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Coming...The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal Page 3 nla.obj-662938427 National Library of Australia August 6, 1926. WlRELE~ WEEKLV Page One ~7m'tmltneinqf

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Text of Coming...The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal Page 3...

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 1nla.obj-662938163National Library of Australia

    Insist on Genuine


    •• A copy of I!) 1mpott.1n1 ~mmuru - canon whu:h wa,;; te-t-twed bt·

    Meu.ts. Rcith St,:,kl"\ Pty. Ltd .• - J1P1'l"llit.~ m • nnthf't porrtnn of d11~

    usu!! o( 4i>i'rtkr1 ~«H,. Re1dtn :_ .Ull' ,trongly advu.~ to pcruse tbi5


    - Keith Stokes Pty. ltd. 27-29 King Street. Sydney



    W. G. WOOLNOUGU, D.Sc. P.G.S.



    The Selectrodyne

    u tht- i.,nly 4-\•,1lv, SM chat wlll bring rn 3LO w1chout 1n1ftfeunc:e frotn .!Lil.. 0,n!ftmcct:d in Srd.ner fro1n all Ausrralitln matieri,ol. Catnpl,m• "2~,/tO/·

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 2nla.obj-662938293National Library of Australia

    r,•~ l I ' I I. A I. 11

    A IHl0,000 (lbm. 4\mr,Hf;ca-cion ControJ that Sf"-.!& JMl'r--fect eont.rol rnuci • wbi!lper to mnlmutn VblUffll?. Ut1~ by Ut1lt~ Dbtrlbu-taf'II ln the tu-,w 1•co,pad_. ib-n•" t'fr-rull.

    WIRELE~ WEEKLY Auguor 6, 1926.


    . ~ ~

    -Jhro119h th~diofraffit

    W HEN you run into a bunch of high.pow-ered broadcasting stat.ions, all riding the ether at the same time, can you

    pick your way through to your desired des-Lination without. get ting tangled Jn the jamb?

    ~ he- Centralc1L' pq linlun will enable you to get through the Radio Traffic with e.ase-slip i,Mt unwanted ''locals" and bring in the Jong-sought.-aiter Jong dfa;tance station, loud and (:]par.

    Smooth ~ariation Crom zero to 200,000 ohm•. Espe-cially adapted to plat;, circuit control of oscillation. Centralab Radiohms and Modulators are used as the standard Units of control by nll the top-notch American circuit. designers.

    United Dis rib ' 1.4/

    tors Limited

    3U Qn«n St~ BRISBANE.

    "' 1011;;,

    ?:Z Clarenee Street, Sydney :n Cbeuu S1 ..

    AREL.AIDS. HI lhHn s1 ..

    PERTH. Cr. J~:t•rnllF Q11nJ & Bania St ..

    Wta,J,lt,ilGTOX, Y.Z.

    Y"'U· deale1 nn.. napply yoa, , •rite ... mt'

    &G Ch~le1 St •• LAUX'CF.$'rO.N, Tu.

    f' ..

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 3nla.obj-662938427National Library of Australia

    August 6, 1926. WlRELE~ WEEKLV Page One

    ~7m'tmltneinqf' ANewRadiotron

    UX200A Azl./lma5i.lJ{/Jl/ Sensitive !Deteetor-E~raordinarilq ..F:FE1ciezzt £or tlze Reception oE Weak Siqnalt>.

    PRICE ;,y6

    An'' Va.pour Content: Valve with a.NewT1Jpe oE Filament'.

    CHARACTERISTICS : Filament Battery Volts 6

    ,, Terminal ,, 5 ,. Consumption .25 amperes

    Plate Voltage 22i - 45 volts The filament c.onsumpcion Is the same a, that of Radiotron UV201A, rwndy, -~ ompe=, comp•«d with the old type UV200, which con.suma l ampere.

    Plate and filament patentials •tt non-critical-the UX20oA can be operated by • common Rbeastat controlling every valve in the circuit. UX200A can be utilized in existing circuits without any alteration.

    Baae is o/ th• &tandard UX tvpe. fitting equallp well ellh•r the UY ~r UX IJ()Cket

    Amel~ated ~Wireless I.A.,.,,.., a11·0J.ft!I.



  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 4nla.obj-662938553National Library of Australia

    WIRELE~ WEEKLV August 6. 1920.

    --------------------- -- ~ --r ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ 1 I !

    I ! I I I


    [he N f:UTltoUYNE II ea•II)• th~ mo,t ••lr,•-ivP d11nt-nt, Bnt.terh•i-., 'f'h011fl1t, Valv"~• 'Phnm~ P)Utf81

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 5nla.obj-662938680National Library of Australia

    AUl,,"Ult 6, 192t.. WIRELE~W EF..l

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 6nla.obj-662938811National Library of Australia

    Page Four. WIRELE~ W EEKI.V A uiru,t 6, W26.

    -------· -------~·-----Spinifex, Saltbush, Two Fords---and Wireless

    Tiu • ,, /~ d.c-'h 11114 l/r. ,r cxrl,ulifflh pt'T1C11rt·" m th, l111/~ kru,u11 t1 '" oJ ( ~ntral f1u1,ali,1. srhfrA AoJ b- c 1 ,iud mor, than nn,·r Ir, 1Ar -,,,Ju,,. •'IW u HoAnror) f,.,Cl •~ (.ro/011 al tl,£ 'ri1t,1 I lfi1.,-r,,1, HQi& K-1r,-lrn p,tutTJ (tj i1Jral110hlc

    cuutanu· u H"I /r,ttlt in th, 111t1cfr.

    MANY yenni ~go, ,Jerome K. Jer-ome rhroniclcd tru> doings o( "f"hree ~fon In a Boat- to say

    nothing- o[ the ,h>.;-,.... in search oC p.-Hre and quiE'tnt·u. l t. would nt-ed the -prn ot l;i Jerome, which the: pn!llf'nl writ.or doea not pn'4it:>H9, to do Ju.ellce to the theme which Corms the Ullo o! this oonlribution. Neverthdo,,, some nr the experif'ni:-es and ,wme or the reau!ta may nol be entirdy do-voul o! lnterei=.t t« rradcrli of 0 Wir~~ Je,., Woekly."

    H all h• ppencd In I ho prehistoric dny• of uwircJr~ ... , .. that is lu ~uf, Jul'lt four ye.anc KJO. The ucca,.ion was that of H mcie-nttftd itt11 utility-and morP thot \itlle 1n:• "·hat \\ rall

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 7nla.obj-662938948National Library of Australia

    .Au~st 6, 1926.

    to be the b•st thin~ Lhat ever hap.-pcncd to the expedition. In addition to being nn Pxtremely ahle wirel~ss teleg1•aphfi1l, he 11roved himself the bel5t of comp.amont5- in ov-er:,~ varticular, and was the life of the trip.


    too fully justified the nc>.-t dny. Tho mott",T~ ah.•mlutely rcfu.:.iP.d t.o pull jnto Kai.oomb:1. very -serious con. sideration, it wns decided to send some of the load by rail to Nyngan, in the hope thnt, by th~i time, ears, or

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 8nla.obj-662939074National Library of Australia

    l'age ~ix WIRELE~ WEEKLV

    ----------------------.... -~~----·-----·

    SAMO.\X (;tltl HAl'I'\.

    A littl joke v,. o ' on • )'oung ~nrnnan girl hy "Lnc1" Jack,'" nf Brundcu"ting 8U1tion 2HL, nn f'\~ul,b.- mt rltlin·red th~ friencfl~ Rd\'lco n11t t

    \I I H h 'I lwrl n Jn(IT4111() 1t6ft ha., rr • r111!, tr.w{r 1,rr 1frh11t 11, ,n,,.fr,j in.~rn~

    fnm ••1,1

    ltLlt:l, Pullowed a nti1thty t•rf,plt•mh~r•~ u.,Hulifu.l Brhh Competition,'' v.hi,·h i• b,ini, con,1 ·t oJ by JLO M•l-1.ourne. Thi fnr ,111-11 _. winnt-f get'-n

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 9nla.obj-662939208National Library of Australia

    .Augu1t 6, 192ti.


    From the Studio of :!FC will be giveu, on \Ved11u1do;·, Augu"t 11th, tht' fourth -,e-ri~ of the ltad1u Rridge Tall. by \Ir. )Ia•t,r fn,tn,nwntal progr• mnu- from thP l,y-ric Wflnte..r (;ard~n, barltono !'101011 by Mr. Law-ronce Holbh~ by Mr. E. J. Van•d"-" .. \"e1dc, th+i ~t tnnd last of thf" IN'tie.s which c-lo the -C..ommohwc-alth Photographic Com• petition. Fron1 tht- l>NtNdnttoght TheatrP, Chatswood, lhEl' llr.c,L net,, oI ""Th+- Sun hine Girl," by an•ru:, mt'nt "";th th, Rosevillt; O1~na.. St,r;i.,.,~~. and J . C. Williaml\nn Ltd.

    STATE llllLl'I \Ill ll \JiD.

    Prom rhe Mo!\n an Town H.11, :!FC ·will t.1kr, on Tut· rlay, AuitU!Ct ttt.h, th~ H~cond net rll' "Tlw )Ie:rry \Vidow/1

    1•rnduced by tbl'..' \foi.num )lu-.kul $0.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 10nla.obj-662939333National Library of Australia

    Page Eight WIRELE~WEEKLY 6, 1926.

    · 8Radio Auction Bridge Game No. 3-Broadcast by 2FC

    11/Pirele~, Jre~kly" hos iec11.rr•_(l 2.FC. Fr,rm.t.r$ llroadcasting Scnic~, the ettc/11s~1c. rtght of publishing 1/lt

    Radio Auctron lJndg_r1 G~es uJl"!ch 2FC ~om.menud brm1d~a.~tin.& on Wednesda,., 21.,:t ) There are 21 8ndge Gam,e.1 m the .5ent.J, o:nd one will bt l, racli IP cd11F.tflll)' t:,. . .:.n,ins 01td ,h~ following

    Fridiryt.J i.fsue oj "'Wirt!leM lref/J/' ttirh u:et.J: 1d..U {!iv"- the gom.e ut del(nl fJ$ {1 :should be corr:uly plc,yed. TheJe g(lmrs rc~re ,um.need ~• ti,~ Unite~ Suuts Pltrying Card C1JmpUn}' tJj Cirn:imUJti, Vh,u. U$ .. -4.~ anrl pla,ed hy Bri.dgc exptrl::i. Some -te_ry .J,ghr oltc.rnunnv hare been rn.ade in the u1igi.,wt game~ brua•ltXJst in Ameri.rrr in ordtr w arlflpt them JO th~ callrng ,of 1.Jir. Por1land Club, ivhit.;h iJ ,1i,... moil iinit1tf1ully j11Uo1.,"fd r-ule, vo Jar as AtLctfrm !Jn'dgd i~ ctJn.('t:fnfd, in Au..slr(]Jit.1,

    M~ .. II'. F. 11. .i~u!tc'r, n~ ncktH)it·l~dsed (¥pt~! i.n Uu· ga~e of ..,focti.on, /Jridte in S-,,·rlnq. is cqrr,yin.g QUI tlu:· tranJmtsnon~ from 2l•C, and ,f an.y Bridge enthiu1a$lS, tin ,~adrnff #tat wtu·lt ... , tau. rn .~ubmit am q,,r.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 11nla.obj-662939461National Library of Australia

    AU!l'llSt 6, l 926.

    the game. South, therefore, figures his bosl de:Cence is to continue with the diumonds, .nnd lays down his ace. of diamond~, Uummy trun1ps with the. three tif 1$J\ad~, North plnyt1 lhe three t1f diamond~1 and Mast the six.

    East ha.1:1 already Jo.:,t t11u.1 di~mond tric,k, and must Jose n trick in hearts, and in all probablllly, at ono in tlubs. If North holds both the Icing and knav'} of clul;3, East must lose two club tricks, which would prevent game. With eight b·umps between the two hand•, the probabilities Ill

    In order· to bP in a po~ition to at .. tempt tho club fln~!4..

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 12nla.obj-662939592National Library of Australia

    WIRELE~ WEEKLV ~ ugusl 6, 1926. @'-- -•-· _______ .. __ .._... __ --,.-..-; _____________ _

    ''\\'hen you became'.' thrilled and ex~ dt~cl in d1.~cribing tho match, we also bet'Hnte work

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 13nla.obj-662939727National Library of Australia

    ~ugust 6, W~ti. WIRELE~ W££ KLV

    Tltt. lhrt:.r mi/in,: /a,;, J ho2n «bon sr.a.rrNt 1t(rd nn'I l'flrodurtivn t11 uaden u/ "/,.~ trrckl) ..... lf,H lJnrntln /Jc-rtrf1m /) ,,.,,pnruibfe Jur thvsc d,,f,,d,!/ul pru11-111111mt•i /rum 21Jl, Fnd,• (:eo1G,t /i,1.1 u JoU01t'tn,:

    II/ 'l'uuth ft,I ~dr11frt.1, •h,.,f' nn»i1n H lrpu,t. und l .' nd~ )lf,l,, -u.~ll Ii,·•• c, Ir ,~,4-

    AGRltUL'rl'B..-\J, BRO,\J)('AST8. PurpoMti..,," which wn• broadta11h•d on

    Stat!"" 2FC ""r•ngcu with the Do-part.mcint of Arriculturc tor th\.c broadt.·H •Ung right in connrc-uon with a number nf \·l•r~• interc~tmg papcrM that were clelin•rNI AL the ~t.f\Le Con-fertncc of lht> AJtacultoTol Bureau. which tommellC't'd no Jul)· Uth. lt wa~ fell 11)' tbe But,•a.u that ~np•d thnt more of the,e particulnrly in~tructh•e ltaclL&rl!i will be madt" .awtlal,ltl fron1 21i·r. latc-r.

    o.~11,("F. l'(l(;IIT AT 2rc·.

    ThP t'ourth Annual Arti,to' Dall will bl' held al th~ Sydney Town Hall on r.tonda.y eveoln&, 10th Aui:u~t. This niRht ha, be

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 14nla.obj-662939851National Library of Australia


    Thingi, NtO tnoving rapidly in connce-tion with the new tiU:ltion, 7ZL. With lhe exception of tb:e vaJve!!, which nrc expected t.o arrivt. in Melbourne wit hin the next two or three weeks, all the nppn.ratus is completed, and it itt t.ho11ght thot 7ZL wlll 1·ank amongst the mosl broadcM.sting sta-tions. Soulh or the Lin~. The trans-mitting valves which Rre to be u~ed ar-e quite new to AU14tnllia, eacl,i one berng o! 1000 watts alld air-cooled. Thate arc t.o be omi oscillator1 two modulntor~. and a bank uf six r~e:tifier tube•-

    Thc studio for the new statlon is to be erected a~ 95 f;liznl)cth Street, Hobart, RtHl consil!!.b or the first and ~ccond floors of the building. There l~, of eoursc.1 a wpnrote cntt'anco. Tbc main s.tudio is 2-'7tt.. x. 22ft. Gins:., ~nd another room ~itunted dirf'ctly above the main sludio v,.;ll promlbly 00 the auxiUnry studio. A sound•prr,or con-trol l·oom is. being huilt in a .section or the waiting-1·oom, adjoining the main sludiu. The locatlun for the lrflnsmitting apparatuP. bas not yet beeo deeided, but thpre- are one. e>r two sites in view1 and ne ~oon as this matter has l\Ccn finnliged. the erection of the tran~mitting house. v.'llJ he proct"ecd~d with.

