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COMM331 Simulation of a socially innovative enterprise

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Transnational Teaching Teams UOW/INTI Laureate. COMM331 Simulation of a socially innovative enterprise. Workshop aims. introductory workshop teaching team discussion and decision making discuss issues related to the subject delivery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of COMM331 Simulation of a socially innovative enterprise

  • COMM331 Simulation of a socially innovative enterpriseTransnational Teaching Teams

    UOW/INTI Laureate

  • Workshop aimsintroductory workshopteaching team discussion and decision makingdiscuss issues related to the subject deliveryreflect on what the transnational teaching teams project is aboutdiscuss aspects of the subject, transnational teaching, internationalisation of the curriculum that the group might focus on.

  • Agenda

    IntroductionsIntroduction to TTT projectGoal setting Learning and teaching, internationalisation of the curriculum, transnational education, academics and students from INTI and UOWExploring ideas and possible topics

  • Based on what you know about the project so far, what do you want to get out of participation in the project?

  • Work with a partner to write down a response If we achieve all we want in relation to this project: What might be different about your teaching work?What difference might your students notice?

  • Transnational educationOECD definitionAll types of higher education, study programs, or sets of courses of study, or educational services (including distance education) in which the learners are located in a different country from the one where the awarding institution is based

  • Internationalisation of higher educationthe preparation of students to be internationally knowledgeable and inter-culturally competent, and; to address, through scholarship, the increasingly interdependent nature of the world (environmentally, culturally, economically and socially) Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (1995)

  • Internationalisation of the curriculumthe incorporation of an international and intercultural dimension into the content of the curriculum as well as the teaching and learning processes and support services of a program of study (Leask 2009, p. 209)

  • Internationalisation of the curriculumDiscuss responses to pre-workshop questions

    What does internationalisation of the curriculum mean for you?

  • Internationalisation of the curriculumWesternisation? Weve got to try and amend or modify our education system. Or more important, the mindset. Even though you dont want to question your teacher, you have a question mark against what he has pronounced as inalienable truth and then challenge it quietly and maybe prove him wrong

    Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew (Ng, 2001: 192-3).

  • Internationalisation of the curriculumThe new cosmopolitanism

    A means to move beyond the narrow confines of nationalism and Western-centric views of the cultural other by defining not only a commitment to pluralism and a respect for diversity of cultures ... but also the recognition of the interdependence between peoples and societies and the global graduates responsibilities that stretch beyond the formal ties of citizenship. Kwame Appiah (2006)

  • Who are our students?

  • UOW Campus

  • Inti Subang new campus

  • Identifying possible topics: Discussion

  • Survey/Interview resultsSignificant differencesPerception of usefulness of PD experiencedExperience of recognition & respectExperience of providing feedback of T,L & PD Commonalities

  • Professional development needsbuilding transnational relationships & engagement; cross-cultural relations, intercultural competence & cultural issues; internationalization of the curricula;peer observation of teaching & learning practices; assessment design, practice & moderation; embedding English language proficiency and academic literacies in subjects; quality assurance practices; inclusive organising and educative practices

  • We need to go over there, they need to come here. We need to use video-conferences rather than doing everything via email. Im a great believer in personal relationships, if you know the person it is easier to communicate. Email can be a very harsh form of communication and can lead to misunderstanding.

  • Professional development To enhance dialogic interaction and connectedness collaboratively designed and negotiated; context sensitive and specific, practice-based and involve teams engaging and learning together in their daily work contexts.

  • Participatory Action Learning

    Identifying the possible focus of the situated action learning project

  • ReflectionA word or phrase to describe experience of the workshop

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