    Student Affairs Elliot Hicks, Chair

    Amy Pitzer Stephanie Stafford

    Josh Lawson Steven Collins

    Frank Blackwell University Staff John David Smith Marjie Flanigan

    Rick Dillon Kevin Garrett

    External Affairs

    Brace Mullett, Chair Stephanie Stafford

    Steven Collins John Mendez Susan Rogers

    University Staff Kent Gamble

    Alicia Besenyei

    Finance and Facilities John Mendez, Chair

    Lane Bailey Frank Blackwell

    Amy Pitzer Hugh Campbell Doc Foglesong

    Elliot Hicks University Staff Charles Becker

    William OBrien Rick Dillon

    Executive Committee

    Lane Bailey Frank Blackwell

    John Mendez Brace Mullett Elliot Hicks

    Gregory Aloia


  • Concord University Board of Governors February 15, 2011

    Teleconference 10:00 a.m.

    The Concord Room Marsh Hall - 201A

    Chairman Blackwell administered the Oath of Office to Mrs. Myra Susan Rogers, who was recently appointed to the Board. Members present: Mr. Lane Bailey, Vice Chairman; Mr. Frank Blackwell, Chairman; Dr. Hugh Campbell; Mr. Steven Collins; General Doc Foglesong; Mr. Elliot Hicks; Mr. Josh Lawson; Mr. John Mendez; Ms. Amy Pitzer; Mrs. Susan Rogers Members absent: Mr. Brace Mullett, Secretary; Ms. Stephanie Stafford Call to Order and Determination of Quorum - A quorum being present, Mr. Blackwell called the meeting to order. Minutes of the December 14, 2010 Meeting Mr. Bailey moved the approval of the minutes of the December 14, 2010, meeting; Mr. Hicks seconded; motion passed. Reports from the following committees were presented: Academic Affairs Student Affairs External Affairs Finance and Facilities Action Item Finance and Facilities Committee Chairman, Mr. John Mendez, moved the following - Resolved, that the Concord University Board of Governors approve the Universitys modification of capital bonding projects in an amount not to exceed $4.5M for renovation of the Towers dormitory. Motion passed. At the conclusion of the Presidents Report, and there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m. ________________________________ ________________________________ Frank Blackwell, Chairman Brace Mullett, Secretary :sm


  • Academic Affairs Report to the Board of Governors April 19, 2011

    Registrars Office

    An official transcript request and payment is now available on the University web site. Mrs. Susie Lusk, the Associate Registrar and Mr. Jamie Boggs, University webmaster, designed the program. This will be a beneficial service to students and alumni.

    There are 4 co-valedictorians for the May Commencement Ceremony. Ms. Amy Leigh Brush, Mr. Andreas Maerki, Ms. April Waller and Ms. Kathleen Sickman all have attained a 4.00 grade point average at Concord.

    Carolyn Cox, Registrar, and Charles Becker, Vice President Business and Finance, presented at the spring retreat of the West Virginia Association of Academic Administrators in Canaan Valley. They were selected for their expertise and evaluations were excellent.

    Early course selection is underway for current students for the summer and fall 2011 semesters. Early registration for new incoming students will begin on April 8th.

    Division of Business

    Dr. Kendra Boggess will attend the National Business Education Association National Conference in April 2011

    Mr. John Fazio is taking his Comprehensive Examination, April 11th, 2011, in Florida Dr. HeBoong Kwon recently had 2 papers accepted for publication:

    o Hong, P. and Kwon, H.B* (2011), Research in Procurement: Review and Prospect, International Journal of Procurement Management, accepted in February 2011. * Corresponding author

    o Joo, S.J., Min, H., Kwon, I.H., Kwon, H.B. (2010), Comparative Efficiencies of Specialty Coffee Retailers from the Perspectives of Socially Responsible Global Sourcing. International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. 21, No. 3.

    Drs. Susan Robinett and Boggess will attend the International Conference and Annual Meeting of AACSB in NYC in April 2011

    Dr. Andrey Zagorchev has had papers accepted for publication o A Global Approach to Current Economic Trends, Graduate Research Review 2010, Lehigh

    University, Bethlehem, PA. o The long-run relation among financial development, technology and GDP: a panel

    cointegration study by Andrey Zagorchev, Geraldo Vasconcellos, and Youngsoo Bae. Accepted in Applied Financial Economics, 2011.

    o He attended the AACSB Effective Teaching Practices seminar during spring break in Tampa, FL


  • Division of Fine Arts

    On April 4th, Jennifer Robinette defended her dissertation successfully. Congratulations to the new Dr. Robinette

    Division of Languages & Literature

    Grants from the West Virginia Endowment for the Arts are supporting several programs in the Division of Languages and Literature this semester. The Spanish-language Film Festival, ran from March 14-17, and consisted of showings of four recent feature-length films from Spain, Mexico, and Argentina (to capacity crowds) and a lecture by Dr. Valeria Manzano, University of Chicago on Screening Coming-of-Age: Youth, Politics, and Culture in Contemporary Hispanic Film (which also drew an overflow crowd). On Monday, April 4, Dr. T.J. Anderson, of Hollins University, performed his poetry. Dr. Anderson was accompanied by the Concord Jazz Band and percussionists, under the direction of Professor Casey Cangelosi. West Virginia author Denise Giardina will read from her works on Wednesday, April 6. And noted South African novelist, Zakes Mda, will give a lecture as part of the Artist/Lecture series on April 29. In addition, all of these authors met or will with individual classes during their time on campus. Special recognition is due Dr. Mattew Edwards and Dr. Katherine Arnoldi of the Division of Languages and Literature who made these arrangements.

    Division of Natural Sciences

    The Division of Natural Sciences hosted the annual R