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  • 1. Kaizen Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. ContentsI. Definition & A Brief Note.... 3II. About KTS.. 5III. Our Vision & Mission. 6IV. Objective... 7V. Our Belief, Approach & Focus...8-10VI. Our Methodologies ......11VII. Pedagogy & Services.14-15VIII. Workshops....16-20XI. KTS USP & Why choose uS...21-22
  • 3. Definition Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous KAI -improvement, a concept that they consider so Change important that they have created a specificdiscipline for it. This discipline covers all areas of organizational improvement Kaizen engineering is based on the principles ZEN -of questioning everything, never being Goodsatisfied and always looking at every singlepart of a process/ company to findimprovement.
  • 4. A Brief NoteAbout Kaizen Training Solutions, it is a Niche customized training solutions providerCompany, with worldwide operations.Kaizen Training Solutions is doing extremely well in developing Nations like Afghanistan,Bangladesh, China, Africa & Srilanka and more in the field of Soft Skills, Telecom TrainingSales & IT training, Applied learning, Education & HR Consultancy.We have been successful in maintaining client relations and creating tie-ups in all the operatingsegments such as; Government Institutions, Corporate, and even the direct Consumers.KTS core focus has been to meet objectives as defined by our clients.KTS has office in Delhi and Bangalore and operates on Pan India basis, having a great team tocater to need of any organization of repute.Apart from Soft Skills & Sales & IT Training, Kaizen Training Solutions from year, May 2011also introduces 3 new services which are Consultancy (HR focused), Academy & Open Houseand HR Events. KTS recruitment division is proud to be associated with MNC & SME clientswith a record of zero attrition of any of our client.
  • 5. About KTS
  • 6. About KTS Conceptualized by KTS is a body for professionals from learning & Top MNCs development with strong corporate valuesRich Training Relevant industryexperience and experienceknowledgeable dovetailed in Faculty curriculum Highly experienced in- house team of Content trainers from Development in Industry consultation with subject experts
  • 7. Our Vision To emerge as an acclaimed body for setting training & development standards in India and worldwide. Our MissionTo holistically improve the business performance of our clients and enhance the achievementof their business objectives through fulfillment of analytically evolved training needs.
  • 8. Objectives To educate and coach all participants and bring them at par with the current professional & personnel standards. To help all participants to realize their potential by developing their skills and use them for their team and organization. To groom each participants into an ever evolving and self sustained performer by helping them explore their hidden talent and discover self- belief.
  • 9. We at Kaizen Training Solutions O Ubelieve that Reverybody has got that talent,that passion, that leader in them. B we just need to Eeducate, coach & mentor Lthat persona to emerge as a winner Iin all spheres of life. E F
  • 10. Our Approach Analyze and Identify the training needs Design and provide training to meet identified needs Develop the training program Implement the training program Evaluate the training program & outcomee have standards to meet but flexible for real life scenarios
  • 11. Our is On Y OU Customer Satisfaction Return On Investment Learning and Delivery Competency Mapping
  • 12. Our Metho DO logies Outbound Power Point Interactive Scenario Based Training Presentations Lectures Activities Group Online E- Learning Activities Sessions Educational Videos AudioBrain-Storming Sessions Case studies Sessions Games On - Job Training Role Plays Pre-Post Curriculum Training Based Questionnaires Assessments Exercises
  • 13. Corporate Individuals Institute Trainers
  • 14. Pedagogy
  • 15. Our Unique Pedagogy Contemporary Curriculum skills l designed in na io consultation ss In req Practical look fe with experts ro ent du uir out and P str em in onm y f en behavior in or r vi nvi Extensive oc ts corporate world a eh E us B know-how ed dovetailed in the Pedagogy curriculum Drafting Memos, Train