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Communications Transformation & The Oracle Communications Opportunity Matt McFerrin, Senior Industry Director Oracle Communications

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  • Communications Transformation & The Oracle Communications Opportunity Matt McFerrin, Senior Industry Director Oracle Communications
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  • Communications Primer Q: How many bell logos where there? A: Six
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  • History Of Bell Transformation 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell transmits the first complete message - "Mr. Watson, come here, I want you! July 30, 1878 to April 17, 1880, a series of Massachusetts corporations controlling Mr. Bell's patent rights are organized March 3, 1885, the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (e.g. AT&T) is established as a subsidiary of American Bell Telephone On December 30, 1899, AT&T succeeds American Bell as the parent of the Bell System
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  • History Of Bell Transformation The U.S. Department of Justice files an antitrust suit against AT&T on July 24, 1913. Later that year, AT&T Vice President Nathan Kingsbury agrees to provide long-distance connection of Bell System lines to independent phone companies The U.S. government runs the telephone system during the only time in American history from July 1, 1918 to June 30, 1919 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Communications Act on June 19, 1934. The law places interstate telephone business under the regulation of the newly formed Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
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  • History Of Bell Transformation In 1956, AT&T opens for service TAT-1, the first trans-Atlantic telephone cable In 1962, AT&T placed the first commercial communications satellite, Telstar I, in orbit, offering an additional alternative especially suited to international communications. AT&T opens TPC-1 in 1964, the first submarine telephone cable across the Pacific. It went from Japan to Hawaii, where it connected to two cables linking Hawaii with the mainland. The FCC reaches its Carterfone decision on June 26, 1968Carterfone Largest Corporate Identity Program in the United States of America. Consisted of redesign of 135,000 Bell System fleet vehicles; 22,000 buildings; 1,250,000 phone booths; With, 1,060,000 employees; 80,000,000 customers. It took five years to implement this program - from 1969-1972 - and without the aid of computers!
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  • So, A Quick Quiz A: It uses the two letters in the Verizon logo that graphically portray speed, while also echoing the genesis of the company name : veritas (Latin for certainty/reliability) and horizon (e.g. forward looking/visionary) Q: What year were Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, and Call Forwarding introduced? Q: What was the Carterfone decision, made on June 26, 1968? A: In 1971, by Illinois Bell Q: Why did Verizon select the ticker symbol (Vz)? A: Carter Electronics of Dallas sought to interconnect its two-way radios with the nationwide phone system. The FCC ruling struck down interstate tariffs that prohibit attachment or connection of non-Bell System communications equipment to the public network. And it opens the way for competition. Q: What is the significance of the date January 1, 1984? A: Date AT&T agreed that it would divest itself of the 22 Bell Operating telephone companies. As a result of divestiture, the seven RBOCs - Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, NYNEX, Pacific Telesis Group, Southwestern Bell Corp. and US West - become the parents of 22 local Bell companies. Cincinnati Bell and SNET, which were not wholly-owned subsidiaries of AT&T, carry on as distinct firms.
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  • Putting It Together Why We Are Here Today Q: Who in here is focused on (yes I am talking compensation) the communications industry? Q: Anybody work with/for one of the seven RBOCs - Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, NYNEX, Pacific Telesis Group, Southwestern Bell Corp. or US West ?