    :w,. Sidne)' F. H. Laws, \he genera! manajl'Pl' of Tai;,rnnninn Broadcasters Pt:y., Ltd .• has just paid a viBit. ta Launce:i:l.on. to look into the questi()n ot " rclny •tQtion th•r•. There has been a little hikh in this diTI'e.tlon, but :11:r. Lowe !rtatcs that all the appara-tUR- for Lhe Launceston station i:!I completed and' shipment, from M P.lhourne.

    METROPO!.ITA~ QL"ARTETTE. Tho Metropolit.,n Qwu-tcue, con-

    alst1n_g of MiHS Jean Grant, soprano, Mil!l! Mary Bourke, contralto, Mr. A. L Champiun, tenor, Mr. A. G. Ellis, baritone, w111 r.;ing the soJ)Jl cycle. com-posed by Eaathorpe Murtin, 11The Philosnphc:r nnd the La.dy," from 2FC., on Ptlday, Augy15t 6th~ is a cycle of nine songR_, which h~M only been done in Sydney by thig. combination. l',fi~R Goodie RttYe, t'CCOYering irom he.r illnefis-, will continue her Friday evening chat.. behind the ~ct•nest wtth the l)el"il!OTiflllliet11 of J. it. Barrie's plays at the 'l' henl.rc Royal. Bariton~ i.\ol()s. by Mr. Law-


    rence ll•lbert. T•lk by Mr. G. Coc1per, Superintcmd~nt. o! Parlcs, on "Street flenutificaticm." SolOtl v.;n b~ by mcntb• amateur eorre-l!pondent,:; hi each State.

    In the cmTent issue oi' "Ra

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 15nla.obj-662939986National Library of Australia

    W1RELE~ WEEKLV Pate Tbirh-en

    -------------~-·-------r ....... ,. ................ ,. ....................... ,. .... ,. ...................... ,. ....... ,. .......... ,. .. ,. ..................................... ,. .......... ,. ....................... ,. ............ ,. ......... ,. ............ ,. .......... ., ..... , j rr====== The House for ==== f

    j Quality Radio Supplies j ' l====================================~ I I I I !

    I, 1

    . WI,\ ::~v;.";: s:::k::rn:: ::.,I 1~::a::: n~7:;~::~::ices. !i: Our ijlU[ of c,-,.perls will glnilly edvi,c you upon the selection

    l of the right ma1eriol. , I Our premises are the moat roomy and up-lo-date in I I•. Au•l1'8lia. i i ! i 2. A fe,., selected items from our et1ormous stocks of beller 'l""lity paru : I i, Pilot, $.L..F., 13 PIAte Condensers ,


    1:32 ~

    6- Philipa Valvea, .S.06 o

    0' 1



    33 de

    6• l,,i

    Pilot, S.L.F., 17 Plato Cond11esen • Philipo Vah-ie•, A 109

    I ~t~.~t[J-.~3:J'':,\!J"~;~ g :: : Philip Valves, C609 ~ ~ : ! Montroso 23 Pl• t~ Low Lo!.s Con- Philip• Valv••• A30G O 18 6 i

    t 2 6 Mull•rd Valve•, P.M.S .. • [,a:~o',~'i:"s'ctu·.:re'ia;~ .0005 c.;;a.·ll$8~i t 15 0 Mullm·tl Valves, P,)1.4 . ' • • 00 Jl,38 66 I lgranic Square Law .0003 Cond•nsers t 12 6 O•ram Vah-e•, ll.F. and L.F. . . • llur1t••• 45 volt "fl" Ratterios • . I 8 O Radlotron Valvu, UXl!Y.) . . • • 0 13 6 i EveT•R•ady W .J'.40 ll1lterles . 0 12 6 luidiotron Valvoe. UX201A .. • • 0 13 6 i.·. Amene¥n 45 volt Baueri.,. .. l 6 0 OECo ·11atve•. ltV6 .. .. . • 0 lS 6 • Ra)·ova< 45 volt llalltries • • 1 16 0 Cunnin~hsm Val•••• CX301A O IS 6 Rayo,••< 221 \C>lt 81ll•rie, . • O 15 9 Radiotechnique, SuJ>

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 16nla.obj-662940118National Library of Australia

    OJ'I' 'flll~ IJi,:ATl,N 'l'UACK. 'J'his is the interesting title chosen

    by MaJor Sandford l!organ and Mre. D. Morgan for 2FC listeners on Thursday evening, 26th Angu.84 when tbi• much-trnvelleSting to not~ that Mnjor Sand• ford Morgun, D.C,1\1,, ls one of the ,iOtd Cont{'mptiblc~i" and on Sunday '-l"Ytining, 22nd August, the anniver sary of Lhe Retroa,t from ~on$, he will desulbe $(>me ot his thrilling experiences on l.hat. oecu.siurt.


    To thot>e listeners understanding ttod eonvcrsant:. with church rnusic, the per.torm,n,ccs qf. the seveTal church e:hoirs brotttkiu;Liug from the Studio of 4QG will prove of g-ratii'ymg in• teres,t. ln(:)uded in the prol(l'amme to be given by St.. Joseph's, Corinda, on AUg-11St 3rd, are ex.ce-rpts. rl"om the "ConvenVf 'Mass by Gounod. The Mass, together with Orntorio forms the most important branch of sacre.d music: ood when we considt;>r its great ~ope. for musiCAI e,.'"{.pre-s~ion, we rea.dtly undc1-swnd why w many of the great cotnpo~cn havt: wriLt.en in this form.

    OLD SYDNEY. Mr. J. G. LQcklcy ("Redgum") i,

    givh,g a series of talk• on "Old Syd-ney" from Station 2FC. Lust. we~k he spok" on ''Old Sydney 1\lnrkcts," and hill futur, talks will ineludo ouch suhjrc:ts as "Old FeniL'S on Sydney Harbour," "RAcollections o.l 1\ Punt Bt>!l." ''Old Pyrrnont.," and "Old Syd-ney lclenUtit'~."

    NEWTOWN COXGREGATJOXAL. The Sunday service to be broadc1u:1t.

    by ,talion 2RL on Sunday, August 16th, will include the Newt.own Con-gregational Chui-ch both morning nnd evening, and include nn organ recital at 6.30. During lbe afternoon a •tudio concert will he transmitted -following on the Bible class conducted by Mr. W. Cairo Btadley, and during the evening sessfon, a studio concert will be featuroo also.

    BRASS INSTR01tl.E..'{TS P OP UL AR, AmonK the tnllny well appreciated

    progra,nme JlemB broadc.osl by Sta-

    WlRE1:£~W EEKLY

    tion 4QG, the cornet. solos played hy l'tfossra. Davifi., Daulh, Reni'y and otheri,; Ht1em to hold high favour in the est:

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 17nla.obj-662940243National Library of Australia

    t0\11(' OPER\ MRMOIUE~. U1-1ten~ ncvn s

    nt the old \'OMic ep1.•ra musi \I hich •f .. li&ehted Llll'lll a gt>n~r1,tion BJ.tu, and ~F'C to ~Htiof)' this dl-1mtrncL h",i pl't;t-patcd au (',labc1ratUnv, IOl--tio)t • 241-K ,OQOU, 1•l•in. :?t. • !77-D111 (~OUJ'lfl"IJC, IUO--S(l(I • 11 I 831-B .ooor;, l(rah>d mtotal " •

    i'n•Ol.1 (11u,1plin&:, :,~11\0 .. II • 33-1.p ....... ...... ...,,., 3; • t7i-ll (."oU fonu -.rH-A II-••·· wi:11 I ,.,.. • sa,.w ....... ,,>thlll _.., IS • %1-t-H 0&k' .. •ilh • jack.A 1 . 1111-JI" .ooos. pJ•i•. mteUII " • 214••C U111u•, with • jod., ' • l!t.N" .4!0031, 1,h1ln. 1JH•l11I .. 27.f-l' C

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 18nla.obj-662940379National Library of Australia

    l'age Sixteen [email protected]~WEEKLV August 6, 1920. -------------------~---?, ' l!,_i_'"" "'" ...... ,.. ......... , ,..,.,..,.,, ,.,.,,.,.," """'IOI 11 !IOI HUfl I UOI I m111 """'""""' ltlltl 111111 I'-!::•·•

    I Iii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, I H. UH.

    ~-w l{IS (Por1:olaln I Porcelain & Bakelite

    Sockets \'lhen you seo ~ capacity rn amr- j },ours printed up•Q a .P. & R. § P,attt:t)', then )'011 know it's tho ~~· 0 0. i C'aJ:,acitJ. It 1sfl'l what somebody ~ it might be: 1t 1sn'topt11111sm: ~ it isn't an oh-so-hopl"lful u inter• ~ ~ mittent" rating : it's capacity : I i

    i ;:;?::g~::0~nor:a~:in~u::: I ~i O b I i l>. & R. Batteries. Fir~t of all tl.i~ i "


    1, ·· DagenitO prvo/. The ,=ilv,e JVl44 pin ~•dil:, fU11 i no more than the other kind ~ the IIVdot ,,,,,. J1111-t 1•r6'1 ••wn th• ,,..Ive tHtly

    1,,,1, '!. R . : :Et §t?~;;~ ~= .,~'-p.: n & R '9ladlo vuotl,, Ill""• •t .u l'l'adlnc PETO A. RADFORD 5totcs. and l"('lude:-

    1 ™ A~.!!~::r2~s ,~',_!::,,: !f_io]s~:LL __ ;'.co~! .. ~---· 'li',,,,,,·-l "'"roooo~;~i',;;TIV1 "., " ~ DELC.A.VES BUTLDfJ;C- 151 , .. ._,k StrHt, Srdn,.,., := 40:1 Soa.r.b Stffe-L. "hlb•ll.ffle.. I u,.U;4VI'.$ 5TBllT, !lf.f U:H,H, lt('H : l ~ n,,,,,,,,, .. ,,01, .. ,,,, ........... ,u,11w111m111n11"''''''"''''m11,,,,,,,,1 .. ,, ..... ,,,l1111111111,~•·······~ :;,,,,,1u111m101ulllHlfllln111,,, ... ,,111111rn .. ,,,,.,,.,, ... ,,,,,.,"'"'"''"" .. ''''·''''"''U11lllllfll.lllllloi

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 19nla.obj-662940500National Library of Australia

    A 'ljtl18t 6. l92R

    'It-----.... ~--


    M.\....~V (ll' ,111r n:.ul1•!.- ll'!\t• 11.:,h.l,,l 11.~ whul ia thl' 1t1L-..U 1·t•c~iv11l'. ln fott, 8CJ, ! Int wr· k·rve ti(",

    t1idetl to u:i.•,,·cr it hm·,"', t', 111hdinit th,,m. nl' f'Cl11H.e, that WC [('Pl"CS(•}l!, but onf' opiulfrn. Tl11.• JKl to which we .-... t'et' ;l-l 0111.• th~1l :~ f(lr Ut~- 1najnrity

    tlu.• a•n•ru;.;t' l'amlJ)• rel.' ,\l'T. 1t 1.m1ploy, t'unr ,·:ilw•i\, }m-q_ .a min½~

    mum numl.>l'.'r of t.'('tnt\'OlR, iH l•azy to tum•. anJ i~ 1tu,Hlt> ht !'IH'h ti mnrm;£1-r that nil p..a..rts nl"l "a:,,,ly • 1•ret~ibl\,. lt.. Jg ri--~-u,rm~thl~· hn.>:id II\ t uninrr hrte:1·sr-0.U' Jitatforu-.1 }"N \Yith tlll· :i:iri



    11ul.w .... , ""'hi•·h nne so 1Jflt·11 h~nn-i in thickly-r,opulnt~d 1n:HM, n.n- reduced Ly tulva111.ft~!-r.s who are nol over t.:on:fi.dcru of Uwir rnp-tthTI nl' 1.uU,tm._i: :t multi,•1tah·c-receiver. Eat·h of the- com])(iil\'Ht:>\

    1'hr CFrt ,ur l)i'f,~rum,

    af thn Jor>p h iB" 1rniie-like selediVt'l on th~ lot·n.h.

    Mtmy ht1mc con!trnctors: will prob-nhly ~ay: "Oh, I don~t like the plug-in coilii,, thPy t\t"P unxi,thtly,".-hut with the p.rescnt conditioni;; of brond-1•1U1th1~ in Aue:tralio1 where tile wµye-h•n~h rnngt• ,,r our :-:t.uliow1 1(:1 MU la:rg'c, thC! plug-i11 t)·Jw 1,r toHl'! ure very hard to beat.

    'rhP tun~tl plate method ()( H.F. nmplifieation is e-mployeJ, w!tl.cb, without n douqt, n!forde the very high1?.!!t --po:..Siblt,, l)Het•ntal,.tl~ t)! (~r. dcncy far all A.nstru.Jian broadcast WHveh,l\ll'tl1f'i. Country readers who nre out to impl'o\rP. Lh(-ir : thi~ rr.•cehre:r, City readers who wi:ih lo 11,c a loop will also find t.hat thl~ l'c1ur-vnh-t1 ~el will ~uil I11rir n·lJUirfL-ments c.."C!r. f,, earth rC'lnne-ction to moving plate c.onn£1ctio11 of first ,•uriable conde,ni:;er. 6, link soldered from No. 6 to moving

    Png,, Sevt!'nleen ________ _...,,

    !I.ITU of pot.t'ntiom~t.l'r •• JS thf«t,l.iVe "A." bus bni-. 0, ri,tht h-und tl1nni,1al 1•1•cp111! rheostat to 1wgat1v·e ·'A" bus t111 r 10, right haud tcrinl.nnJ o1' lllird rhl-'O;it.At to 1u.-gr1th:~ "A" bus har. li'" fue4 11J11tL' conncr.t.Wn or f;t"C:orul 1·0nderuic,r to riJ?lll hund eon-ncctton o f tuned plnw C(')fl holder., 12. moving 1,lat1, t·onu.ection of second CMul~nser co lcl't h11nd conut:"ctiou of tu1u.•d J•hite (.·oiI holdt'r.. Thia mm~ plctt."6 tht'I pant-I Mn1pont•nt \viring for l he time- being.

    Dnseboard Cottncetion,i.

    The lcng tonnP.Cliot1, 13, ls, tho r,n~ltiw- n-\" bus bar nnd U11h.1.-1 lh~ two tiutsidc F terminals of -flrKt muJ fot,l'Lh \1~dve holder•: together. 14, a Hnk to.ken from the right hand F lt!rminul of sefond valve holder Lo µo~ftiVf> "A,. bu!) bnr. lli, x-jght hnnd t,' l1-•1 mh~uJ of lhird valve to posiLivt ... A" bu:-. bar. 161 links t.h.c two negative F temtinaL'I or u,.,. uudio tra1,l'lfo1'lltC!r~. 17. P tcrmina.1 or ftr~t "t'nh'(• l1o!u~r t1J one or the grid condrn.,;:,~r t"rmiuals. 18. the uther grid condcn.t.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 20nla.obj-662940631National Library of Australia

    )>_a~• Eightttn

    ..----· ----··

    former to trid of fourth \.;ll\"e. ;.'..i, ld; hA111I F term.ih•l uf third ,·ahc bol~r to ri~ht F t«-rmino.l 1,C' fuurt h ,·alv~.

    Wh,•11 the whol" of lhe8e twenty• five conn.,.t·tlons. Wlvt- hte-n mad(', lbo pane-1 and bnrebourd 1houlc.l be ~!!'Cured logetber, and the follo• Ing conne Bascboo.rd rnnnectiont, 2ti. G r,( fint vah·t! bolder to f.:zt-d p.btP M umte-mc.ttlh Lht, rel'eive-r QM l'lhown In uw~trcle.u Wecltly'," photograph.

    Rc.-act.•ra must, h:uwrvt-r. carefully noU> \\ ht~ ca.di or lh, battt·.ry ('On• nfll-known. C"Xrept lhut It ha11 one or two refinNrwnlA wbirh hnpl"Ove lhe ell-round f'ffiritncy lo II v •rr marked th·s:-ree. ht the- tir!-11 Jlh1\'l'1 we havt• 1t .002 condc.11t~l•r, !llhown 1,h..unLed across ~t•h tlide of tbo mo .. ·ir1g arm of lhf' pnk-ntlometr. l•• the negati-. and positiv«' ,\ boo.;, ban. ·rtib- '!.-im·

    I I

    Augu,l fl. lfi2G.

    ---------. ~ 1-)hilN> th~ tun.ina. 1>peraborn, ttnd m• atead o1 thl' high ~u,.nry valve ..,_"Oinr into heavy oitclllation with a "plop,,. it enaMt- a smooth 14-Vetn con-trol of ?'Pgt'n~rat.ion, by a VN'Y t-light n1tc1•atJon o! thu ardd bin• of the'. vah•c.

    Th• ti both the plote und 1trid c-lrruit~ in rcsonat'lt't'. Thi, it> dPnoted by a 111ucking iwuml In the IC1ud speak4!r. By can>iully ad• ,-andng•h dial together In step ~h .. hiJrh !-hrill not .... n1u:s«I bf thu ,·nrrier wavt•11 of lhc \·nriouM broad-,-Mting swLlona Yi"ill b~ hfnrd. .A 1,"h-l variation bi'. Lh.- J>Otentiomcter

    dinl and r-lH lilt will, how.,_\ .. r, en• tif'I I)' eJirni1u1 ·c- thse c-arrltr wave:11


    ---r.;;.,.. "" I !'rl• ",>

    -----~------------- -

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 21nla.obj-662940769National Library of Australia

    A ugusL fl, IMG.

    and bri11g in the specd1 a nd music uf Ute !:ttation you «tet)ir~.

    Careful adjui5tm~nts o( rhcost nt."'1, grirl leak a.rHJ 1,lute vQltages of fir:-;t a11d .:,QC"ond v~v~l'I will not only im-lJl"OYC: [ho ca~e of 01)eratlon, but. wi ll ~~at1y incrli'.!u.=i;e the volu:me- and wnc.

    ·ro u1:1e lhe loop in lieu of the t..>Ul!Sidc at.'rinl, t1(1«:1tJlt! connections Hhould be secur~d to Uw Lwo ('dl'ILR(•b 1,f :-t c•c,il plug v.~bich must be ln~nh--d in the g t•id roil holdc•r. B;? attachinG t,1m s.mall battc.i·y clip,s on the other l'ndi.: of tl1rs,• lli-Xihle teacls the w:1ole or half t1r Lhc lno~, t·::w !}ti used nt will . For ull th(l lnw1'l,r ~rrnt1 tlir

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 22nla.obj-662940895National Library of Australia

    Pni:e 'l"t,,•cnty WiRELE~EF.KLV

    First Photo -Radio -Advergram

    A GOOD deal lw., he"'1 puhlrshed Jatl'ly of lhL' develoJmh!ilt of \1,ir-t•legJS Jn the dlt'l!ct.ion nf

    tram1mitting pit·bucs. hy T.ulio, u.nri the lo.te~I. •levelopmt-

    consider th::1.L ph)V:r l')f broad

    thP R~(li-0 Co:rporatfon ,....f America, and th'1 Marconi Company or London, with lh~ f'i'.l.?".u \l. that. the ndvertise-


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 23nla.obj-662941028National Library of Australia

    August G, 1926. 'WIREU..EEKLV Pago '.l'wenly-ono

    O1,D iJ'IME DANCES. fHJHHIIUlllllJJi.llllUIOl1.l.1.,,u,uu1u,.,,,,,1 .. ,u,11110,111111u1111111111111n11111uo1111,uuuun1111111111111111111uu,u1uunnu,,111uu111;

    § ~ On Tuee(!l'hap• the ltuilding and 1·ebuildin!I' of scL eft,r set. The constant tinktring and improving o! ttceiv-e-r equipment.

    And who is more observant lhnn Uu.!l,e )'(,s1 Wbo in yt>ur family :fir:;l \·ecol,.-rniz(ts improved recention lhrQUi:ttb Lhe addiLiou t,() your ?tet of newly de,·elopcd and 8up~riol' parts. It is: not surpri~ing then lh;t.t f'-very day1 everywhcrB, when Dad buys battorie.s;, htJ r~sptltls the experienced recommc.ndal ion ur hi:11 Y•l.ln& · adviser. And when he says, ''Dad, I w&nt these batteries with the black m1J white ~tripe.s"- well, what would , . .,, dot

    Only obtai111:1ble /r(tm I llgh•CIIW &f>taltrs

    Wholesal~ :


    Also Me.lboucn.e and Adelaide

    i5,u10111n1,.,,,.,,11nnu1rnn11n111n111u1uuunu• .. 111u .......... ,,,,mnum01111111u11111111111111u111111uuu1uuuuu111111rn1n1111111,~

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 24nla.obj-662941154National Library of Australia

    Auj!U•t 6, 1020.

    r ••-Pl-1-•Ho•m• ..... --., .. ,._ .. ____ .,._,, __ .. , __

    I 1 ............................................................................... "' ...................... , ............................................................. ,,, ........................ ,,, .................. 1

    l l-.. ~~_!_~~-!.!. __ ~-~~~~-~~~ _:

    I I a I ~



    £ s. d. 1 Ebonite panel. 17 ~ 7 x !l 16 0 •l !t 2 Variable condr.n•crs, .000:i.

    at 8 6 . . • . . • • . •.. 2 ~ inth dial~, al 2 .J • • • ••• 2 Coupling 11lugs, nl 1/ 9 .•.. l Panel pluir. at 1 •....•... 2 Audio transformers. Crescent

    0 17 O 0 4 8 0 3 6 0 l 0

    or Sterling, at 1:l 6 . 1 7 0 l Genui11e carborundum · tix~d

    delecto1· . . . • . . . . 0 11 () 3 Wetlcss Condensers, .001,

    .002. .0003, at l 6 .

    1 F:bonile panel, 17 x 6 x 3 16

    2 Variable condewers, Low Lo~K •. 0006, at 12!6 ..

    2 Bmmco metal vernier dials. al 6 !l .•••••....

    2 ao ohm rheo~tats. at 2 6 1 'l'rnnsformer, C1·esc0nt, 6 to 1 2 Valve aocket~. at 1 11 ••

    l Sin,rle circuit Jack • • • • 1 Grid conrler1st•r, .00025 ..

    £ 8, d. 0 I 3

    5 0

    0 13 6

    0 5 0 0 13 6 0 3 10 0



    9 4 Nickel plnted lerminnls, at 2,1. 6 Length~ ~qunre l>uswire I C battery, 41 volts . . . 2 30 ohm rheostat~. al 2 6 2 Standurd ,·al\'c Kocketa, al

    0 -l 6 0 0 8 0 0 6 0 2 9 0 ii 0

    l 2 megohm grid leak . U 1 0 2 Ebonite striµs, 2½ x ~- 11t 3d. 0 0 6

    1 11 • • ...• , •..•• 0 3 JO Sere"~· Buswire, de .•.••.. 0 l 11

    Totnl ........... . Total . . . . . . . . . . . . £:1 12 0

    1-l>t."Cial l'urcha,e of EBOXITF.. P.L'lELS, extremely high irradc and specially matt sur-faced (,;and blasted) to prernnl -urfacc leakage.

    Size: 17 x UI x 3 16, rut ncttl and Rqunrc, each Size: 20 x 13 x 3 16, cut nent nnd squ11re, e.ach Size: 2q x 24 x 3 16, cut nc11t and square. each Smaller sizcR at proportionate prices. Solder: ReRin core, per ya1·d, lid. K~r;ter, per tin ..... , . . . . BuRwire: Best tinnerl ropJ)cr, ~t1uare section, in 2 ft. lengthR, per down ..•.



    "· rl. 8 3 9 6

    21 0

    2 0 0 10

    I i

    I I I I i ;

    i I i


    111/w r,/1 011/J Jrptndablr Radio Paru ,I 25 ROYAL ARCADP., SYDNEY ~ 569 HUNTER ST. WEST, NEWCASTLE

    1· 0-,,, 6-. l-'n ~ ••· trsb1 -.»1 - ------------- j l _ __ 'Phone M 304!1 I ""•11m11,01114,.,1,•mt111t1111h1• •111,11111,,um1nuuou,,0111uu1nn!f111m1111111111u,11111111111011nM 1u,01ni11n11,u,11,uuu,i11111111111111uom1111un,11,,11111m1"'""uu1111u111uu1mnu1u""•UIIIIU~

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 25nla.obj-662941282National Library of Australia

    Augw,t 6, ~926,

    STIMULUS a·o SPORT. Sport is receiving u aub•l•ntlal

    8timulm1 in N'ew South Wales from th& broadcaati ng of Io:iding of varioa.-1 klnd~. Both the Sydney A C'la~s broade:isters. aro now rogn-larly represenLed ut the big footl>all gatnes, box I og encounters, and olher events in the mctropoHtfln i:.rea. A journalist or other QX}lN'~ dCt1'(!1:ibes [email protected] matcb, speaking iuto tt niiero-J>hone, and his word•, Ulge\hor with the checrin)(' of tho •pectalon, and the !'>bouts and c1·ie~ of iht pfayers_, and .ill th~ otlu~r uccomptmying sound~) nre broadc-ali-L for the benefit of lo"~er.~ or the s port who ar~ pre .. v.nnte.d from altending.

    The bro.adeusL stnUons announce lhcir intention~ in advance, il.lld the ndve.rtiHt?-me-ut Lhus received helps to draw big atternhi.r1t.e.s. Also the list .. eners-many or whom may not b

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 26nla.obj-662941418National Library of Australia

    Page Twenty-four WJRELE.EEKLV

    -illllllOll1IIIIIOllO,u .. ,,r11111 .. 1110111111Jtl

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 27nla.obj-662941541National Library of Australia

    August 6, l 92fi.

    wmELESS RIWl:E A SUCCJi:SS Broadcast pro

    M111l0011mci: 4!)b JlQurke St.

    Ad.cilaide: Carlin:.; UuiJdin1r,

    F-ranlrlil'l St.

    llu~rti 141i" Jif.s&-equQri

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 28nla.obj-662941670National Library of Australia


    . SYDNEY

    .call Sip: ZJ•"C. Waw lAnirUi,1 110-0 !utt•. l'owo:r; i Kilowatt...

    FRIDAY, AUGUST 6. le:u-l)' M-orn.1.niir &:s11lon.

    Ttmc Sietui.11.

    iJi~~t[i/1J~n~c,,2~nln~J:-a~;~mi:: ~.alla Vi'rsu.

    i.fiO-horn the Stuflll): 1'he },{d.rc)i,ollui.n Qu.r• tct h.•. .Mr, ,\rlbu.r Cblum'intt. tenor.

    8,H-Mr, Ll\lJTIIDCie Halberl, b•r ltoite. !).r..-Mil!i Jean Gr u.nt_ aopr11:nn. i., U 'M.lllil laolde, 1c,\ettlon1 on t.h~ Sp&t11&b

    Jftl,it11r ucan:,p•n yln1: eori.,-.,. by H~at.her RArd.:t-

    ~.22 Mr A. G. Elli~. ~.8-0--A talk by Mr. G. ~i.>t, SuJH'lrint~dt-n~

    ot l'arb U1l "8t1't'.'1t. &autH)lng," 'D.¼2-'MW(IPfillt•n. Q11.a.rlc.ltte. 11-.60 Mi1111- Mftl")l' l)ovrk.e, tou trrJlt,n. ~.5S--ITI•• lk.stbt-t' 11111.rd,y. 30Dlf8- to Lhe S01rn-

    ieh !fUl!J&.r, i,lnyed by Mlia holrlc. I0JI--Mr, A. L. . & Tima J,.,iit"n1L1•. Muak !rom th• SLudi6 • B.l~C lwi.- down,

    Mor;1i11oa S~l1:m, tL15-ThQ Chimes. or: :tFC and Proiir11mrne:

    Annuut1i:~~nta, tt.zo-Mu:r;ifo f r (lm thJt S~udlo. ll' •• a:- A Mllrni111t lkad!nz. tO-'l'lm4!, Mu•ii; .fro111 th .Studio. "0Ydney Mornllltr Iltini.l,t" n~WJI

    ~nl~, IO.Jt.--Mu&ic fTom the. St udio. 11 l'l'(•.ll' r i:,¢1 C:tltket.. 'TA-lk: C.,Lk&. n.1~Mu1k from tl, 1" -:;;1mtlc.. 11,$0-C~n down.

    blldday ~ion.

    12-Tlow :-:i.1(11•1'. 'l'h~ C:Mm.m ot 2FO 111nd An,u>unc~~(a. ExchJ1JT1ttlo t'Lnt ~IL 12~10 'Mu !'Cc f rom. SLQ.dlo.

    i:.:_~1~utt3,n!";1~ 1~~1!tb~• Intf!U[pnee. l.:l-- "Evf'ninir Jew~" 1tfid.W N1:W11 Sc:hit!lc",

    l' r0tlucott't1 Dlat,ibutinst f:,odet1·•• Rep.qr\, l,20 Muei.., frnm t he ~tudlo. 1.30 ·$t(k'"k Exthanste, 5o('f>nd CaU : Mu1kal

    lten:ie. t-Tlro'! SUfllral.. Cltiee dOWll,

    ACternoo11 Sea1fbn.

    i.SO-Tbe Chlm~:i nt !!FC and A01'1aune41~

    ~.r:· 1teciL11l OJI. tJ,p\rur rhi.yer .t'lano. lU(l-}'rom Fann"l''l 'l"u RN:ttn.a: 'l'he Oak

    Hall Trio will pl-.y fkar, M.r. Hor~o Keatlt}.

    8.40 .)Iii,, ir.teai'l~t S\fll.l;.on, (',Ont.rlLllo: •·1•oor )llu'• (;aT1Jt:,n" (Ru,~11),

    ;,.411 Vrom 1--'uniel"'e Tt>II Room~, 011k li:t.ll Trio. ,.~r; ]')fu~lc ft-oni tht! SW.din.

    -4-Mfi;!I AHt:e l"'ornroy: "T 1l"1lrd Yuu !iln.«101•• ('.

    U-Ffflrn P.anner'• Toi. Rooma: The- 0.11k J:fall 'frio.

    ,t,JJ:-Muelc fn;un the St.udio, ,t,20- ),Uu t::kauot St•nlnn, f'Ontra.lU,: '"A

    Slun,bfr &mu or the JJ.h1dot11ill," 1.26 1""rt11i:, Fa.-rmlilr"s 'l'c,-. Room~: 'J'hc Oak

    lhlJJ 'T"rio. 4.8&-,,hi"lr from lhe Stu.dio, 4AO From the ~- Roo-mA ltUI~ A lfoe 1'601•

    ro1. 1mf•r11110: "HllPJTT v-.1h•y" tre:p i,er\, , • .t6-KLOi:k txd1u.T1"1', Third cail, 4..ol?-M.11&!(' from Lhe ~tudl:o, Ii TitnQ Si"n&U. Cloe.e down.

    E"-rl;v Bvcnir.:.: St,,ii,.ic,n,

    4 Thiel Cb l.m,-a o r 2FC an,1 ,\nnuuncealJ!nb.. •1'ime SipnJ1-,

    6~.-Thct "'licBo Man"' talks w th• f'hf1-1J~w


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 29nla.obj-662941800National Library of Australia

    August 6, 1926.

    dlQ,:l:.J, frurt "-flt.I '-'L":SVU1bJo m11rl...:ts. CJr'110 d°()Wrt

    J'l,ie.hL $,;,111\lnn.

    ;-,~I) Th(' C'blnw" l)f ~FC And Aunyuna,r-m1:1nb, i!-ltro11(\c:Aet from the liR.YlllAf"k .. L ' l"hrp,,

    Sydney: \.l1J•drn\)' MQmin\.:' Urr•ld" N!:Wlt Sor•

    v i(:.('~ 'fl~e $!i:pu1ta: :Mu.ii!- from Llte .. tu.dio. i---Timc- Cri~bL beon~. 8.lG--cla&o down.

    ·Mol'Jl.l.rq: St>Bslou. !1.15.-Th~ (.:himea or 2YC ,ni:1 AnnnQne,e,,,.


    "'9;21) Cri't-'kd, $.1orc.-•. Mu•t~ from thlf! Studi(J. IUli -A :Mc.r-nfJUJ Readln..-. 10-Time S ISC'mtls: Mu1l1: f rnm the Studiq.

    Crlcltet S1.:ur1"t1. 10.Ji,- Lat, ~s,.dney lt.arni'fll' Herall;l" Nl;TWII

    Sc-rvf~ .. JO.Hi M:tl8lo lnim the St -udio. ·u-Fmgre;a t ridu:t Talk: (!a.h~ 11.16-Cn,c;>klne T.11. lk •md R«ipc.w by MUii

    Rut.h Pu~I:, 11.80---Clmir. dow-n.

    litidday Seaati..-95-~ Violin R.ociu.l by thCI PupUs of Moorn MC'.'~fohon.

    8.~r,.. F"nmt Fal'ffler'• T.eA Rootra:: Tho Oek 1-1':all Trio wlll jj11U" (leader, l4r. Hoa-ac• Kea,-..).

    t . .io M~a F}ol'\!n~ Bar row, «intra.ho. 1u:;.. Oak HA.JI Trfo. 8 . .:i.~~)fo11ic fl"Otrt lbt:1 S~udio. 4-htiu Jui:utt! tQpnmo. 1..S- Ji'rorn Fumer'• 'ft.•• ItQQJDa I Tb.?1 Oak Hatl

    'J'rlu. 1.1r..-M.i.11J.i: from tl\1!' S~uJlo. l.~M'i11~ Vl~1n-nee Barrow, t'ur,tralto. .t.25-Thc Hall T.rt(i. 4.SS--Mtlllle tron, lh..- ~t 1.uH,,. -4,'---T~ Chlmrui ot !2FC a..n.d Pr02nmme

    Al\nOltnrf'mtintl. l>,h--(kll'kGt acoNe. Muslr from tht' Stlldlu. 9 .40-A Morniq R&adin,t. ll>-Tlme. S i,ICT)al,, Moak tum, tho Stu.dio.

    Crkkl'h •~. 10.:i-t..t.c "Sydney Mal'nif\lt Herald" ft.ft'II

    a-er'vfo~. 10,lG---MiA,ic: from tJH! Studi~. n - l'rosm::;f.11 CriekiE-t 'l' 0111blr••· lLIS Cooktll,2' 'talk 11mt Tteci~. by "u"'

    R\lth 1J .30--C]Oll,t, d(IW'ft.

    :Midday Stw•fon.

    12-Tirtie Fiitrn"1s, The Chimu or tFC and AO?IOOlll?Cfflf'Tlt"•

    12.IS-St.oc.k l'-;xt"lt.nge, flnt. t:.a.11, li.10--)[ua,fc from t.h1J S tmllo. Jt.!IG-RuQ'by Wll'f"h.'M New:11. 1-Tim.,. SisrnAl~. WeaLber [h!Jdllge.oee, 1.a--mEvc11ii1x ~t!WS .. ll{,lday N(-wi, Servlc:e,

    Ptodu«'l''a I>i--tt"if>ulin.E" Soek:t;y"& Rl'!port..! IMm t he Studfo. 1.llO-Stock Exc:hani;-r, &«>-od Call: M.u11irJl.l

    lh1m1. 1-•rJmo :-;lign11ia-. Cl~ Jnwn,

    -2.-SO-Thct (;hin1r$ o! i'FC and AmmffnN'>-m~tits ..

    2.8:i-Piauo ltt"dtal. hy the P1,iplhs ot Wnrrld Arlom.

    3.Jfl A Oic~n•a :rea.1Hnl(. 3,l!O-From',; Toa Roowa r Tfin OJl.k

    Hall T!'ln (Il.'!ll.lll"r, ~r. Jiore.c~ Xc!:11.t:11). S.H~-Ml,-:ic 'M'fl.Y J1'.ekson, eo11r.u1u.: " lrl,.;h g_it

    l h{' $1Qfpy Hfll!I" 1Lo~hbnn>u,:l,). lf.,,Hi-F.roni F1au1.1:r,'• 1·.-,ii. Rt,om.s; Tbct Oa!t

    Ball Trio. 8.G~-.:i.tu:dl!'! lrt)m I.he Str.UUtt. .t-r.-11,.. J>hTllll RaFnol'4 c:01H.rt1lf1) I ··n~ Lt+d1•

    Moon" (t'a,o·lorl. 4.6-TJie Ouk llrall Trio..

    P.nge Twenty-se"\!en

    4.tSi--Mrv,:11' from the :-;1:udio, 4.!(\ Mia }fay Jud-::110-n, aopuwu: ··\'ou don't in ll",c irie9" t H.1,1pc) . ~.2S-1'h1· 01'k Ha-ll '1:riQ. .a 3~M1,1.dc lrnm t.h~ St1J.dit1. -4,•lO--Froln tk_. Tt!a lltu.>lrull "8~H,L:,11u•b"

    iW,,rtolffi'lrde--1-'inl.Wu), tl • .C.S Stock Et:dtumr,~, Third Cu-Ir. 4.411 Mwik ftr.tb\ the Stu1Hn. 6-{1IOI~ dow,i.

    l::a.rl)' Ewmlnac- ~Jou..

    1-Tlm,e $l~md11, 'Dn• Chime.a of 2FC. ,\111:totm..icm~ntt.

    (i.6-Tb111 ··n('llo Mo.11" ti1Jka l

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 30nla.obj-662941934National Library of Australia

    Pagt!- Tw~l}l-eight

    Atwmoou Sl,'88ion. t.H-'Jbb Ch.lmt

    n~ ~ .. rvr1•or.. w,' intorlb.tltlun..

    v.:;rl~l£t~;: ~~ln:c-1:ic..1rilf:16mtk~!: WhMlf,, ? B.'.i-'J'be Art of s~: ·r1i.e :,,,'-'l:01,i.J Ill. [email protected]

    • urie,i i,,- )h•. Walt.Ai-r ll'unt... ~1Ulled, '"The &0\1nds of Ou• i!;rurli11,h l*h'-'11,11~."

    Night S.-ti.ion. 7.Gr.-Tbt! Ohlnt« ot ;i:ro •nd Annom 1oe,-.-ml'nt~ 8-Le!ehbardt Db:trieG lland, ill fAv',)urii-l'J 11,um-

    ""'"·,..-lfr. Erndt An:ht-.r, Uintrr, B.2~Jh.. Aloe!L WhJtM,n, barhone-. l-i.30-- -Ll'khb.Atdt Dt.uict D1uid. 8.53---T=i.llt.. un (.th.I 1'lm.,,, Pia;• a.tu'.I 'llui,atM,

    by .Mr. R 11. Dowdl'n. 9.£-Ill r . F.rnr• t Atcher, le11or. 9.1 ~ ~il' Obt:rii;:t Blind. ft.10 blr. A"'-'t.

    J: N.11lim1•l AntbC!Dl. Cl1..e d(>wn.



    FRIDAY, Al.,(:UST 6. Early M.ur:olnJ: &!qi{)n.

    7.16-- Ph)'5!t-aJ Tl'IUnin¥ Mllrl HPsll.h E.n::r-,J.,, 7 • .10 -'l'11111J. 01, Ht!:Jlh •1111 Tfylii,o, Cl()("Jr Md. ChlnlCL 8t1o0rWLr talk. !J.~-TtUt-'l',11.l, \1...86--M!Jit i'h.vlJla J\!.kin+Jf(ID, 9 . .it TT"rt'a Imperial Orchl;!!llr.i, u11ckr lb"

    ,Jlrt."!!tfon of il,l.r. Lfon1;1I lhlrt .. 9.Si Rorind the- W-orld TrnH,101&'\ll•. by M.r.

    J. M.. J>l"t'ftti~l".-11).IS :!,{r . /H.i~tfn Ptmrh. ~RrltOM. l0,i2--Ce-c:. J.iorr-6u1l am! bi• Olonn:it.:,h•&trt,

    bt'ua1kliil-L .U:.;.:m Uio lJuU"-'.0. C'"loclt ai,t\J l," [email protected] di:>wo..

    l\!tern.ootl S8111inn.

    2--G..P.O. O lh.i lliN, co.ri1et ~ofo~. 10.~M.r , ·w, F,. 1~111.. 10, lfi-Al, H a1ntnt!tt 11;nd t.he Amh~~hl

    Dance .Uand, J;,roN~Mtlni,:- from the Am-htul~•dl'lrt, 1Jurtn1: t.,._ iut~abl hi-tween dar,.C'!!&, ni:-w11 by OOllt'tNY

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 31nla.obj-662942069National Library of Australia

    August 8, 1926.

    n.25-firoad"11&h1n• [ntormal1on ~t:n,ie11, in-cludln1r Mllit., Sbippiiu:,, H•io[a.ll, Sot:l.11.1 1-'ixt>tf'('G for 1J1a tollf,\\'ini:: dny,

    ittg:=f;~~•lli~"°f.S~~ C~~ ~; lt-G.l•.o . Clcx-k 11nd Cb.ItAo;i, Talh to Wo-

    mm1 b)' .Mtw • .,r.,rd•n. ti.Btl-$ydth,•)' $\,\M:k &xch9.Tifia~ C11,l.Ia:, Race

    11ttulu bt'()&dl·llllt irnmt'diAbl'ly received. lZAG---ElUltt!r'• Lm,tnuri

    '7,1.S-Talk on Lana Subjt!et.,. T,2&-A1,111t:n1.1i11.n M~rc.anUle Lll\J &: t'foani:.

    Cu'•· st,~k •nd Wool Rt,.i:,ort. 7.:10 Stork EXeha1\re P.~l)()r1'1. 1.37-I'rodtJewu.. 8.ln- -&1ume o! !ollowlmr d&J,"'~ _proeruumc. i---(;_J•_()_ (.'.lurk .a-i:,,:I Chimn. 0.1--WEc-atla.t:.r Report. ahd FriN".t-.UL, hy "'ur--

    t1>11y of Atr. C. J, Mlll"d, Cu-.·1!1'.ll.l:tl.cril MotC1U'Ofo1,d11>l-

    0.2--Al Ha&u:1.u•lt, and 'l'li(: Ambu~;l.(!Qm Oa.nt'o, IJ;;..ncl, hn•'1.rlr~in.t tram tl>e b4Jlrc,om c.f The AUl.b3.1fi!aJon;. D\lrfo}( du~ iriocr-vn.15 M-twt"t'tJ 11'Ulce3, des~htllou.:t ur frod«s 11.ud 1oc;i1.1l r.r:itPS, by Mra, Potes.

    tUl-fl.-lul..-rvul. 0.36- Newtowt1 B•nct. from t11du,,,lrhd JJull. 11) Al. rt.mrnm a11d 'Ihc Amffli:.tdora

    Da..11.C!-t> l:bind, hn)Qrlf'ii:tliTIK hrlfl'I the b(UJ. room 11c-r. 10.12-ld.r. fl-c>rn1..¥1n J1rnson. l0,1fl Blrt:,e -old-tlmt' u.:a,wc-a. 10.9:Cl-1'S1,.lll" nrw&, .10.-10-EUt,, ~•l(l-time Wl,ni."elo, l1l"t)Adcal!'t from

    l,Jiu-rfok\illt1 'fo..,.n Hall unUl mirlnifrhL Uuring iatuvats l,r~WN'n tlni ltueby. 7,.~f,--1,lukal p.rei"ramm.., :h'oru tbe Stvdfo. 8-0,P.O. C!ook t1nd Chimo,,

    MorninB ~fon. J0--1J11om,I i,roarr,u:rnnE-. Du~inw: fhi, ~ft.erJ>OOtl ~'I"~ ltoi;.ult~ wtll be

    hros.d_cktt,d hnmc,cth,ul_y after- tl1u n1.~1•.

