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  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


    First Year First Semester

    1.1. Perspective Management5o marks

    Course Content1. Introduction to Management Science. Theory & Practice, environment of Management,

    Managers & Entrepreneurs . Managerial oles & S!ill , Manager"sSocial & Ethical esponsi#ilities.

    $. Planning ole. %eed for planning, Types of planning, evels of planning 'orporate Planning &ong ange Planning

    (. )rgani*ing %ature, Types of organi*ations. +esigning )rgani*ation structure, +elegation andutonomy

    -. eadership & Management ole of 'ommittees &, /roup +ecision Ma!ing in Management,)rgani*ational 'ommunication. Management of 'hange

    0. 'ontrol Process & Techniues. 2se of Information Technology for 'ontrolling

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    1. Management. 'ompetency #uilding approach 3ollc eiger 4ac!son 5 Slocum$. Principles of Management +avar(. /ood to /reat 4im 'ollins

    -. Stoner. 6reeman & /ui#ert7 Management 8Prentice 3all India90. :;".S .P ao & ; 3ari

  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


    1.2. Financia !ccounting 1"" marks

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to ccounting 7 'oncept and necessity of ccounting n )vervieA ofIncome Statement and >alance Sheet.

    $. Introduction and Meaning of /PC 'oncepts of ccounting7 Impact of ccounting'oncepts on Income Statement and >alance Sheet.

    (. ccounting Mechanics7 Process leading to preparation of Trial >alance arid 6inancialStatementsC Preparation of 6inancial Statements Aith dDustment Entries

    .-. evenue ecognition and Measurement7 'apital and evenue Items7 Treatment of I &

    + E=penses. Preproduction 'ost, +eferred evenue E=penditure etc.

    0. 6i=ed ssets and +epreciation ccounting.

    ?. Evaluation and ccounting or inventory

    B. Preparation and 'omplete 2nderstanding of 'orporate 6inancial Statements 7 :T "6orm and

    ;ertical 6orm of 6inancial Statements

    F. Important ccounting Standard

    G. 'orporate 6inancial eporting nalysis of Interpretation thereof Aith reference atio nalysis.6und 6loA, 'ash 6loA.

    1H. Inflation ccounting

    11. Ethic Issue in ccounting.

    Reference text#

    1. 6inancial ccounting. Te=t & 'ase. +aardon & >hattacharya

    $ .6inancial ccounting 8or Managers T P /hosh

    (. 6inancial ccounting eporting & nalysis 0Hcc & +iamond

    - 6inancial ccounting. %arayanasAamy

    0. 6ull Te=t of Indian ccounting standard Ta=man Pu#lication

  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


    1.$ Manageria %conomics

    Course Content

    a9 The Meaning scope & Method of Managerial Economics

    #9 Economics 'oncepts relevant to >usiness, +emand & supply, Production, +istri#ution'onsumption & 'onsumption 6unction, 'ost, Price, 'ompetition, Monopoly, Profit,

    )ptimi*ation Margin & verage, Elasticity, Macro nalysis.

    c9 'ost & Productions nalysis, 'ost 'oncepts, Short Term and long Term, 'ost )utput elationship, 'ost Multiple Products, Economics of Scale Production 6unctions, 'ost &

    Profit 6orecasting, >rea!even nalysis.

    d9 'ost & Production nalysis, 'ost concepts, Short Term and ong Term, )utput elationship, 'ostof Multiple Products, Economies of scale production 6unctions. 'ost & Profit 6orecasting, >rea!evennalysis.

    e9 Mar!et nalysis, 'ompetition, udgeting , +emand for 'apital, Supply of 'apital, 'apital ationing, 'ost of 'apital,

    ppraising of Profita#ility of a ProDect, is! & 2ncertainty, Economics & Pro#a#ility nalysis.

    i9 Macro Economics and >usiness. >usiness 'ycle & >usiness Policies. Economic Indication. 6orecastingfor >usiness, Input)utput nalysis.

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    1. Managerial Economics J 4oel +ean$. Managerial economics 7 'oncepts & 'ases J Mote, Paul & /upta(. 6undamentals of managerial Economics J 4ames Pappas & Mar! 3ershey-. Managerial Economics Milton Spencer & ouis Sigleman.0. Economics Samuelson

    1.&. 'perations Management 1"" Marks

  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


    Course Content

    a9 Introduction I )perations Strategy I 'ompetitive dvantage I Time >ased 'ompetition

    #9 Product +ecision and nalysis Product +evelopment

    '9 Process Selection I Process +esign I Process nalysis

    d9 6acility ocation

    e96acility ayout

    f9 'apacity Planning I 'apacity +ecisions I @aiting ines

    g9 ggregate Pinning

    h9 >asics of MP I EP

    i9 >asics or Scheduling

    D9 >asics of ProDect Management

    !9 >asics of @or! Study54o# +esign [email protected]! Measurement

    l9 >asics of Kuality 'ontrol 5 Statistical Kuality 'ontrol 5 Total Kuality Management

    m9 >asics of Environmental Management and S) 1-HHH5GHHH

    n9 ;alue Engineering & nalysis

    Reference text

    1. Production & )perations Management S. %. 'hary$. Production & )perations Management 4ames. >. +itAorth(. Modern Production Management *?L E. S. >266,-. Production and )perations Management >y %orman /aither0. Theory and pro#lem in Production and operations Management >y S %. 'hary?. Product(on and operation Management >y 'hunaAalla PatelB. Production & operation Management

