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COMPUTER SCIENCE Mercer University College of Liberal Arts Slide 2 Two Degree Programs Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts Slide 3 Three Majors Computer Science Information Science and Technology Computational Science (BS only) Slide 4 Features of CSC Emphasizes problem analysis and design of computer solutions Programming done in Java and C++ Developing and testing software as an individual and in group settings Slide 5 Features of IST Core introduces: Databases Networks Operating Systems Web Development Programming Students can select an emphasis area from the following: Computer Networks Internet Development Database Design and Administration Programming Slide 6 Features of Computational Science Uses Modeling and Simulation to Advance Scientific Disciplines One of top ten fastest growing majors in US 1 Emphasizes multidisciplinary research REU Opportunities with NASA, Department of Energy, US Geological Survey, National Supercomputing Centers 1 Chronicle of Higher Education, Aug 31, 2009 Slide 7 Business Information Systems Major BIS New major in the School of Business BBA degree Complete the Business Core Complete one Track Courses in CSC Department Programming Internet Development Networks Database Slide 8 Strengths of CSC, CPS & IST BS degee in CSC is CAC Accredited One of seven schools in the state of Georgia The only private school in Georgia Obtained 6 year accreditation during last visit maximum allowed Great Faculty and Staff 7 full-time faculty all with Ph.D. Systems Administrator Administrative Assistant Slide 9 Computer Facilities 5 Computer Labs Fast Ethernet network with firewall security. Computers dual-boot into Windows XP or Red Hat Linux Hands-on Networking Lab with switches and Cisco routers 24-Hour computer lab with Bear Card access Computers replaced on a three-year rotation Full time systems administrator to keep all the computers and network running Slide 10 Degree + Certification Industry recognized certification Improves employment options Hands-on skills Slide 11 What Can I Do With a CSC, CPS or IST Major Software Design Web Page Design Graphics Design Network Administrator Database Manager Systems Manager Graduate School Slide 12 Faculty and Staff Slide 13 Slide 14 Student Groups ACM Student Computer Club Binary Bears Programming Team Student Colloquium Series Cyber Defense Team Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society Slide 15 Community Activities Summer Computer Camps for middle and high school students Alice Programming Competition for high school students Spring Programming Competition for college students Slide 16 Binary Bears Practice and Socialize Slide 17 Cyber Defense Team Slide 18 Hardware Lab Slide 19 CSC 125 Lab Slide 20 IST 126 LAB Slide 21 IST 126 Lab Slide 22 Lab 204 Slide 23 Who To Contact Dr. David Cozart (478) 301-4087 See our Web site at: