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    Communities Build Brighter Futures by

    Engaging Kids in Creative STEM


    2016 No. 2

    also inside Following the Sun Drawing Power from Public Uses Meeting a Visionary Recycling Goal


    Problem-Solving with a Purpose Engineers solve the world’s most complex problems. But what happens when the problem is the shrinking pipeline of engineers, scientists, researchers and others in technical fields that threatens to weaken innovation and economic advancement in the United States?

    It’s time to step up.

    Perhaps it’s no surprise that among those working to boost interest in such professions are utilities, manufacturers, professional services firms and others — institutions that rely on ingenuity, dedication and imagination to succeed.

    In this issue’s cover story, it’s encouraging to learn how a municipal government is taking students to summer camp — inside treatment plants for water and wastewater. And to see how a Major League ballpark’s colorful fountains can generate interest in electrical and piping systems. In Texas, one mentor already has inspired a team of students to design upgrades for a shelter serving battered women. The personal and community benefits are only just beginning.

    Making a commitment to STEM education — programs and projects in science, technology, engineering and math — is about making a difference. We must all accept responsibility to meet this challenge. At Burns & McDonnell, we’re proud to share this commitment with many of our clients and partners. And throughout our industries and our communities, we all can look forward to investments in STEM delivering valuable solutions well into the future.

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    Following the Sun With Increasingly Cost-Effective Distribution, Harnessing Solar Energy Feels Good

    As investments in technology continue to increase — and despite grid strains and storage challenges — the future for solar power looks bright.

    5 Drawing Power from Public Uses Trails, Gardens and Parks Generate Positive Vibes for Utilities and Communities

    Rights-of-way offer fertile ground for public partnerships that can build trust, improve neighborly relations and promote community health.


    Problem Solvers Communities Build Brighter Futures by Engaging Kids in Creative STEM Experiences

    Encouraging students to embrace the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math now offers optimism for generations to come.

    9 Meeting a Visionary Recycling Goal Retrofitting a Materials Recovery Facility Saves Money and Boosts Production

    In Minnesota, a county moves closer to delivering its share of the state’s target for recycling 75 percent of all solid waste by 2030.


    3 Startup • Technical Q&A • Safety Corner

    17 Need to Know • Preflight Safety Checks

    4 In-House News • Project Upgrades and Extensions Drive Growth in Canada • Grid Modernization Work Generates No. 1 Rankings • Workplace Scores High for Gen Xers and Millennials

    18 Offline • How Do You Eat an Elephant?

    5 7 9 15

    What’s Sustainable? Sustainability permeates everything we do today — at work, at home, on our commutes. At Burns & McDonnell, we understand that sustainability is

    important to you, our clients and partners. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to find how sustainability impacts every topic we write about in

    BenchMark. Look for the leaf icon throughout the publication to see how our work is contributing to sustainability on all fronts.


  • 2016 No. 2 3

    Q : What techniques can transmission providers use to develop routes in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 1000 short proposal window?


    Even after five years, Order 1000 can still be challenging to navigate, but the Burns & McDonnell team works with clients to ease the process and stay ahead of this regulation. With a focused team, we’re effectively turning around successful and winning Order 1000 proposals.

    Technical Q&A: Using an Integrated Team to Conquer FERC Order 1000 Routing

    A: While there are many differences between routing for a FERC Order 1000 project and a traditional routing study, the most restrictive is the timeline. Proposals for Order 1000 provide shorter time frames for route development as compared to traditional studies. There are three main ways Burns & McDonnell helps clients address the short proposal window:

    1. The entire team in one place The time frame of FERC 1000 proposals means that having all the professionals needed under one roof increases efficiency, speed and responsiveness. Our scientists, routing specialists, real estate professionals and engineers are familiar with one another and the process, delivering creative solutions that produce quality proposals within each new window.

    2. Access to geospatial information system (GIS) data Analyzing route constraints in a specific area means needing the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. The less time spent researching means more time spent processing other aspects of the proposal. Our GIS repository is updated regularly with new additions and is always available.

    3. Loads of experience A team of experienced specialists can reveal other issues that are not readily apparent. Awareness of the history and political climate of an area adds another dimension to the proposal. Our routing specialists are familiar with applicable state approval processes and filing requirements for these proposals outside an applicant’s typical service territory.

    Safety Corner

    Play It Safe This Summer and Stay Cool Construction and engineering professionals are always on the move, working on a wide range of outdoor projects that could put them in harm’s way through extreme weather. The summer months are prime time for this type of work. An understanding of how to deal with high temperatures is a must. Remembering the following safety tips while working in the sun is not only beneficial to your health,