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Company Profile · PDF fileCompany Profile We are a company specialized in the supply of products for installations of Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Water, Renewable Energies,

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    Company Profile

  • We are a company specialized in the supply of products for installations of Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Water, Renewable Energies, Gas, Electricity, Cooling, Insulation and DIY.

    Salvador Escoda S.A.

    Salvador Escoda S.A. began its journey more than 45 years ago. What started as a small warehouse is now one of the leading national companies in its sector, employing over 625 people and providing supplies and advice to over 35,000 customers.

    A long journey that has enjoyed a continuous growth thanks to some very defined signs of identity:

    hWide product catalog.

    hDistribution agreements with leading manufacturers.

    hDistribution of own-brand products to which we provide a solid technical service and warranty.

    hProgressive growth of our commercial network.

    hStrong commitment by the foreign market.

    +625 employees

    TOPNational Sector


    160million sales revenue in


    35 thousand clients

    70 thousand


    80stores in 2019

    + than 45 years of experience

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  • Our Brands

    Air Conditioning Supports

    Flexible and rigid air pipes

    Cooling productsControl and regulation

    Electric and manual tools

    Electrical materialGas accessories

    Filtration and ventilation

    Refrigerant gases

    Fixing elementsDomestic fans

    Solar thermal and photovoltaic energy

    Instrumentation and Valves

    Tanks, thermos and exchangers

    Air Conditioning and Air Curtains

    Our Philosophy of work

    hWe study your needs in order to offer you cost-effective, top-quality, customized solutions.

    hOur experienced multidisciplinary team of product managers and technicians is at your disposal.

    hWe increase your confidence by maintaining constant and direct communication through our extensive sales network.

    hWe respond quickly to your needs by adapting to the demands and innovations of the market.

    We seek customer satisfaction

    Water treatment Cooling Garden Articles


    Radiant heating system

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  • Storesin 2019

    80Our commercial network

    Our stores and logistics centers are strategically positioned, along with an extensive network of sales offices and customer service, to ensure a prompt response to your needs.


    Export Department

    Npols 249 1st fl. 08013 Barcelona (Spain)Tel. +34 93 446 27 [email protected]




    Tel. +34 93 652 53 [email protected]

    Npols 249 1st fl. 08013 Barcelona (Spain)Tel. +34 93 446 27 [email protected]

    Logistic Warehouses




    Our Expansion Plan includes between 3 and 5 new openings per year

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  • Our Products Our catalogue (with more than 70,000 products, most of them in stock) is made up of the following products,

    among others:


    Valves and Gas Regulation LPG accessories Gas Safety Electric Automatisms Electrical Accessories Wiring




    Heating valves and fittings Instrumentation Regulation and Management Circulating Pumps Radiant Systems Components and Accessories for Diesel Installations



    Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Splits mounting accessories Heat Recovery Units Air Curtains Variable Flow VRF Hydronic Units

    Thermal solar energy Photovoltaic solar energy Sanitary Hot Water Boilers Biomass Aerotherm

    Compressors Condenser Units Evaporators Copper pipe Refrigerant gas Valves for Cooling Units

    Industrial and Domestic Ventilation Filtration Thermal and acoustic insulation Humidifiers Air ducting Gates and Grilles Ventilation



    Valves and Accessories Piping and Joining Systems Pumps and Pressure Groups Water Treatment Accessories and Components for Swimming Pools Plumbing and Taps

    Tools Garden Hardware store Storage Construction Fans and Heaters

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  • We have a technical-commercial team of national and international scope, with training and experience for the attention and permanent advising of our clients.

    We areat your service

    Assistance and Advice

    Express collectionWe adapt to the customer's needs and provide them with the collection of their only one hour, without queues or waiting, confirming availability by mail.

    Web and social MediaFor the complete satisfaction of our customers we have the web page salvadorescoda.comwith catalogues and prices of our products, the latest news from the sector, new products, tutorials on machine installation, etc.

    In our eagerness to communicate, we have positioned ourselves in the different social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We also have a Blog ( and a weekly EscoNews newsletter that informs about new products, new catalogues and products, information about regulations and everything that is relevant for our customers.

    Optimizing timeWe offer our customers a comprehensive logistics service, as we have three large warehouses, strategically located in Spain, equipped with the latest storage technology and advanced management software for fast and efficient supply.

    New product search engine on our website.

    Our client will be able to find any type of product in an agile and dynamic way.


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    Sales OfficesNpols 249 1st fl.08013 BarcelonaTel.: + 34 93 446 27 [email protected]

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