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    Life is found within the collision between purpose and indulgence

    D espite loving what we do, we all dream

    about enjoying the abundance of what

    life has to offer: to explore the world and

    experiencing fascination of all things new and

    letting everything sink within our very being.

    Time is a luxury nobody can buy. The dream

    of having both living the purpose while expe-

    riencing life itself sounds to be cruelly unreal-

    istic,limited as we are. We are devastated daily

    with overwhelming responsibilities, stressful

    commutes, and demanding requests for pres-

    ence. This is why the concept of work and life

    balance seems to be a distant ideal. However,

    we believe that it is not a goal, but a way to live

    only made possible if there is an ecosystem that

    allows us to enable life, particularly when fac-

    ing walls as simple and real as traffic jams and

    unaffordable spaces.

    But what if there is a place to integrate spaces

    within your fingertips? Imagine your packag-

    es delivered. Your caffeine fix arrives on your

    favorite productive corner, as you like it. Your

    schedules integrated; your data uncluttered.

    You get a roof to stay; you can find your zone

    to slay. A seamless integration between online

    and offline space, digital yet real, that provides

    efficiency to the undulating process and reveal

    infinite possibilities: The possibility of you get-

    ting connected with your work and your world,

    anywhere, anytime.

    There are always TwoSpaces,

    Yet they collide HERE.

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    Work separately between teammates. Access through all locations connected through digital lounge and mobile application.

    VISION To transform how people interact with and invest in space.

    MISSION To offer exciting experience through first class hospitality and cutting edge technology in unique, premium spaces.

    To integrate spaces of any function, anywhere, real and digital.


    “Space is a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or

    unoccupied. Every individual’s life is divided into TwoSpaces - life space

    and work space. TwoSpaces serve the purpose of individuals’ pursuit to

    work and life balance.”

    WORKCATION Work in different places where you can explore new things during and after working hours.

    WELLNESS Biophilic design connects nature with space occupants, while Resimercial concept merges living and working space, enabling both productivity and enjoyment.


    TwoSpaces Group 5TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General4

  • TwoSpaces Group 7TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General6



    Real estate [later on, space]

    management firm focusing on

    managing investors underutilized

    assets in order to obtain

    greater return with established

    management (Founding).


    To manage 3 Prive (co-working x retail spaces), 1 Digital branch (coworking), and 1 warehouse.

    Opened its first co-working x retail space concept January 2017.

    Co-Working x Retail Spaces

    Digital Branch


    Mixed use building to be the first Hub project in Tangerang.



    Upcoming projects outside Jabodetabek including Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Bali.


    Launched its first version of mobile application May 2019.

    Realigned its vision through entirely new brand identity September 2019.


    TwoSpaces Group 7TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General6

  • TwoSpaces Group 9TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General8


    Transforming investor’s idle assets into rented, productive properties with promising return.


    Utilize crowdfunding platform to overcome equity limitations for expansion, bringing opportunities to property investment on an uncapped scale.


    WHERE AND WHAT YOU WANT TO BE Rent any kind of space,

    anywhere, anytime.

    CYBER SECURITY COMFORT No public wi-fi =

    Less hacking activity.

    TRUSTED BUSINESS PARTNER Minimize risk and budget while

    increasing productivity.

    COMMUNITY IN ONE FAMILY Be exposed to opportunities for

    collaboration project with the firms

    in our community.

    ENTHRALLING EXPERIENCE Offering exhilarating, yet seamless

    work experience through cutting

    edge technology.

    INTERNET OF THINGS Log in and have borderless access

    to all tenancy matters online,

    such as contracts, invoice, and

    employee attendance.

    TwoSpaces Group 9TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General8

  • TwoSpaces Group 11TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General10

    Sustainable Business that brings

    sustainable impact for the society and environment,

    contributing to a better future.

    Personalized Attend to each client’s

    needs, in the most efficient function,

    scale, and cost.

    Adjustable From one seater to private buildings,

    anytime, anywhere.


    HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS Reliable internet access with mikrotik

    network management system.

    E-SECRETARY Get notified with relevance to condition in your

    business premises: calls, guests, business mails,

    and package handling.

    TENANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Web based management system to control all

    tenancy matters (agreement, invoicing, payment)

    and managing team (team attendance).


    Digital (cyber) to physical security

    (CCTV surveillance).

    E-CONCIERGE Request anything you need: space,

    assistance, delivery - anything.

    COMMUNITY PLATFORM Explore fellow members’ profile and find

    relevant expertise to assist upcoming events and

    collaboration projects, together.

    Craftsmanship Thoughful design and lasting material that

    creates comfort and ease through user experience.

    Excellent Result oriented -

    Delivering best services in any given time


    Sectarian Localized community, historical heritage, and

    talent melting pot weaved in the development.

    BOOKINGS Anything, anywhere.

    INBOX Notification related to your tenancy matters and

    third party related contact such as mail, visit, phone,

    packages connected to our e-secretary.

    HELPDESK Easily process inquiries, complaints, and suggestions

    to our e-concierge.

    EXTENDED SERVICES Automatic notification and ability to enjoy unique

    services to specific premises (cafe, laundry, etc).

    GEO-FENCING CHECK IN & CHECK OUT Digital team control.

    EVENTS Promote, join, and organize booking.

    PROMO HIGHLIGHTS Be informed about latest promo.

    Book and prepay most of our spaces, hassle-free


    Good Day!

    Thu 05 Sep

    Booking Check In Cafe

    Event Call Us Helpdesk

    Chat Promo Laundry

    TwoSpaces Group 11TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – GeneralCompany Profile – General10

  • TwoSpaces Group 13TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – InvestorCompany Profile – Investor12

    INV ES

    TO R

    TwoSpaces Group 13Company Profile – InvestorCompany Profile – Investor12 TwoSpaces Group

  • TwoSpaces Group 15TwoSpaces Group Company Profile – InvestorCompany Profile – Investor14


    Badan pusat statistik; OECD, OECD regional database; perhitungan oecd 1. Jakarta is the powerhouse of Indonesia’s economy.

    2. Indonesia is a Jakarta centric with most of the

    economical, political, even some industrial activity is

    being done in Jakarta, it is close to the maximum capacity

    of output.

    3. There are 47.5 million trip per day in Jakarta and about 3

    million commuters per working day in Jakarta, leading to

    traffic congestion.

    4. The losses of business due to traffic in JABODETABEK

    reached IDR 100 trillion per year.

    5. Robust development of infrastructure in secondary cities.

    6. High ncrement in Human Development Index

    outside Jakarta.


    1. Many department stores are closed

    2. Traditional trade centers are empty

    3. Old popular destinations are closed

    1. The rising of property technology

    2. E-commerce opening physical store

    1. In 2018, the number of productive age (15-64 y.o)

    has achieved 67.6% (179.1 million people). Total

    of 24% of the population (63.4 million people) is

    millennial (20-35 y.o) (1)

    2. Indonesia will have bonus demography in year

    2030-2040. At that time the productive age will

    achieve average 64% of the total population. (2)

    3. Millenials will