    Afun-n..:iun Sc.•:i,aion.

    3,-0,F.Q. Clodt 11nd Chimes: WeaUi,' flf Sy~'llJ'U.::~• ~ilf,t.-iLiutiil.8 Soq('Q'°'m Fruit

    anJ V t-g:~U!.Lle- l«:i»Uf"L 'Ltt--Gra.iu and l-'vddi::r R!!11ort..,, 7.U~--Sportlnit by 8Nad~&Att:"'' Special

    Turl rePftllellLII.Uva. 7.G~lo,,t" dywn.

    8--H-tmdt Cou1i1;w Onh(',tra. Mi'-111!1 Fr-cdll. Gi)di., contralto, :.\t.[S$ Rk.har

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 32nla.obj-662942195National Library of Australia

    Pap Thirty


    ~'llll>A V, AUGUST r.. )ljJ1l"7 ~in-i,.,

    I I.J.I.-T\i.J:1e--ln.. tU.3--Tlme Sllt-L 1-UarJu,\. k,ppol'U. w..ui.... I.DJ~lllOO.

    • .,,.,. Dan,- MAU.. ...... ti.. 1>au, ataa-•nr ~ .. l.~., .. n .Uto-rr,w-•n ~Ion.

    t.lJU-A Miall':al l'rntfnmi,,e from I.hi!!' 8hullo. 4.1~'"'1'1:w 'l'f'lt-l(nnh"' n~'l-,.IO-Cbt! l!ow'I\,

    £Arb Y.Y1 nlng ~1alon.. UI-Tun.-lA. ~'l'M. CbiWrMt'• ~ Stal"'-t .. ,. -,,_

    Saadnaata... .. T-'!he ~• .NWlllaift. ll& K,,c,ota.

    fACtu.ttl'lt,, .. o,...~ lla.,~aa of M.,.,t. .No. 2,'' hJ Mr. C, IS'h""h1 1A..aUlt•n1 1'fitN'--t•"7 CoundJ \/{ AijrkuhureJ.

    'l',:to---nso 'Teh-vorl\" fl1·1t1t. Slue.Ir. 1':xrhanl('. 1,10-Clo,l(l ilnwn

    NIJtl-i! f¼,,plon..

    T,tl-~ &alua. • 1. ~ W -~ ,...,,,. to,.

    nlrht·• p,.,..,..m., •tll -.pow • &oou.11111 ••t-~inlMftt

    t W~..elMI 1'044 ln(o,,111-111.ian for ~ MI\M•ll1 Ripplt.d bJ Lhe fto:raJ A•k•M•'1.>Ue CttJb nr QVHn•l•uuJ, ContfoW1.Uon h ~-hon! •l\d Cu!.k:-\.

    • .n-N-~ """'" ••,..u.cll •• '"l'N Stu,-fl!a.1"d,.. SW.It.. ~~ J11fantt.11!kMl •u~ :e-., ';r."~~• or 1tu Br~

    i.lO--CklM 4owl'I.

    AUtrUSt 6, 1~26.

    Nlaht ~•1ol11n.

    htl'llflUl't'O..llull 1'.:ntrr11tl,,nl•u\. 1•.i.1·h 11flfht 1lllr• In-,: 11rtllrf'IIIII .,, .Ba..lw an,I J:i.ctr1iea1 lt.;xt.f. l>ll1-.

    1.l ~S....lOoiFron11:ti.~tr.• tk,11. 81~ EJ.h Mdo• U.U 1-1• "'1.teS .. A11tom•dc Te-k-vhoik' F.-.'cbai.,,, .. b7 llr J ll. !if'ulNDc' ,:,;;,....., 1 l.'ty. Ltd.J.

    i. Pc,1111la, C'oor•'l't frou t l,111 J>rnrm:u1trallv•1 ,!Hutlian,.JI ll',,i• ,.,r,,lh· nf

    .. t'N•M the Detnt1nNlr11tti11t1 r:ltudlo. E-,;hlbllion Hall, P"u-ula.r Curit'('l"f~

    11.10 Wt• tlu~r lnform"lhm, vfflriall)· gupvltNI liy th• Col'tll0unwt".111th Wuthcir :Su.rn.u. An,,,,11r,~t!l'tlt>:1!.:s. F"l"(I'"' c.he C,rntl"Tlnial Halt, bt f lhti !lhn.,- l,y hlw 11:,(~ ,.-Ur~ 1hr Uo"nnor f'.1'n•1"•1 ('[At'd ~tmw•• lui"'ft) rrum •~ Sli..,....rNII""~

    i,;.-J,la,1, &.~.

    If.Al -Tuue--in ~it.'aal. fl.JI 'Tinwi ~.lJ{Tlal. I :\!arkt-1 R,,,~; W4"111i1h.-r lnfm'Zll.alJ11n 1

    "'1'1w OaJt,, M11ll" N,,.,.,.: tbto 'O..iJy Sla11• darl'I"" 'Ni,,11,-.,

    J .2(1 S,o,HrheN. Official ~how 1,uncbeon. fN:1n1 l1 nd ,..,,. nan, 8l1ll"'Wn1•n

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 33nla.obj-662942328National Library of Australia

    A1Jg1J3t G, 1926.

    Nie-I,, ~l,~11

    0(-murult'JltJr.n Entt"l't.u..lnment, Ct-om tile D

    7.,h'>-L~lw-= ·•nroai.1c.:iu.tin~." hv Mr. J, w. 8oLJ:n,.ul'J (Dh',•clcir, Qw,,.,nelt:n,I R.adio Ser-vh'e•

    J If from Shullo. "The Dally Marl" ~t!Wa; 5,:.crvi(':I", Cl~-t' (IOWII,

    TIIURSIJAY, A"C'fllJST 12. M. ldd.:l)' Se!!e.ion.

    ll?.o-6--Tu~in SilnlS,..I. l2.J'j$-Tlrna!Ji:t), 1-MQT)c(';. RePQr"; V.'o:!a.t.l,,t-E' Jnfo'rmaUon:

    "Thn TinO;v Mail" Nf-wt.: ti.ill! "OlllflF Stall-durl .. Nrws,

    1.21}---CIVl"(I &>wn.

    Af~rnoc>n St:,ulM, S,:lD-,'\ JITf"IIU'll,Dlbte ur PllJ,"ik rrom ~ $Lu1ti:Q. L.1~•·Th1" Teff't."'hipk" NOW$. 1.S3-Clc11:,(I clown.

    Early EYt1nl11g Seea:io11, 6.U-'l'llnt!'-ln. 4) • .SO-'l'h"" Chl"ltlren'a Stitaltn1: Stor[(l8 by

    ''The 81.lLdmat\,'' 7-Tbe Pa.rm1•n' SesaJon; htuL~ &.P'J,ti11:

    kf 11.n1 lf~ial inddetH,a lr1 01r interval. The bbt.irit.'o.

    4 '"Au i;-aJL" or MO$f-n, B11cklq ok- Nunn, J,td, "Psahfon 'llllk,"

    4.M Sct,,tt Sanders. l,arl«)nl', ,UW 1'-uhli,;- &h09ls Footll.:al.L "Thr Caphdn:•

    Lh.ti!t-Brnnawk~ Plnlt [nrA"IH~m,~ •

    J2.-'li- S1(),l'k ~~dta11i=-e fhtlarm11.ti~n. 12 . .6.~M.,it.ouro!r~efll Jnlorm.atU)~i.. Wentber

    forofcM, rvr Vi:c:WriQ, Tsw:ia-n1a, S(, Aus:• tr&ltll. atH.I N,w Sou.Lb. 'Walff. o~•(tn.11, fore-,. C-A-t, Rl\1£.t ,...pc,rt..

    1-'J')mQ •ho:u,,}. 1. 1 ~St1;1dlo Orehcstr-4. Ha11Uni;r~. elO("Utlohl.n. 1.17 H.c.\

    (.t.o-n~ult. tit Mnrnlngt.r,CL Welt~r-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 34nla.obj-662942573National Library of Australia

    Page Thirty-two

    Nt(:bt ~ion.

    7.ZO--Mr. R. &"·~on, "E'Joe.l'ant.o--Every Ol>-:>eedon D~u..~ed." Dr, J. A. f--each, "N"atllnp 1u1.d l 1 lt.ut1• 111te-P~'•

    i---Mu .. ira.l &nrl.-ty {lf Vlc~rl.11:':11 CJ,lt:'.lno. 8.5-5---"A.t·r,U!" ntwl! &e~ke. Atttu,uncr-

    mf:nb. L:i.lL',d 1;.ridr.a!t 111:lo, :,-.:r; '-fil8 B11&ltu1.'t\, l"lOC"utioni6t.. 8.i.4-Studlo Or~bNJtrJI., 3..5.2-Mf!M F1oNL Pdt. ~nricrrvi&Of Dl)me!SU('

    Aru., .l!:JurUUun l,. .. l>Otn'i'Jltic l7.~--Stook E:1-d\A?lh infqrm.atioJl. 7 • .t Rh•er Rerior-l1.. 'i.i ~tarki!t. lw.?Jorbt bT the- Vidr:irl•J) Pro-

    dQl"tN' C6-t11)1',rali,;-o Co. Lld.: JT11rm&1"l!:d [email protected]'ll A.lCl!I, pnulcr,-, 1?raln, t!h•l'l'. bay, nrnw-, ;inr.e. daiq PR)du.r.c. pobit.Qf1_. •n .d nf'lona. ~kM prlCi',& u! u ntn![ea aod lem9DL h1 ''fctorla1::1 (;C'ntra.l Cltl'tll Asaocl&Lloa Pty. Ltd.

    NhrhL ~on. 7.20- TTn,tp,y ti.lit au,,;piroC>!I or Llw Srw &!t~

    tlki-.' 1..c':&.llUt>. l,l'ld.y MJtehc,11, c.e,E .. ''lJow W9l»f'n C~n Hetp Vt°OTJ1('n fn tbc Country,"

    7.1(1) - Undt'r the Dtnfli~ ot lb: !»p11it'tment of Ajrrlcult.ur~. llr. F. 1)1.1 C~trl. VldcuJLuJ'. bt., ,.Tt\:f- Vltittdlt.nal lniJ"tr,v,''

    8--0verturi:-, AudJtoriom Ol"~bC!lltr.a, Tncl,h.·D•

    f~~iwVA;j~~:.r~~•~ br:~=1lll::IJ ~ t~:::1~:!; Th~m;i Lb:l

    8.:.!0-!Jai)111tfl by mt>.nlllt"l'll CJf thn UnJ\Pf-r41fy 0.,'ii'Atfflr. Sodci,v.

    8.40-l'hylli11 A • h /-:,y, ao~ral:)o, Fl • .a; A. Fl~ld~r, V('rA Flt!ti;.ho;ir, lf:r-.

    CoWt!>t-, untl Mr, Ulf'tl't. no..-,-lty m,u.U'.:at quarl4J~t,(!.

    8 • .:.-J-.C.JauJc U n.II, hq_l"r.orie, fJ.l- l-"',t1t1k- lilaxwell, enlrt-t.11ir.('1'. 9..ii - Mclb,ournf." Cr~rkJli11ck I\fouth Ori."'lln Band, r,.1:1 Chn11J.,. Rall. b4ritooc,, t2Q-L&t~I Crlrlu>t nnuttJ, 4.1! -J.)oro.U,y ltoxbur,clt, vfol~ aulb. ,U1-MaLron N'otl"111n(I, "[nf.ll.11t. W11lf• -f('." 4.11 !-;t 11'1fo O~hi;:i,U;J .. , . .9:9-,Jet8kt Irwin, •1111t'11UJO,, -C,8:6-$L1ldto Ort-llettra. , .,5 [,nt.:ee-t. Crkkd •t:0"'' -AlL'ftnl.llA v_

    Olouoeatc•r.h.t1"1', p)l1ylflit. aL Cbt"ltrnham. '

    0 HNrild" n(''l9'll Ul"\'J.,...,_ !;c.or.k 4'1-~hana-e hi. rorm11,Jlon.

    Ci Cloae down.

    E..,cnlni: fietnion. &.U-----OILlltirt'11°11 miur,: '"},fary Gumi-r, ..

    rurmn: ·~ BO) and Uu {>I))( ," 1'[email protected], D.fllJ)' Cardeh." Slm-y for th.«! Httl-c!&L ot1c~. A1111..,cni (I.I k't tr1:- and b1r t.iidAy l!'«'('tfnn. '"nlw Btill a.ud Bumhln 0°".'' For ~ bc:,p .t1.nd ,:r;ir.lil. "Th;:, St.otf

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 35nla.obj-662942707National Library of Australia

    Augu~t. G, 1926 . WIRELE~WEEKLV Page Thirty-thne

    .------------------~-----~----~-----------IIOOK Rt,;\"IEW.

    WE hav.- ~iw:.d a c,1py of th\\-new journal .r1•t•t'ntly ~!!iU.bli1;1h~d in Auekland, N.Z., flnUU~d.

    ''Radio N .Z." Thi-- iit a par,t>r or :l:!: ua1cs, but rtlthuutrh couip1uativl'ly small its 1lzc i~ amply mndo up Cnr in the interfg\.ing natur~ of it.s con• tent». Th~ iuo.e l• forr- 11.1' i& dat(.-d July 24th, 1926, ond lhe l-,rlitQt' di•• eu11t1e1:1 tho que:-sUon uf relnylng Au!l-trahan bro,uJcast programm, ~- The~ ~re two technical artit.lPa or exe~I)· tlono.l merit, dl"allng with popular Lypea of broadea.~L receiver,. for NM~ Zealand wav•lengths. 01 particular intrrest i1 the artielfl · mg mat t(il" for amateurs.

