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  • The Raison dEtre of Raison dEtre

    Creator, owner and manager of luxury spas for prestigious hotel and resort clients around the world. Set up and

    run over 100 spas in more than 60 countries.

  • Liv Nordic Spa & Fitness, Stockholm, Sweden Raison dEtre 3

    Growing people and increasing wellness within a sustainable and profitable framework.

    - Raison dEtres business objective

  • A word about growing people

    We believe that no business is better than the state and shape of the people working in it and as we grow them and help them reach their absolute maximum

    potential we will simultaneously do the same for the business. This does not mean that we do not care about numbers, statistics and KPIs, on the contrary we believe

    them to be crucial for any business and they are our guiding light. But how your staff feels will be reflected in these numbers, more than anything else in your

    business. Any person can grow from good to great with the right training.

    Raison dEtre 4

  • Creator of Spa Brands

    We have been involved in creating some of theleading spa brands in the world.

    Raison dEtre 5

  • Intercontinental Davos Spa Davos, Switzerland

    Spa Excellence

    The success of a Raison dEtre spa is no miracle: it depends on excellence down to the last detail, and

    sustained effort over a long period. As we are not tied to any single product or equipment company, we are free to create what is truly best for that particular spa and gym.

    Raison dEtre 6

  • Raison dEtre 7

    Point of difference

    - We create innovative tailor made spa and wellness concepts and solutions.

    - We are completely independent, not tied to any concept, product or equipment company.

    - Our training and operational support goes far beyond industry standards.

    - We train in Swedish, Aroma and Sport massage which product companies do not and few spas

    actually do correctly. This is the bread and butter of the spa and the most important treatment to

    offer consistent high quality experiences in.

    - We include Spa Managers training in our pre opening support.

    - We deliver a Business Plan and Human Capital Management Plan as part of our services.

    - We combine business with our healing knowledge, heart and brain in all that we do, which we find

    essential where people are the product as in a spa.

    - We can take on the Turnkey project for your spa, together with our associate partners.

    - We can help operate your spa via straightforward consultancy, management agreement, revenue

    share as well as a joint venture.

    - Our extensive experience, expertise and knowledge in the spa industry.

  • Liv Nordic Spa & Fitness, Stockholm, Sweden Raison dEtre 8

    How we work Phase 1

    PHASE 1 DESIGNING YOUR SPA PRODUCTS & TREATMENTSTrend & Market Analysis Treatment menu creationConcept & Design Brief Creation of signature treatmentsFeedback on drawings Product tenderingOperational Room Schedule Product auditFF&E-listSpa CAPEX 5 year budget Fitness tendering

  • Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy Raison dEtre 9

    How we work - Phase 2

    PHASE 2 STAFF & TRAININGCritical Path management Coordination of budget, P&L and Business plan Operations manager on site for 6 weeks Training managers on site for 4 weeksDetailed Pre Opening and Training Plan SOP Manuals (protocols, procedures, checklists, QMS) Coordination of Spa menuSpa manager and staff recruitmentCoordination of product company orderingCoordination of OS&E/FF&E delivery Spa Managers TrainingImplementation of reporting structure Handover report and Action Plan

  • Amangiri, Utah, USA Raison dEtre 10

    How we work - Phase 3

    PHASE 3 OPERATING YOUR SPAAudits, Management and Training Spa Managers training Maximizing profitability Reporting structure with fortnightly Revenue Management QMS, critical paths and actions lists updated monthly Development of Business plan and HCM planDevelopment of Marketing plan Yearly Engage & Enhance sales trainingMeetings to address monthly reports from Spa Manager Monthly coaching of Spa Manager

    S.O.S. (SPA OPERATIONAL SUPPORT) Spa staff recruitmentSpa management recruitmentSpa trouble shooting and enhancementSpa audit

  • Raison dEtre 11

    Our Spa Operations philosophy

    Successful spa operations are all about the people. When you have a spa manager that leads their team, combined with a spa team that is empowered and highly trained this creates a motivating and vibrant working environment that directly impacts positively on the spa guests experience. Plant a seed, nurture it carefully and then watch it grow and blossom into something beautiful.

