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Complete Service Maintenance for your Analytical Equipment ... · PDF file • Live interview to configure mysupport and product ... needed to observations, perform flash and backup

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    Analytical Products and Solutions

    Complete service and maintenance solutions for your analytical equipment

  • Providing you with the very best in customer service for the short and long-term is extremely important to us. Because we want you to succeed, we’ve invested heavily in our infrastructure and personnel so you can avoid those expenses. You can depend on us for capability and resources that span a wide range of technical disciplines. This translates into the experience and the expertise that enables us to identify your requirements, meet your expectations and achieve appreciable results.

    Proper maintenance and system availability go hand-in- hand. Siemens has made a strong commitment to quality maintenance support. Whatever your specific maintenance philosophy, availability requirements, and in-house maintenance resources, there is a Siemens service product and solution designed to meet your needs.

    Comprehensive Services Comprehensive Advantages

    Adding value to your investment and minimizing your cost of ownership are just two of the benefits of turning to Siemens for comprehensive customer support solutions. These on-time and full-capability services are backed by the combined resources of each arm of our global organization and represent our commitment to address the specific needs of your organization.

    Support Services for Today, Tomorrow and Years to Come

    Siemens services begin with your purchase.


  • Installation and Start-Up Services

    Our installation and start-up services get you up and online, while keeping you on schedule. With comprehensive expertise and dedication to meeting your schedule, our technicians will start up your Siemens products and systems with full inspections, and conduct verification and functional testing of your system. Services provided under our installation and startup packages include:

    • Inspecting sites and mechanical installations

    • Confirming proper electrical and signal wiring for correct termination

    • Powering up system and verifying product and system condition

    • Testing the functionality of all system components for proper operation in accordance with manufacturer specifications

    • Verifying application with site personnel and running calibration standards to ensure proper operations and compliance with design specifications

    • Inspecting all sample lines for installation in accordance with installation specifications


    After your system has been through our comprehensive startup phase, it is now ready for commissioning. Our commissioning services are designed to protect your system and its applications, while ensuring your product and system components are performing as designed. This process includes the following:

    • Ensuring all sample systems and cabinets are running at designed temperatures

    • Introducing sample from process to sample conditioning system

    • Leak checking all sample lines and sample conditioning system

    • Checking a sample conditioning system for functionality of proper sample phase, flow and pressure

    • Obtaining a lab sample from operations, before introducing process sample to analyzers, to ensure the application is not damaged from out of spec product that would contaminate the application

    • Running several chromatograms on process sample and continue to monitor all system components for proper operation

    Installation, Startup, and Commissioning Services

    Our installation and start-up services get you up and online, while keeping you on schedule.


  • Online Support – Siemens provides an extensive information system for all customers on our website. http://support. Customers have full access to a well organized library of documents and files that are designed to be the first level of support on technical issues. The following online services are provided free of charge to all customers:

    • FAQs, answers to the most frequently asked technical questions

    • Updates containing latest product information

    • Downloads of software updates for Siemens software products

    • Manuals and operation instructions, downloadable in PDF format

    • Approbations and test certifications

    • Downloadable code, configuration and application examples

    • Newsletter subscriptions available on all support topics

    • Online Support Request, make direct support request from the website

    Features /Benefits:

    • Fast, competent, and comprehensive help without delay

    • Available 24 hours a day/365 days a year

    • Always up to date

    • Multilingual

    • Less field documentation necessary

    Call Management – Our automated call management system ensures that your service calls will be answered promptly and efficiently. All service-related calls are logged, prioritized, and efficiently managed. A real-time clock is activated as the call is entered into the system. Status updates and messages are logged to provide a clear audit trail of all related activities. Call management is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is included as part of this agreement.

    Technical Support – provides support on issues pertaining to product operation, basic functionality, and installation. Requests are worked chronologically in the order in which they are received. The standard target response time during business hours is two hours or less.

    • Telephone number: 800-333-7421 or 423-262-5710

    • Electronic: support-request

    • Fax: 423-262-2231


    • Individual one-on-one support

    • Fast and competent support

    • Worldwide network of specialists

    • Can be reached 24/7/365

    Remote Support Services

    Customer support that delivers results.


  • Technical Hotline (24/7) - Siemens Industry Inc. Priority Support, in addition to the standard offering described on page 4, priority support provides the following enhancements:

    • Unlimited Technical Support Requests

    • Priority Response during Business Hours, maximum 30 minute call back time

    • Maximum 60 minute response time for after hours

    • Email status reports

    • Live interview to configure mysupport and product newsletter subscriptions

    Priority support requests must originate from a Customer Representative identified in the Siemens Call Management System. Siemens’ technical experts will provide your on-site personnel with extensive support to rapidly resolve questions over the telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Siemens experts have direct access to on-line field service information with up-to-date records of all systems, reported issues and direct access to Manufacturing Design Engineers and the Research & Development Engineering team. Even if a question cannot be resolved directly over the telephone, our experts can use their knowledge of your system to quickly respond with the appropriate resources. As a result, we can address site issues in a timely manner.

    Remote Performance Inspection – Remote performance Inspection uses existing and cutting-edge technologies to support field engineers, irrespective of location. The internet and advances in communications and encryption techniques have contributed to the availability of remote services. The scope of the program is to: provide remote performance inspection of listed analyzers; inspect the performance of the chromatography, review validation performance, inspection of any alarms or abnormal conditions found; perform validation runs as needed; perform calibrations as needed; respond as needed to observations, perform flash and backup services as needed; and issue a certified report for each remote inspection, emailed to the distribution list supplied by the customer; provide an annual summary control issues maintained/ corrected though the contract period. The remote performance inspection calibration, checks the system "vital signs" and are monitored for any deterioration of system "health." In this manner corrections and repairs may be scheduled before critical system failures occur. Each analyzer:

    • Will be inspected once a week

    • A report will be generated for each analyzer detailing findings and a “list of things to do”

    • Report will be emailed to an agreed upon list of customer contacts

    Remote Performance Inspection Emergency Services (24/7) – In the event that a random system failure does occur, remote performance inspections may be performed on specific systems over the established link. In this manner most failures can be identified rapidly and repairs facilitated.

    Remote Support Services (continued)


  • Remote Performance Inspection Benefits:

    • Free-up resources and reduce training cost

    • Faster response time to resolve emergency repairs

    • Elimination of costly travel time and expense to get someone to site

    • Keeping equipment at peak performance and factory spec’s saves time and money and improves accuracy

    • Remote performance monitoring from a proactive & predictive perspective reduces cost and unscheduled downtime

    • Configuration changes, routine calibrations and troubleshooting handled quickly and expeditiously wi