    1'he Mnnn"ing Editor ill Mr. Ralph L. SangsLPr, who hat~ had consid,r-al•t~ expl'rit>nce in Wil'Yk!r, bul in spite or tu1 automNtlr rcgulu tor, trouble is l)

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 36nla.obj-662942830National Library of Australia

    l'age 'l'lurty-fo\U'

    1(1,12- ,\, firhntm, MlTt'lt"t: ,11010. JI) 11'---lfnl,,,,.-t 1::Hti..-,I rui .... 11),!1'-NC''IY'l>Oft WC)r~hi,1,. linua lbuid. 10.a,z.-I,a~l Okkr.t &oree, hy 1'~rbc>i)I at ~•ll11 lll~i:e,

    12,4ft Stp('k fdr-lrnntt> lnfoTm•tfoo. J2.50- Met~roloek•• btfot'ftl&-tfotL'r

    fn~~6ta ror Victoria.. Taacna,,fa. Sottth Amt.r~lia, aAd Nt!w Soulb Wal1111.. O..~a:n fottcae.t, Rln•r ttl}()ru. Slitl)lll. l.1-L,c, (';wu:;irk", Qt11CrkltP. I, U-Arthllt' Dou.ir1-''· $"c1,:,t.::h cu~dUUl. l .:.!:?-1~ c;.w,,iek'• Quul"tW', 1.•ft ATtlntr 0t:i'll"~IM, c.'Omtl'dlau.. 1,17-Le Ga.~llfd1.0111.Q-.i.11.ri.dtn. t ltesttli of M\'Tli(l.a Hurdle. FintlrHJ Hffri611'

    .Hnti.L Club. Moo~ Va.llry. C:lf'¥lt1 rlown, t.3D Rffult. td W('>('llert ..,_,.11,1d-1u Elt1.nten'

    St0:utecr\l Ll.d. "Ari::ll:I"' 11.nd "llir.1.ld'• n~ eel'vltee. f«>Uh,:n 11.1i.d lhl'I Aut.1.rt1li11n f•t'GII• ..\Jl&QIC'la.Uon (!•bk•. ::::=:;~i~~J~~~~~fa in~~fu:/fOV("tnllJlt,t,

    7.Z.--1-'iNh M.ir1u,t R.(ornrl-11 bJ J R. [email protected] t.ut.

    1,•· R.i1c.r Rt!pqrta. 'l,6-;M1uk.:t .lkporta l,y tJu- Vkturian P t g.

    dUC.:t8° Co-01.letillh·,= Ct>. Ltd.; T111yrru1rk¢; Shei!J) aaJ~: 1>911l.1ry, irndn, c-11.atf, hity. i11'8W, julq. d11lr:r p~uro. pgtatOOII And onfo11•. Mu.rk,:,t prii,n., ~, ()fflfllft>I "nd Lrman1. by thr ' CcntrRl Cllr!UI Aa-.. Q("iittiOl'J Pty. T,rd.

    Night S .... fon, U!O-Uu.(Stir tho ri.u,picc, (Tr tho Dev•rtmenl

    nf A.lfl!'icnltit'l',:,1 l,tr, R. ~·~. fixl)Or-t.. Su1,1• erle1tt:ndet1t, ''Mnrkrt C"ummcnu."

    7,-10-- Mr, r. ·w. Pe.att•"'· "Phn,fra.l Cult.uru." ~~uti~ Qf tlie ~l'f,:rendl,lm ', vfollr:1. 4,211 P11}.lit fk hoolFo foothn11. "rrh" Cnpt.,frn, ..

    U, Utiu,. Story vf I.bird QUllil'-(irJ"- pin::,. 'T11f' •cof'l'II,

    •~s--LUizrn CrfQp, so;c,uno. -1.U- J,nlnlt M"i.-.kf'T nk"~ n-,wN trnm

    R ugby, 1..ii,t,.,,._l trdcll.ct ccW3, by ~OUrtelll' or ~ntt>ra J,td

    !U', I t LO D.11.n~ Orc~t.ra. t0.1--Jll~lr O'l-Trumn. )1.t1rtfonl',

    Au!:Wiart $tmk E.xcLltllXCI (t\l.6t...tlou. &-' ::iitanll. Kvtl.'llur Sda.kit1. 't-Chlldre11·s C.~rn.>r. "Biir B-i:othn" cbet8 u,

    Iii.I l'al11. 't.U-Holtblo' T.u.Ik.

    Y,ve"n i{IK S"9J

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 37nla.obj-662942965National Library of Australia

    Augui;l n, Ul26.

    MONDAY, AC"(;UST 9. Morninu: Si,,Nion.

    11--r'l:w :M('1'('t1r:r" llth• .. •• •t.m•Jt mt1.rlrct. &\lp-plJJJ(. ,.omoo~ruri.t lnt,,!Jigc,nc:-e-, ,~e-atht:-r In• format!Oll. Iwrnrds from ibe SLUil1u.

    1.Z-Tl.Air, "'lfn~l, A(tt"n,a.,n Sef;&fou.

    ii M116ical llf'.m,_• !rom, t.htt SC.ll.di(>. \Vfl'tber-fotormallon

    8,80-HubArt St-0ek E}l:tliani,:-1;1 quota\iollt.. t-'rlmr ,i;ip:n.i.!.

    E•rl:,- > .. ,·oninjjr ~iu~. 1- Chttdren',;i (Alrn, r. ''DJe Brm.hrr•• ~~LI!. to

    hie val•. E:vecni.ns;: 8(1,nion.

    8,. ''The Jdc•rt!ury'' •J:'t!cLrtl '1~1"1lDiA!l new,.

    ;:tt:r t~r~=lon~Uctfon rrodo~ ..._,"'• R,D-Rob.a.r-L Swck F...Xcluinge QaolO.Linr.--. lt.10-ltr. C. $. King, L~>tlun•r in llfalor.,,

    "111.e Mown1ent towttrr;I.; PeJe:-n.Won." 8..84l-.'.\ti11& Dtir(lthr New tun. C'r1ntn1JtQ; Mu,-

    P~n Clo,·N, m.~ ront-X'ulto; 1di11111 l•:Jsie L&.ro11ltin, eopta.n,,: J.t{aa B

    TLTESIJ.\Y, Alff.UST JO Mflrn.Jna $1;F111e.ion.

    1 I ''Th.i- Mt "'my'' nev,·11.. atOC'k rnarluot. tLh•• pin,:. ctJmmerd.11.l fntir>l11t11ncr,, 'Wlll,-tl,er ill• forrnirliQO, Rc.-t"t.lf'dl from th~ Studlo.

    l:?"-'l"'hne S..1~11.u.f,

    A ft~rnooa ~"l'l:::l'on 3.3.~Hnlnart SW4·k l-'":,.•tuu:1r.,·,n.tiot1.!I 4-Wfft.her !cir~r~u.a. TiM(' Sf~nals.

    E11dy l-:\·•·nln~ Scir;1fnn. 7 -Chllr.lrrn'I! Co:w,:,r. ''Bf" tl.rotber-'" 4!h111ts

    '41 hh ~Is. 'LU.--Th•'lr,11t,11'(>1 or 0Nl-r(f1!" lbrt nook.

    ehtM {'0;1.. "Geori:(fo llOts ti, th°" Zoo/' hy AuriL S.tC!.Ua,


    llu·r~~e,!:~,~t; rf;;:iJI~~!. m:::r,~~rah::: fi:,11·me.H,rn. iriml epcnJu~ antldpti.Ut1111, .R,e.. N>rd~ from ~he Studfo.

    ii. -Tithe Sfirnlll.

    ,\1~erucx,n ~11~fon, i M'J.&leal Liem:,; frrim lhe! $ludiu. !,tt,,.,.- frt"m

    ''>(! Tul))& Mnil.'" :S.31'.1- l fobn:rt Stoc:k" S1~i.i11n. 8- · "The }l .. u:o.ry" ¥.l)C-t:dal Tumcnii•n

    ~r\flexcd give

    the. power of 10. JntenU1l~ reception on the lootl at fu.lJ loud speaker strieugth.

    Build your own-V.'P will ~how you hoVt·, and ~h1 t• r1-•e~ Aervlce uutil working s.nliKruetorlly. H you cannoL l>ulltl you own, »ee U!-!-w~ will ndvfue )"'{lu.

    Corne • nd it on the Stittion~, induding 2FC. Another Shipmen, Nearly Sold Out

    INTERESTING C.o1npuative Teats just: ~ prove tb11t the dial settiogii; between stations

    on rhc .-cgul.-n·

    - . _,_ --·--~---~~~:~::~: 1 .. i.n lof1j/;" di11i11nce ~•~~lion (11dnllf Nt).J,0$S) i1t M) mtu·ltl'd thuti w~ havo dedded ;~8Jt:;:r ch~!';ai.f;0~~::1d:u!:~~n$ ~ ::r:1PER HETJ•;~QO\'NE Krrs. f

    the Gre&ter the Popularity of DEATITS. '•=::I,,, Jlt,d1;1~••d Prlt'e•: PIMn, ,001, 2tl/ii; ,MO~, 2 1/•: ,00023, lP./i, r·or f\fi(!!II. h1nln5: i-;nft'T' with vernier. a.t 6/- ~-1'11-

    l As Good as True Blue

    ..... ~

    \.\ ... ,i,;, k~:',,/0

    1 /1// rhr. famflh1r ph""'" nK,1ut.., th11I 71,u t.hould •.,;. \ \ ,... ~ :P/ _....... iru,h.t, on,, V.Uv~ w oU~n. used as • .!ltandard af cO'n'lp.n,ri&On,

    f!Ue e True Blues ___.._-..- v "'-- The World'• SutiH Valve (non-mkropbonle) •

    ...... ~"'• ... ~~-- .MaliJi for horrl.h Fitun1hu-d un1i ~l ~ud:etil. 1u,y-- ,1;/'1''\'\'i,~E Red•"" p,t,.. . . . • . . . . . ... ,, / , Users of dcy-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 38nla.obj-662943099National Library of Australia

    l'age Thirty-six

    TIIl'RSDAY. A C-GUST 12. .M.ur nllli,: ~iun.

    11-""Tha Mcrc:tuy" nnw11 •~k m.arkat. • h lo• s,inC:-. c-ommc-r.d•l ,ntt-lll~nc;~, .,..,ca1) i a• fo'rrnation. JU!d>n!. fr1im t.ha $tt11Uo.

    J!-'Ilm.1." Sii;'na1.

    .At~rrLoon ~i [Un :r lti1,ir'1l ltems tbt! StuJ fo, We&.tber

    fOrc\'.UI.-. :11.:l.O Tin h1:1.rt Etock E:1Cch1WC:e 0.uolsUotu1. 4-Timo J1i1tn•I.

    Early E\'en.ln1t Sm,lun. 1---Chlldrf'Tl 's C,on1e-r. "Biis Bruthe'l'" di:t.ta

    to hit' plUf, 7.l s--Th"' &d"Pl''f\tl'..lree ot Ceorte, Lbe Book.

    1h.,l.t 0.-t. "Geonn! ll'i::t. a n l-!h-1•t..dc: 8.bOck," by Aunt St

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 39nla.obj-662943223National Library of Australia

    l'.:i.1-:'t" 'l'hlrly-f'f•Vt-11

    -------------:. .. """''''"""'"''''"""""'' '''""'"'''"""""l"""'l''''""''1,u1,11,,,.,, .. ,,,,,,,, .... ,,,,, ...... ,,,, .... ,,,, ....... ,,,m11m11111110llt!IIUlllllllllllllll!IIIIIIIHIIIIU0llll1tUU111,,,,.. .... ,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,. .... ,,,.

    i I

    I Fox & MacGillycuddy Limited

    Daily Telegraph Buildings, Sydney nnwnA '\'1-; .'\OE~""TS: WTRELERS UOT'fIT:, \ nF.L,\lnF. f

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 40nla.obj-662943355National Library of Australia

    :,,nnuoi111uu,uu,.,, ,11111m101111""'""""""'' 1m111u1111111uu11nu1u111111u,n11ou1""'l"ll!I01l11111um, u11110111u11,m,ml•1

    ! I

    I ! ' '

    I . I

    I .--:---"'"-'""''--'"""'~-~-.., i I ~--- ------- 11\l~•lllllliii;;;:1~ ~


    I: Cjit companions-- B.EA UTlFUL ill\ ·wcl1 a:,i h ighly cfHdt>nt., A tit tor

    lh,• Anest rndin •••• that i• tho NF.W PHILCO 83X-the world•• finest Rechargeable Jl battery.

    Requires recharging only ,wery 2 or if monlha-rcfllJing with wat,er onCI:! s tleason.

    The built In Charge: lndk:ators tell t1I ..l ,gla~e hov. f:ir the bait~T)' iii cha ri,red or tfit•..,;hargtd. Far more llconom1t:~l than dr>' lp,1,tte,ne;:..

    Only (lbtai.Tu'\bfo rrom High Cla~!-i Radio Veul~rH.

    PlLl, IN TlllS COUPON.

    ' =====J ~e• 'w.''C~~:::::-~J:It·, ~~NICT.

    :::::':'':'l ..... ; l1!~.~~~:-~~~,:~-,~~~~·~~~~ ..

    Niun. or rai;,in Mt •• ,, •••• • •.••• •••• • •. , •.••• It Juu an, • ~1,Jcr 111 n.dfo, t,ln..e •l•t.c , , ••• • • •

    ~ ; ~ L•a"m i

    l.. ........... ., ................................ ~~:..:.: .~ .. ~ .. : .:'.: ....... "' .. "" ............................... J

    August fl. 192~.

    PROGllAMMES WELL AITllA.IJ. WiTt1le.t1;;;, knows 110 L•lo;,C!' boun, ..

    darit.•8. A mvdcrn irnd powerful bMt:i.dcnsting s.tothm docs tlnt rater merely for p~or,h• who livr d1>~e to it. but nun,.b~r-i; among: it!! l'""gular Us.trnle many, many miles nwMy f.rtlJn the ::tLULion itbt1lf. l1his ruct i!'I tarci'ully bo1·nt1 Jn mind at .1Q{i, :md lhP nrrnns;:eml'nb, tor lht-reh•a1-e of 11roJZra;mmes to the pr~~ h,n·e biel'J1 u~•,i,:ordingly. 1n uU parts ur th~ Commonweulth, radio enthusiasts Juc;,k forward t

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 41nla.obj-662943487National Library of Australia

    Aui,tus.t G, 1920. Thirty-ninC'


    Quality Parts For Permanent Results

    THE co,imte'1t efficiency and economy of EMM CO parts is commmily lmo1!'11 among radio owner:s to-day.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 42nla.obj-662943618National Library of Australia

    Pag-., Porty

    Listen-In To-night with B406 T IS TEN -1 N co-n1ght to an entertainment L plucked from the air. Enjoy rughcs of perfect reception by equipping your set with Philips Valves. Philips Valves, especially the 8406 which 1s de-signed for Loud Speaker Reception, combtne un-doubted economy with the highest efficiency. The 8406 has a filament consumption of only one-tenth amp. but the purity of tone and wonderful volume given add merit to its name, the New Wonder Valve.

    Price 13/6 Obu,nable at all Radio Dlcr,,

    Stocked. woth either Standard, Engluh or American Cap, also the New UX Cap.

    Maker-1 of the Famous Philips Lamps

    B406 ChatactcrsJIW.

    Filammt Voltage N, to f Vo/1.l

    Filamatl C&.tn'nt Plate Voltage 'Plau Cum:nt

    o, amp.

    Jo 12() Voll! ~ 11 m A


  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 43nla.obj-662943743National Library of Australia

    Angu•t 6, IP2~. WIRE LE~WEEKLY Pu1re Forty-one

    ---· ----------------~--~-~---~----------------

    "' Lamme i?rsonakties MISS 'l'.lAUY 'l'.la.CORMICK.

