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Compassion Fatigue What it is & How can we mitigate its presence in our work lives

Compassion Fatigue:What it is & How can we mitigate its presence in our work livesLearning Objectives: Employees will be able to~Assess prior working knowledge of compassion fatigue Identify compassion fatigue, its impact and warning signs/symptoms Understand methods to mitigate compassion fatigue in the workplace

Turn-and-talkPlease turn & briefly share with a neighbor what your best hypothesis is of what compassion fatigue refers to, making a mental note of your partners thoughts. (70 seconds)Whole group: what did you hear? What is our best working hypothesis as a group?Compassion Fatigue: refers to a secondary traumatic stress disorder encompassing the mental, emotional, and physiological toll that those in caregiving roles often experience. 1

[Compassion Fatigue] takes its toll on everyone from full time employees to part time volunteers. Eventually, negative attitudes prevail. 2Signs / Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue

Organizational effects of compassion fatigue are disastrous, as medical systems may experiencechronic absenteeisma desire among staff members to break company rules and undermine culture (burnout)staff who are highly reluctant toward change, viewing improvement as impossiblemillions of dollars in loss. 3 Work with rather than against your feelings Stay connected to own identity instead of dissociating &/or identifying with others pain or current state of being Develop a positive life attitude, including use of humor; strengthening self-confidence; focusing on the positive; relaxation &/or exercise routines Utilize physical & visual reminders, including grounding feet to the floor, intentional deep breathing; family photos, certificates, favorite artwork surrounding you/the office. 4

Mitigating Compassion Fatigue & Its Effects

In Conclusion Red-Yellow-Green

With the GREEN marker, please write 1 thing you gained or understood well from todays presentation. With YELLOW/ORANGE marker, please write 1 thing youre unsure of or feel somewhat fuzzy about from todays presentation (if you cant think of anything, dont use). Finally, with a RED marker, please write 1 thing you feel was way too obtuse (unclear); in other words, if you still dont understand what compassion fatigue is, what its symptoms are, the toll it can take, or how to mitigate it, please write. Fold paper & place in basket when finished!

References1. The American Institute of Stress. For Practitioners/Leaders: Compassion Fatigue. Accessed November 20 2014.2. Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. What Is Compassion Fatigue? Accessed November 19 2014.3. Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. Recognizing Compassion Fatigue. Accessed November 21 2014.4. Psychology Today. Compassion Fatigue: Bodily Symptoms of Empathy. Accessed November 22 2014.

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