  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


    Course Content

    1. Introduction to )> 7 )rigin, %ature and scope of )rgani*ational >ehavior and its relevanceto )rgani*ational Effectiveness and 'ontemporary Issues

    $. Personality 7 Meaning and +eterminants of Personality C,Process of Personality 6ormationC

    Personality Types C ssessment of personality Traits for Increasing Self Aareness.(. Perception, ttitude and ;alue .7 Perceptual Processes, Effect of perception on Individual

    +ecisionMa!ing, ttitude and >ehavior. Sources of ;alue, Effect of ;alues on ttitudesand >ehavior. Effects of Perception, ttitude and ;alues on @or! Performance.

    -. Motivation 'oncepts 7 Motives, Theories of Motivation and their pplications for>ehavioral 'hange.

    0. /roup >ehavior and /roup +ynamics 7 @or! groups formal and informal/roups and stages of group development. 7 'oncepts of /roups and +ynamics/roup conflicts and group decision ma!ing. Team Effectiveness 7 3igh performing teams,Team oles, cross functional and self directed teams.

    ?. )rgani*ational +esign 7 Structure, si*e, technology, environment of organi*ation 7

    )rgani*ational oles 7 'oncepts of roles C role dynamicsC role conflicts and stressorgani*ational conflicts.B. eadership 7 'oncepts and s!ill of leadership, leadership and management roles, leadership

    styles and effectives contemporary issues in leadership. PoAer and Polities sourced anduses of poAerC polities at Aor!placeC tactics and strategies.

    F. )rgani*ation +evelopment 7 )rgani*ational change and culture, Environment,)rgani*ational culture and climateC contemporary issues relating to #usiness situationsprocess of change and )rgani*ational +evelopment.

    Reference Text

    1. 2nderstanding )rgani*ational >ehavior J 2dai Paree! $. )rgani*ational >ehavior J Stephen o##ins (. )rgani*ational >ehavior J 6red uthans

    -. )rgani*ational >ehavior J . M. Prasad 8Sultan 'hand9

  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


    1.+. ,usiness Mat*ematics 1"" Marks

    Course Content

    1. >asic Statistical 'oncepts$. Summarisation of +ata

    6reuency +istri#ution Measures of 'entral Tendency Measures of +ispersion elative +ispersion, S!eAness

    (. Elementary Pro#a#ility Theory7 elative 6reuency pproach

    =iomatic pproach Su#Dective Pro#a#ility Marginal & 'onditional Pro#a#ility Independence5+ependence of Events >ayes" Theorem

    'he#ysehelf"s emma-. Elementary Statistical +istri#utions >inomial, Poisson, 3ypergeometric %egative E=ponential, %ormal, 2n1orm

    0. Sampling distri#utions

    6or Mean, Proportion, ;ariance 6rom andom Samples Standard %ormal 8(9C Student"sC 'hiSarend ;ariance ratio 869 +istri#ution

    ?. Statistical EstimationPoint & interval estimation & confidenceInterval for Mean, Proportion & ;anance

    B. Test of 3ypothesis Tests for specified values of Mean,Proportion & Standard +eviationTesting euality of tAo Means,

    Proportion & Standard +eviation Test goodnessof fit

    F. Simple 'orrelation & egression5Multiple 'orrelation & egression Spearman"s ran! 'orrelation )neAay & TAoAay 'lassification8for Eual 'lass9

    1H.Elements of Integration & +ifferentiation11. Elements of +eterminants1$.Etemonts of Matri= alge#ra

    The teaching of the su#Dect is to #e integrated Aith Aidely availa#le softAare as E=celshould rise E=cel to solve the pro#lems given as assignments.

  • 8/12/2019 Complete MMS Syllabus


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    1. Statistics for Management ichard evin$. Statistics a fresh approach +,3.Sanders(. Statistics concepts & applications 3.'.Schefler-. Practical >usiness Statistics :ndreA 6. Siegel

    0 Statistics for >usiness Aith 'omputer applications EdAard Minie!a & N.+.asic Statistics for >usiness & Economics Mason, MarehasB. n Introduction to statistical methods '. >. /upta & ;yay /upta c"4"!as9F. P.S. >hardAay7 >usiness Statistics8E=cel >oo!s9G Sharma >usiness Statistics 8Pearson91H. >en7 Statistics for Management 8TM39

    1.- nformation Tec*noog/ for Management 5" Marks

    Course Content

    >asic in s!ills7 such a use of MS)ffice and other office automation tools should #e covered during thefoundation Aee!. This course Aill locus on conceptual !noAledge a#out IT.

    1. 3istorical Perspective of 'omputer and Information Technology

    $. 3oA a 'omputer Aor!s