    The photograph ot llin Mary Mac-Cormkk, late pli:ntipal of lh•· mcU9 Rigo Grand Opcrn Company la shown in iho oval obove. Ml .. MacConnick was born at Aueklond, New Zealaml, and came to Sydn•·y ~hree yean 8Jr0, where ahe hM •unr in m.any con• certs, lnoluding thou uf the Roynl Apollo Club nnd ConscrvRtori= Strlnir QuarteUe

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 44nla.obj-662943877National Library of Australia

    Page J•'orty-two

    TII E A IIIZO:S.E N l,{-TROD'l:N E

    K IT,

    TUF; Airzon£! N1:1utrodyno kit com-prises 1Jnl;' ae1ial coil ttmi tl\·o inl~stage., the 8(!Con-

    ;Jories nf each having a.i, ~qu::i.1 num-ber t,f turns. nn-d with thrt~ variabJ,.. condenser,;. rd the .sarne capacities, gh·E>.J'I a dint r•tt.ding corrc!eciallr (Jew siJmed for U$it~ i,n the Filimtt:i11t Circuit

    of Dry Cell Valves Por u~J it ,.,ill gh¥e app'roximntoly double the hou~ of ::;en~ke tlw.t arc furnished by an ordinary No. G J,gnj-tion Bntterlt.

    This battery is ako usca.ble for general purpose ~ervicc J-1.fter it• volt3ge bas dropped below the valve. opi:mt .. ing- :requirement.

    Thi-a t..."tble ,:cives th(! aµprox:itmttc hours of ~ervico:-

    T HE OARh\101\T PRIJIARY IlAT'l'EllY.

    This is a p·rimar}'I cell, having tht: foJlow1nJl cha.rJJ.ett'ristid by H porOuR pot., hut Lhe liquids u.r~ such as to form a sem.i-pcrmt•~ble tnr.-mbrnn~ m the pore8 of tht> porou.s pot, and U1,eref01·e di.Wu-

    ~-Ion is u~gligible. 'rbt, cell cont1ists of a tC'tntainr-r m.Hde of glasg, in lb~ centro of which i."i the pqrous pol. The space l~tween Lht.1 to-p or th& eontalnt=-.r and the top of the P

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 45nla.obj-662944009National Library of Australia

    August 6, 1926. WIRELE~ WEEKLV Pag~ Forly-thrnc

    1_·· ~;;:;;;;-··- "-·····-···-· , ...... , .. , ... _,.,, ..... ,_,,,_,, -· ,,_ ... !

    ; ~

    I ! i _...;:a:il\=~,;::::~:::~~~~~- ...iii•~-: --==- ,,..,........... .. :

    I 1:,;i;[email protected]~rr;m~ 1

    I '

    SCIENTIFIC SUPER VALVES Day by day·-the round of thP clock-the1;e re.markable VH1ves-products et the vast. resources of La !wciiot.-chnique and La Compagnie Gener"'le de T.S.F., Paru-aro yielding In all four qun.rtei.,. o( the gJobe-------tu GcwemmenL, Comme.rciaJ, and Amateur :5tation alike-ret;uH.~ o{ an exceptionally high 9rder.

    Tn usia~ Radiotechn1que Valve$ you ure IoUowing lhe judgment of the world's leading radio authorities.

    ltAlllO ~IICl!.O. .06 .Amp.

    Low Consumption, DetectBr am! Amµllfie1, 3-:3.ii volt., .06 run pil:. £>ric-C> _ • • • • • • 13/6


    SL PER Al'tlPLf. Improved 201A Semi Dull ~;rnit~r. TYPE R

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 46nla.obj-662944131National Library of Australia

    Page Forty-fo~r

    1 ha.YI! only Ju,rt. taken up wlrcless and en\ rother n~rvous about lhe aeria.1, AA I understand tbat it is dan-~rous du.rh1g a thunderstorm. Is thhi a fact? A.. Whan it I• J>rO· perly Jni;la.ll.l!d, n witt>el~s$ aerial doe!. not c:on~Utut~ any danger whatc,'rer during n thunden.tonn. As a matter ol :£.n.cL. it is ge.neraUy n safeguard, 1,-rovlilt!d that. pravli.inn is made whereby· L~P. aerial tan be directly connected to earth by means of a

    1 am uaing lhe five-valve loop rt.'eci-'\'P.'?" described in ''1Virt>Jilliis "\Ve~kly/1

    dated April 2Srd, n.nd I am more Lhan satisfied wilh. lhe results I gcmernllv obtain. But for n few daya after the r-0c-chargin,g of my A battery l am unahl~ to get long tlh1.tanc~ re-ception. 1 find the first: rh~1Alut :!Br too critical. .4 fler tirn A battery is fl:lighU}· nm down, howe,~er, every• thin.Jc i.s O.K. Can yQa 11le~ae 1td-vise me how Lo make: n vunit>r ihe-stat suitable fo;r my lLF. \•n!vos? A~: A vernicir rheostat shoald not be ne-cessar)• in thl'l rcceiYt!'r you mention, and we feel suro that if you will change rounrJ the \'tdVtfl. you will find two wh1eh givo good results. and are not so criti~ to filament current. Th~ following advice may, howeYer, ti-rove uaeitil, Vernier filament arl-jus.tmcnt cannot ~ obtaint!d with .n wire wound l'lteo!,tat having- o. larg• er maximum resistance than 30 ohms. due to tho foct that Lho sll~hl-l'&t movcmcmt or the Ct\nt,.-..cL :m.n make.a a vPry apprcda.blc dift"croncl! to Lhe t..otal resistance in the filament eirta1 resistauc-Pr,;.

    If n vernier adjui!tm('nt ra abso-lutely net:essary it iii. better to mB a. fixed :r

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 47nla.obj-662944265National Library of Australia

    Augu.~t fi, 1926. Page Forty-l\,•e

    ------------------------------------------A SURE Tll!NG.

    O! the Dlliny amusing lcttel'.!I re-ceived by the =iounc01'$ C)f 3LO Mel-boUine, it rcc~t eonc!rJ)Ondcnt from the country sup1Jlies ono of the •'We have a .Mr. So nnd So he~ who has to go to bc.d everl-· n;ght at !:!un-set owiug to wcalrn,es5 from op""ration. Usually 1 p lac


    ~r. James Donnelly, the Vfil'Satile artist, who n11pears. at tbe 2FC studjos, ha!; di~played so mu

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 48nla.obj-662944391National Library of Australia

    Page Forty-~!~ WIRELE~WEEKL-Y A11gast 6, 1021l. w----------~---------

    f '""''""'""'"""""'""''""''''"'''"'"""'""'"''"'"''/ MiR.,d101\ue1ion Bridile

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 49nla.obj-662944526National Library of Australia

    A ngust G, 1026. Page Forty-seven

    f"""""'''""'"'""""''''''''''"""""'''''""""''"''''"'"""""'' 01Hmlllll,O•U•UlUlll!ll ll!!lllotnt1!t f!tllli!tlU1fllltllllllll!fUllllllillll~

    l '

    Shipment Just Landed I Vle arc gJad t.v ~nuounte LhRt w~ ha""Q ju~L h1.oded s thit1tnen1, t>f this wcll-kHC)\\'11 and r>~ular lfn.,. Our stO

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 50nla.obj-662944657National Library of Australia

    Pago J•'orty~ighL

    or wht•thrr it- wai, \'t•1·itt1bly ,1 C'n11li• p(!iJ~. Nt:~r saw hh1 (nt'-1' ·wiLhout t\ plen~• nnl "tnll~ TTowtttvt"T, v,;tb ch&racl4;"r .. l,tic energy, hi,;. aet lo -Kor•·, and. by lollin« literally da).,. and nigh~ hf. reduced chao to order.

    ltoad R.xp~rlen(e,~.

    tn -spite of unremitlin5r endura. Aflwen and Throm ISe)n scot thR tran rmlln um! f' di--cipline. ln(I. abo\Jt ,he scco11d (!v~nrn1t thf- fint wirclc-si:: mn~ 111e1ro ever 11Nll rrom Ct'ntral .AW1trn-lh1 was dcapntched to Ac1rlaide, nnd dut:r at·knowlrd~d.

    Th-tt eXpsr11tion• and Obs-:"r,.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 51nla.obj-662944784National Library of Australia

    August ij, 1020. WII\ELE~ WEEKlV Page 1"'10-rty-11ine

    ..---,------~------------~--------------- ----... !liUIIIIIIIIIHUIIIIIIU""IIIIIIUlllllllllllllll1111111!1111111111111UUlltOIIIIUIUUUll"fj" """'""'"'""""""""""'"JIUIJHIIIHlJU""""""""""m"1"1llt•11111u11n1'11u1111un11uu11111111111.111uu•llllj

    I CR~~;'"~~!.~AU~~~6TR~~~!?.,Rs~;Rs I I L d. ~ - Sterling Audio Transformers: All ratio . . . . . . 13 6 -1 Ediswan R Valves: 4 volts, .75 amps., American base 3 0 1 / Sterling St11Jill·e Law 21 plate condensers . . . . . . . . 13 6 ( i Columbia Dry Cells: 1 t volts, fresh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 9 1 I Evru:JJtftf v:it!t~i~~: -~u~~n-~t~~ f_r~_h_' ~~ ~-~!~~• ~~I:_: ~~ ~~l~s.' 9 6 I ; Valve Sockets: Metal shell black ba~e, 201A, l / 11; 199 1 6 , , Battery Switches: Push pull, 1/8; toggle pattern . . 3 0 ; ) Push Pull Transformers: "Crescent," per pair . . . . . . 85 0 ~ 1 Neutrodyne Kits: The Airzoue, per ~et . . . . . . . . . . 82 6 ~ !,,_ Browning Drake Kits: The Airzone, per set . . . . . . . . 26 O ~:-~

    \Ve pay CBrriage on orders 10/ - and over, except on Batteries and Speakers. _

    I T H E E C O N ~~'~ 't '·'ii_"'~~ I O S T O R E S I I 25 ROYAL ARCAOE, SYON6Y ' Phone M3049 169 HUNTER ST. WEST, NEWCASTLE I \&JlllllllllllUiU0111111111111111111u:u, ........ ~ ... ... .. ....... ,, .............. ........ , ............ ,,, .... 1un, .. m,n1111111111 ,,11n11111"""" '""" ' '*" u,u u111111111u111111.11uJUIIIIIIIUlltll lllll lltlllllllllllllllltlllUIH(.:

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 52nla.obj-662944919National Library of Australia

    ~-----vut..i.on.&, Wh4.•n the nH•n :,1lept l do not. know, ( know 1hat lht,e~ng •nd cou~Jun,r of that infernal ()oogla~ i-n .. rilll!. ·wou.1'1 bttak the d,•ulhl>· silenc-l'" of the dc~L-rt ni~ht 11t. the: niori.t un• trnrthly houn: nrul ~•tJl''ltl~ loud uml long, tu ,,itty nothrn.r or ,ulphurou"', wr,uld rb• rrum ·•Go•·ernmcnt n~m--t>.'' !n,cn lh"' •·Hut, .. 1.roni lhe '''lc-tll• Qwart+>n-," from tlh: "~h .. arers" Hut.'' ;md from the'! niggn:i' huinpi+-.«, as thl! rest of tlu.• C!ntir(• ,•ommunlty WHM n1dcly tfi:-.turbed. Lr n 11 the cu1·11t>1 callcW thro whole t"Otlr1'-P n( that ..,. cple, from •t.rl to iiniah.

    Thi p('rfod W'h., In lhP l't'f)• (>a!tTb'

    WIRELE~ Ef.KlV

    0xpe1·lnu•nt-nl d.nys or brott.dcru;ting Tentative t!Xperime.nta "·en belllR' ·11ade from lfe-lbourne, and we \\·ttt ju~t abfto to dis:tinguish a gramophone pJayiug, "Tht Bonnie Bon11it- 8ank11

    £dip.H ,,. 1our11timu. (~11';/fo /J1•t,n J.

    1hr hi1,rh .\lri11·U11t' i~ 1t ~·onwrn of fm-1, fut /nrtzi. I, rl,-:th. •'li,,tr 011· !t'f'Mt\· JoM tnrP

    1t~1 tt1tt51 h•"/u11,I

    ~r Loch Ll,n1011d,'" and 1 (;od :iave lhf' KinK.'' u• a diRtaTIC\.· o( nhont llK)H miles.

    rt. mrtv Ul· ot inlt••·.,~t. t('I m(!ntiott tluu. at.· the o\ll.Sft on!~ Mt>lbo\lml' and Adot..ld,• lmd h.•en anf•>rmed that lh.- cell G\\' ;1ad ~en allolled to thb, purULbJe 11,h1tion: yet. DN\tl~· all lh• ("oast station:,( n•portt',1 ii (N.pparentJ:,i,

    lh•git.imntt.,) n.ctivith.•:,( lo ht>!\rlm1,t to sit to lhl" 1,i .. ri with "nf''-t hanil~ otherwiSl' f'n~ed •·•• out or lh~ que5tion.

    Kear Lnko CallahorH1N, C'ftmp had j11st b{i.en picchcd on ll wind?iw~pt ta11dh1ll, anti tht> tn.t~ c1·t•ctcd, b~ro,, .. dark. Inle ndir.~ to c-omplde prepara. tiont next rla)* for a .womewhat lt"ngth) ,t11>·• t10 o1nt-mpt ~•* made to 1ml

    AU2\l~t ti, 1926.

    ----------9 1.hiuJ..~ i-,.hip,hKJlt' that night. Ahuut t n~m. trul!re wH a commotit>n.. and WI.' found thaL 'loOmt• dro\·,•r• had &r• ri\,vd with • mob of thin.t~· W :rnd r.ap.-:.ivd f'\' r)'thin~-

    Whcu t.b.k hupfJc:tu:J at JliJ!hl, th~ fi-rqt '""'1 QUt or hi blnnkct~ in the, moru-luu-, gPn'1rllll}· ll

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 53nla.obj-662945040National Library of Australia

    Aujl'u,l 0, JOiO. WIRELE~WEEKLV Pl\ge FiCt..y-one ·stance Valve © ESlGNED 1pedally for p0werful long-distance radio reception. Gives you the means to pick up those weak and elwive aignals and amplify thew to reality. Secure the valves that arc wodated with all the areac cran1-world reco«d1.