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  • Oracle Internal 8 1-YEAR REVENUE GROWTH Percent REVENUE / EMPLOYEE ($) Source: OneSource Data as of 04/20/2009 Quick look at Transformation Drivers 1-Year Revenue Growth & Revenue / Employee
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  • Oracle Internal 9 Quick look at Transformation Drivers Net Profit Margin & Operating Profit Margin NET PROFIT MARGIN Percent OPERATING PROFIT MARGIN Percent Source: OneSource Data as of 04/20/2009
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  • Oracle Internal 10 Regardless of their physical location, consumers' access to content and applications will affect all service sectors. Image source: Flickr Connect to Everything from Anywhere
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  • 11 Word of the Day : Transformation Main entry : transformation Pronunciation: \ tran(t)s-fr- m-shn, -fo r-\ 1: an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformedtransformingtransformed 2: false hair worn, especially by a woman, to replace or supplement natural hair 3: the operation of changing one configuration or expression into another in accordance with a mathematical rule ; especially : a change of variables or coordinates in which a function of new variables or coordinates is substituted for each original variable or coordinate Q: Who in here has discussed transformation with a carrier in the past year? *As defined by Merriam-Webster
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  • 12 Transformation Focus By Operator Type Fixed network operators - next-generation network transformation and organizational restructuring Alternative fixed network operators - actively seek new customers and quickly launch new services via next gen OSS / BSS and channel focus Mobile operators - need to transform to quickly launch new services, to deliver feature-rich content messaging services and provide advanced, real-time customer intelligence Cable operators Leverage applications and services offered over a converged network, esp in commercials space
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  • Customer StrategyOracle Vision (example) Vision Tactics Consolidated Supply Chain Wireless Self-Service Demand Planning Unified Customer Data Consolidated SFA Intelligence Everywhere Provisioning POC Transportation Mgmt Real-time Provisioning Integrated Service Delivery Optimized B2B Sales Customer Foundation Enhanced Fleet Operations SOA Transformation Enhanced retail channel Optimize network operations Retail inventory Mgmt Network Capacity Planning Order & Svc Mgmt Retail & Network Evolution Service Delivery Transformation Improve Customer Experience Operational Efficiency Business Process Mgmt
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  • Customer StrategyOracle Vision (example) Loyalty program Demand Planning Procurement Automation Service Delivery Platform Grid infrastructure Retail Transformation Demand Driven Supply Chain Total Customer Management Talent Management Enterprise performance management Content Value Chain Improving The Customer Experience Strengthening Our Brand Enhancing Profitability Retail Site Mgmt Campaign Management Next Best Treatment Transportation Mgmt Risk and Compliance Atlas Replacement Profitability analytics Product Life Cycle Mgmt PSFT HR upgrade Customer modeling Tactics Vision
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  • Enabling the Shift to Platforms and Software Services Transport, Switching & Access Networks Services Legacy Approach Vertical Networks (single service) Platform Approach Horizontal Network (multi-services)
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  • Oracle Communications Footprint (2004) ISV Partners OracleOracle Supply Chain Procurement
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  • Investing In Market Leaders
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  • Oracle Communications Footprint (2008) ISV Partners OracleOracle Supply Chain Procurement Logistics Demand Planning
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  • Channel & macro level process enablement Multi-Channel Strategy Consistent AND Unique Customer Experience for all Interactions IntelligenceEverywhere Billing Supply Chain Order Management Financials Customer Business Intelligence Real-time decisions Performance Management Contact CenterRetailFieldWebPartnersMobile Customer Foundation Enterprise-wide customer platform as foundation Integration Technical AND data integration into back-office SFA Storefront Mobile Service Self Care PRM Sales Social Custom Supply Chain Custom
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  • SFA & PRM On Demand Superior analytics w/ trend reporting Implementation to focus on seamless transition 432% ROI & payback in 2.4 months Improved access to customer data, replacing SFDC in just 6 weeks Fully integrated front-to-back office in 10 months Next Best Offer Real-time, contextual,targeting of offers to maximize service uptake Market flexible bundles to existing customers for increased cross-sell Provide Real-time Churn Reduction 10% Uplift in Offer Take Rates 40% Reduction in Churn Increased cross-selling revs by 15% Increased avg # prods sold by 24% Increase revenue per sale by 25% Marketing Single Offer Management system Extend Siebel Marketing to 100% of B2B Campaigns Extend Siebel Marketing, to use more functionality, align Sales & Marketing Proven Impact Example - CRM Initiatives / Tactics Extend Oracle to Improve Customer Experience and Manage Churn SolutionTactic 815 Campaigns Executed 894% Increase YOY 405,669,109 Leads Generated 1,013% Increase YOY B2B SFA Replacement
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  • BPM Integrated Service Delivery Strategy Customer facing + Network Facing + Supply Chain Facing Order Management Asset Product Customer Workforce Mgmt Business Process Mgmt Integration - Ordering Infrastructure - Business Intelligence Data Management Service Delivery Platform Multi-Channel Customer Interaction & Order Capture Contact Center Retail Field WebPartners Mobile OSS (Availability, Design, Activation, In

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