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Team Introduction
Clint Winfrey
Mike Hedrick
Greg Turner
Jeremy Hoesly
Daniel Allen
Shane Tyner
Organizational Structure
Clinton Winfrey
Team Leader
Web Designer
Greg Turner
The Problem
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A Vivid Example
Importance of the Problem
Personal possessions such as portable electronic devices can be left and/or stolen.
A 2003 Time magazine article estimates 1,600 laptops are stolen each day in the United States alone.
Brigadoon Software reports in a 2004 study that only 6.7% of stolen portable electronic devices are ever recovered.
The FBI projects only 3% of stolen laptops are restored to their owners.
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Our Solution
Commo Neo
The Goal
Prevent items from being permanently lost by tracking each personal item of value.
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can track multiple items
will alert the user if items exceed a certain distance from him or her
is battery-operated
How Does It Work?
Functional Component Diagram
Why Bluetooth?
It’s affordable: At 1000 quantity each chip costs $6.
It’s portable: Bluetooth chipsets are smaller than change currency and consume 4dBm of power.
It’s standardized: Official specifications are ratified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, primarily a volunteer organization headed by member companies.
It’s robust: The technology was designed with interference in mind. Rapid frequency hops ensure that communication is maintained.
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Scientific Merit & Technical Innovation
Commo Neo applies Bluetooth wireless technology in unique ways, specifically range detection and the use of transceiver tags for tracking.
Our product involves non-trivial software for configuring and switching between profile piconets.
The device is versatile enough to be implemented in a number of enclosures.
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Phase 0 Schedule
Phase 1 Schedule
Phase 2 Schedule
Phase 3 Schedule
Phase 1 Budget
Phase 1 Budget
Phase 2 Budget
Phase 2 Budget
Phase 3 Budget
Phase 3 Budget
Total Budget
Budget Items
Sub Total
Personnel Total
Who Is Our Customer?
Our initial customer is business and convention travelers ranging in age from 18-64 years with some technological savvy.
38.3 million American adults made business-related trips of 50 miles or more.
2000 US Census
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Cost Analysis
List Price: $99.99
Variable costs/device
Market Analysis
Annual Revenue
Gross Margin
Management Plan
Deadlines and progress checks
Are there testing risks?
Management Plan
Performance assessment
Hourly breakdown of all employees
Hourly wages in total