    MULLARD Type D .S ror 2 volt accumula1'lt


    Double Red Ring VA L V ES

    13/6 Type D,06 tor 2 or S dry celll or }3/6 t-.on ACCUlalaW< llACll HP hl•IJA ' U AmJ;.liDcl\ . ,o1h+ ,, .. ,., Ji{I. )'ii .,, , .. , rt! '" l\-lu:n ,n11·, 1 .. r11u .. ,n>tl l•1 "" 'f)•~ \"t1l1s Curr.-111 l',1,•t •rn,., r .. 11, l urrt•nf 1•1·1,;:, 'l'J Ill \ 11• t'11rr, 111 l'rl'--"\lc ln1.,n11i.eo rr.1r.,-fu ., "'

    "' •• " : , .. .. . , ii' M'A.l .. • " ' t t1t..on ..... .. Lr A•-U.N .. ... I I ,, • •oc It •. \ .. ... n,,; hrr .,. t'•R'r l°•I

    '" I> .. 13,~ II • ... 13" l'M-1 " t I " . 1\J1t•11 \,Ill I ~,.;l'lli'id ,, Oi'A 4 , .. tt:$ 1.~ 11 hFA I II 11:l'l IJ I IH.\" ,. 11·1·, 1:lfl . ro,;iis.1..1111 · cai:11'>1.1 hllt'I'• l)t:I lto 4 " 1:t.10 lit' .... :: 10 11 tt ltl' Ii II OF.-\.-1

    ·, 11 0 ~ 'i 18,ti ''"lni 1)•',ott ,, ..... IIF ,.,., r•\li ,. Jt,1 la. 'l! Ll:UJW.J' ,·"11,

    All t-.lnHa,d \.'aln .,. mauufactured ., :\lulla,d \\ ork .. l..ondt.Jn, E11c-:la.nd. OBT,\l'IAliLF. FROM !::VERY l!ADIO DE.Al.f.R IN AUSTRAi.iA

    Mullard THB •MASTER· VAL VE (ABK:,.. I,)

    . .t.d1c-ri:i~cml:'nt of thr \1ullard \\.'itf)('SII Srrrir, Cu. Ltd .• H.ilhttm. London, 8.\V".J2. ENGLANll.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 54nla.obj-662945173National Library of Australia

    nway for the thJrd time. \Vo had wnW.r where we Wtire; and eould easily have i-tuy~d there, hnd Wt' l>e~u able to inform lhe main J}atty of our pre-dict-amen¼ and get th~ mechanic to come a.long wilb spate J}Rrts. Att il wns, the mh,h6p nece&iL•t.ed a walk of 20 miles, t..hrough blnzl nt,;· hot sand~ hllltt, to rcuch lhe n""ru·cst bQunda..ry ridMany or th'-' hottr,Y arrutt~ure of that time, hut n.ow gru¼n into a.ged men ui lwenty or so, doubtkR-t-1 rernember how V.LA. putiently tllppeo~~\ i::.CHle ls e:\pable of doing a \'ai.t amount of 5t'1'Vlce, and that nn old, worn ~11:1rk !:!~t, with or without Logs, is t1ioi tho beHL type for lhe purpo,se.

    HAW,Hl1\N MUSIC.

    In rf!sponAi!- Lo numer

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 55nla.obj-662945305National Library of Australia

    Augu,t 6, 1926. WIRELE#'~WEEKLV Puge .Fifty-three

    ;u .... ,,11111111111,, ........... ,.,,,,, ........... ,,,, ........... ,,,,,,., .... ,,1111,11u1111h11uu11,u,11,u1t111,101t1IIIIIIIIIHIUIHIU11111u111+1111mum,,, ................. ,,,,11uu1111111111,,u11111,111101111111111n11111t1t!II~


    rex Insulators really insulale-they don't Jet energy leak away. :r":n!~i~ i1°at !\!e}h:ili'? ::~:,,,_ ':,,,,:!

    PYREX is the trade mark of a special composition possessring dis-

    , tinctive electrical characteristics. It j i ,.,,,.,· ,,..,,, is nol an ordinary glass-it contains :l no lead. It is homogeneous and of i ,-"\"~~~,;;;; a continuous uniform structure, and i so does not depend for it.s insulating l properties on the surface glaze. 2 PYREX does not absorb waler or at-i .,.,. .. u, tract moisture, and its smooth per-~ manent surface prevents the collec-e tion of dost. It is mechanically e strong and light lo weight, and UD• i,':,,,, doubledly is the best iru;ulaling mat-

    erial obtainable,

    QUAM CONDENSERS-the world'~ lowest loss condensers use PYREX E

    , i'fi~~~:, insulation throughout. ,=,:'':,_ ' PYREX Broadcast Jnsulators, 3/6 at ' all Dealers.

    United Distributors Ltd. 72 Clar*nao St., 8)'4ne,- 34S Queen Si,. Brlebn.1 = ~-~~~oJ:~bl~o~. ~~ ~:" q!!:~k6t'~\i~~hlb.

    21 Ohe111en st., Atlclt.tde 86 Ohrle.a St,. X...unceawn

    :~hll~•A:~t\~ti·:~p11r':tf,1~8:e!;;ni.;t£X"i:a~~11:::. ~.,~ = Bro"dran.1n1 Sto.tlcro:e~fac~~o o?h!;;-6-111~!f11"10;_ec9:-U{ =

    ~ ( ~~ !!~"•t J::rd t1.t1!hu!~~! -✓/4.~.,~ •nd Alf' ~hi.ti Sl"nlre 1fu!t1U:, : 0 ~ .,,d ••• •,ouln, PYREX.

    , I L.,.,,..,u, ........... 1,mu11101u111uu11u,,,,,u11111111111111m1111111111,u1uu1111u1111111111u1111111111u.uuuu"'"""""'"'"'"""''''"u1111111,,,,.,.,..,,.,,,.,,.,..,.,.,,,,11111111111111uuu,u111uum1111t111l

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 56nla.obj-662945438National Library of Australia

    Pag• l'ifty-Cour WfRELE~ WEEKLY Aug11Bt 0, 1926. - ------ --·---~-~- __ ,_...,. - - . --r••-HmeHH'l'"IIJlto,t_O ... • .. • .. ••!.,\llmlOJl'Ulllll!lt"U!tUll!ltolll"'""'llllOlilll•"!UOllt!IOtt!!tOIIIIIIUlt11ftt!ltlllll+tUU1l1mll ............ , ......... ,u10ttltlOIIIIIOl!IIUll!IOOl+l!IOtt!+UOlltlOIUU11U1


    j ~----------~ -M~n~ i

    II s~,r~:'!,~d F=o=r~m~o=-=~~r=a=n=sf=o~r=m~e=rs I

    A pioneer inijmiment yet still unchallenged. Specially l adapted for use in bot or humid climates. i

    I An instrument of surpassing merit, v. ell made and ),: well designed, giving dislortionleijs reproduction with amplification on a eilcnt background. Its consistent i ·1• high quality has made it the favourite with every wire- !

    less enthusiast, with the result that it is tn use in every ! i quarter o! the globe. j II The handsome gilt finish is in pleasing contrast to 1_

    the black terminal board, and aU terminals are lacquered i ! and provided with tags. !

    'J'his model is wound with 12,500 turns of wire on i

    i I i !

    'Price - 18/6

    a Slalloy laminated core, and is made in ratios of 1 1,

    to a, and 1 to 5. Under ordinary circumstances 1 to 5 should be used in the first stage of low frequency am- ,I plilicntion, and 1 to 3 in the second stage. Thia Trans-former is th, finest general purpose Instrument available. i ------- S,,i~ M,:t.'1fU '" Mu1tr-ttli.a ------ t cAustralian Pacific 'Trading Co. I

    Kembla lluildinv•, 58 M..-garet Street, SYDNEY. j Pbon11 R/494 Obta,,,abl~ from olfll LHd1Hf 'l{dJ1fl 'DNlm i I .... , ...... _.,, __ ,,_ .. _, .. _ .. _ ... __ ,, ..... .. --· ··-· --· .•. --~-·-···-·-"' __ l

    :_,,,,.,.,_,_,,.,. __ ,_ .. ,..,,,. __ ,,,,,_,_ .. , __ ,,, ___ ,,.,...,..,,., .. ,_,._,_,_ ... , .. - ..... , .. .,,,...,_ .. "_, ___ ....,.,,_, __ ,I

    l i I ~- I I

    NO Ew!n the poorest RecciYer -wit!, it< harsh reprod11ctio11 !:,i; MORE can be et>nYcrt~d into a mello»-1011ed musical imtni• DISTORTED mmt with ti,~ 11n MUSIC

    I r-=======~==================== I

    I ~ i I i I MACLURCAN I I T o N E P u R IF I E R :_N_ o~.,.s T A T ~ a E o u c Ea j I l ! i :zMCO 18:' t/dDY Price, 21/- rlll!(ii,,:~

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 57nla.obj-662945562National Library of Australia

    Auguoc 6, 1Y26. _________ .,.__ .... ,\IKCC,I OF MUSIC.

    Slation 2RL hn.s now S(ltt(ed down solidly and regularly to the increased BC?hedule. The re"ulal' daily features, which include physical training and healt,h e.xerci~l?J5 ut 7.10 a.m., s.portinR lttlks at 10.15, newti l!lervice~ from the " Telct:;i-Hph,'' and later from the "Hun" newsp,u per3.1 talkt:t t.o house~ ho)d{'ri,; by Mr • .lnrdun at midday, and other rt-1,rulru· .t'ont.ur+t>~" ra1t tin ll:ie Bir 1-1,t, thc-ir .,::;dwduled timP.s. Appre-c i11.tion thnt ha, followPtl [or thl:!! in-t>rea .. i.:ed $-C-rvjc:~ has bE•l'n expres.ti.Pcl in many lt•lters whkh Ju-1ve ~n rc,-l'l'ivcd by ~bttion 2.BL fl-901 all part~ of Au'itr.alits. DuTinR' lhtt nftcmoon 1.cs~it1t1 un Monday, A~ui;:t !Jth, Un,ricl J,11t~l'l• Te-a Roon, Trio "-'ill pro, by th,?11· readEir ... to publi~h 4.QG's Jlrd~r~Lmme!:' daily.

    They NEVER Vary l Not H mui;-h tlto glor!oo."11 pure LOl:IHI!!! or ll1ojr • 1tonl1blng TilJLi:!8 .nor the Vlll'ie~pOWi•t ,·olume, DuL It hi b:, lheir iltl1· 111 11,l)d ,b)'·IIUI tn-.i.t.!$te:ult,--th~ absolnt11 c.trtr.inty o r pt" tine 1)8t'fttcS Anil nnintarrut,1,.ed 1.1 rocr1lmttlr .. ~-ll·111; lhdl! lllpex r17r.bii. l1•'J.- made (I, nl!-11i' 11lou.!J;ura io Radio. 'l'h•J NltV'f-: lt ~a..t)'I

    Agents 1 Mears. MOREY'S PJIOPBIETAJlY LTD.

    '-': w 1V --:- 98 QuNm 81.1 Melbourn• ~

    !111111t1111u .. ,,,, .. ,, ....... ,,, ,1ttUtlltltttlUllllllt11t1uuu,,,, , , ,.u111111,1111u1111111+ 1l 111111u, .. ,,, ,,"--:

    Pai:,, t'ift)l•fiw

    ~':_1.:·-;:~7;;;:·-,,,. Brins: your trouhl~ lo me.




    : ~Jlti~ I I will buy your compon•

    ents tor you at Tilling city

    i·:,::i':_ gj:~il:;t~¥l:~h~ i~ good~. This service is free. 1 nm at your seryice in

    any -radio wants.

    City n(Mt f rc-e. 81115:lc, CUJlie& 8d, .,aeb, or p,ogt r~ 4d,

    A1J11ert:latn,r. l''W.Y mUirt bfl lo th(I handa

    ~;~; ~~,::~. y4~",.o~ te n1:~l~~rvr: in til'lltt. the l,lre11loo.1 woelt.'e ad.Vt!!'t.l~ol\t Will be! rei,e,llt-cd.

    Aa1''1tll hi CreaL BdUiin.- The Co!o11ia.l Tr,d1nlrnl Pren., Dudli:.,· lhuise, &nlh-Wu\1pt9n Stret, Scn.111,1., W.(.J. 2.

    "Win!lf!11o1 W,:dds"' ii folly -protoeb-4 bT copyrl(rht,. .11.n,I nc,thh1e that a»Dc!lil,_ ln h m.ay be re).)rintt-d, whnllT or 1o. pa.rt, wlt.bout 11>edal ~J$:don. The use o!. -our artldi:ia or quo1a.Lton11 from d1t-ro fQl. a.oy PlU'PO!I-=.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 58nla.obj-662945693National Library of Australia

    WIRELE~EEKLV Au('U•t 6, 1026.


    The ~~BULLPHONE Nightingale'' ACCLAIMED th, Wonder Sp,aktt of the World. The pure rich tone of lhe ,. BUUPHONE" i!li true co iu name-, the Nigl,tiugalt

    TEST it against any Speaker cosung ~ timn its price

    DEMAND a domonstration

    DEALeRS d.,,U'OUS of further particulars should write I

    F. HOWSAM - - G.P.O., SYDNEY

    14 Jru:h Bell, 21 inch.I!• hifVI.

    N,c:k«l-pbted Am, •nd £4 Scsnd. fll;dc:.,-18ell

    14 inch Bell, 21 i,ic.het high. Nickel. PTY. LTD., I i 260 Flin den, Lane, :llelbou rne. ~ ' ' ! .-i~=~- Carried in stock and distributed in i ! -:i~~i~~ Xew South Wales by l i ~ i ii5~~~ MA.NUP A.CTUR.ER.S PRODUCTS j I c---,-.._~--- Pty. Umlted, i

    Challis House, Sydney. ! i i ~"'""'""•U10uuo,.,omno,1,11,..,..,100,,,.,.,,,.,.,,,..,1,11111uu111,umt1ni+1nn1111111,.,m,,1111 '"""""''"""'""'""11io1111,, .. m,u111Hunn11111,11u,.u11,.,., .. .,.,mu,,.u .. uuunu,u111101111t1u1=.

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 59nla.obj-662945827National Library of Australia

    August 5, 1926. WlllELE~WEEKLV

    Designed for those des.iring a Radio Rcc:civer de Luxe, it in-

  • The wireless weekly : the hundred per cent Australian radio journal

    Page 60nla.obj-662945953National Library of Australia

    Al>ill3t 6, 1926.

    ----------~--- -~----·-~- ---~-,~-..._..,,,_ ~-""? ----~--

    11 111 ! !! 11 '~



    1'MPLIO~ Type A.R. 114

    The rrmarkahtc clarity and mttural tone of I nc-0rporating all the ~1dvnnt._tgeo11s foahJrC:i the \Vorld Famous /\MPLION Loud Speaker, of the new J unio, MoJd, the De luxe" Type wh~n ~ed "ith a good receiving set~ renders A.R. 114, w-ith 1u. oak p:meJJed crumpet of wirtlrllit price.


    Sq(~ '/Ji,1ributors for Mmfra/aJU1

    Amalqai¢edi) Wireless ~7 •• ~

    SYDNEY - "1£1,BOURNE- .1.DELAIDE 88.ISBilNE PER.TH - WELLINGTON, N.z_. ,$o/,r Jl:~