    Liv Nordic Spa & Fitness, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Raison dEtre 12

    Fitness, Membership clubs, Functional fitness, Yoga & Pilates

    Raison d'Etre has extensive experience in setting up and operating both mass market and exclusive

    membership clubs, fitness centres and hotel gyms. Many standard gyms are over-equipped, and only

    tailored solutions produce the best results. We tailor make.

  • Raison dEtre 13

    Spa management online program

    The Raison dEtre Spa Management Online Course is truly market-oriented, updated yearly after global spa management research and is created by senior industry experts with solid operational experience who really know what this growing industry needs in its future leaders.

    I now feel I have the frame and the essentials to succeed. I

    am glad to have invested in this course, although I have an

    MBA on International Business. The content was detailed

    and extremely straight to the point. No time lost, perfect for

    me. - Angela Vieira, USA

    The spa management online course by Raison dEtre did

    meet my expectations in every way and was the right next

    step for me after 9 years in the spa industry. All the course

    leaders were excellent and the setup was good and

    organized. This course made me rewrite my business

    strategy, so I will definitely benefit from the skills learnt in my

    future work. I would like to recommend this course by score

    10 of 10 possible! - Rodiyah Wilutami, China

  • Raison dEtre 14

    Spa management online program

    For me, taking the spa manager course at

    Raison d Etre was highly efficient. This

    program is designed to address todays

    market demand for creative, highly skills,

    and well-rounded spa and wellness

    managers, who gets the ability to educate

    and empower both their clients and staff. Ive

    acquired business expertise and gained

    skills by exploring topics including building a

    business plan, spa financial management,

    sales, marketing, communication, human

    resources management and facilities

    management. It gave me ability to plan and

    design a new spa and to run it to one of the

    most profitable spas in Denmark. I can highly

    recommend it.

    - Linda Myrberg, Sweden

  • Intercontinental Davos Spa Davos, Switzerland Raison dEtre 15


    We have turned around non-performing spas, we have tripled profits within a year, we have been able to motivate staff and find their inner

    spark to deliver great service to their guests. S.O.S. (Spa Operational Support) help spas perform better. S.O.S. is: Spa staff and management

    recruitment, Spa trouble shooting and enhancement and Spa audit.

  • Raison dEtre 16

    The Be Renewed Treatment - exclusive to this spa is different from anything that Spa Spy has ever tried before. Her body feels more supple, the swelling around her knee and foot have completely gone, and she feels totally refreshed...

    Daily Telegraph 4 Oct, 2010The Be Renewed treatment was created by Training Director Isabella dos Santos at Raison dEtre

    We create treatments, great treatments

  • Raison dEtre 17

    We educate therapists - from good to great

    Claudio de Menezes, a reflexologist who worked at Nordic Spa & Fitness Stockholm, Sweden, the first Liv Nordic Spa, was appointed one of the best therapists in the world by The Daily Telegraph. He was trained by Raison dEtre.

    Daily Telegraph, 8 Apr 2010

    Ni Luh Putu Agustini, a Balinese therapist who worked at Four Seasons, Doha, Qatar was appointed one of the best therapists in the world by The Daily Telegraph. She was trained by Raison dEtre.

    Daily Telegraph, 16 Sep 2006

  • Borgo Egnazia, Puglia, Italy Raison dEtre 18

    Our commitment to you

    We will create the concept for your spa, guide its design, and then implement and operate it.

    We will manage it, always maintaining standards and cost-efficiency.

    We will aid in marketing it intelligently and steer its development to maximize appeal and profitability.

    We will keep you fully informed, checking in regularly so we remain in tune with your vision.

    We will always be available to share ideas, iron out problems and discuss innovations.

    We will nurture every detail of your spa, so it stays ahead of contemporary trends and always remains unique and innovative.

  • Auriga Spa Capella Singapore, Raison dEt