Composing A Picture

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  1. 1. Composing A Picture
  2. 2. Leading Lines
    Make sure the lines in the picture are leading to your subject so it draws your attention to it.
  3. 3. Mix Of Portrait and
    Landscape (Format)
    Try using portrait and landscape in your photos as a similar picture can look very different in either portrait or landscape as you can see below. Also with portrait youll get less things in the background so it allows you to focus on the subject more.
  4. 4. Use Different Angles and Views
    For different views you could use birds eye view which is looking down on something or you could use worms eye which is looking up . In this photo I used birds eye view looking down on the stairs.
    For different angles, you could go right on the ground and take a photo looking out at something, or you could look up at something or look down at something, using diagonal angles to make it more interesting.
  5. 5. Point of Focus and Simplicity
    In your photos you need to make sure there is a point of focus which is the subject of the photo that you want people to look at. Which also helps with keeping it simple which is important so the picture doesnt get cluttered, because when its cluttered you dont know what your suppose to be looking at. In this picture there is a clear point of focus.
  6. 6. Rule Of Thirds
    This means that when your taking the picture you imagine that the photo is split into thirds and you need to make sure the subject isn't in the middle of the photo as this makes the photo boring, if you put the subject along the lines or in bottom or top thirds it makes it more interesting, in this photo the subject is along the line to the right of the centre which makes it more interesting than it would be if it was in the centre.