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<ul><li><p>Colours 5 Cambridge University Press and Grupo SM, 2007</p><p>Name: </p><p>Jumbled fairytales: Once upon a time 5</p><p>Once upon a time there was a girl called Goldilocks.</p><p>She was in the woods. She was hungry and tired.</p><p>There was a house in the woods. </p><p>She was happy because there was food in the house. </p><p>There were three chairs and three beds.</p><p>She was asleep in one of the beds.</p><p>Suddenly there were three bears in the bedroom.</p><p>The bears were surprised to find her there and she was veryfrightened.</p><p>Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella.</p><p>She was sad because her two sisters were horrible to her.</p><p>It was the princes birthday. There was a party at the castle. </p><p>The sisters were at the party but she wasnt. She was very unhappy.</p><p>But her friends were kind to her. Suddenly there were beautiful shoes on her feet!</p><p>The sisters were surprised to see her at the party. The prince was very happy because she was there.</p><p>It was very late it was time for her to leave the party!</p><p>She was at home with her sisters. The prince was there with the shoe.</p><p>He was happy to find her but the sisters werent happy at all!</p><p>Once upon a time there were three little pigs. </p><p>They were brothers.</p><p>There was a big bad wolf who was hungry.</p><p>There were three houses.</p><p>The first house was made of straw and the second house was made of wood. They werent very strong.</p><p>But the third pig was clever. His house was made of bricks.</p><p>The three pigs were safe in the house because it was strong.</p><p>The wolf wasnt happy; he was still hungry!</p><p>Goldilocks and the three bears Cinderella The three little pigs</p></li><li><p> Colours 5 Cambridge University Press and Grupo SM, 2007</p><p>Name: </p><p>5Jumbled fairytales</p><p>1 Answer the questions. What was the name of the story? </p><p> Who were the characters in it? </p><p> 3 What places were in the story? </p><p> 4 What was your favourite part of the story? Draw a picture and write the sentences from the cards in the lines below.</p></li><li><p>3Colours 5 Cambridge University Press and Grupo SM, 2007</p><p>5Vocabulario was, were, wasnt, werent; palabras relacionadas con los </p><p>cuentos Goldilocks and the three bears, Cinderella, The three little pigs</p><p> Instruccionesparajugartodalaclase.Esta actividad se puede </p><p>hacer para toda la clase o en grupos de cuatro alumnos. Haz una </p><p>fotocopia de la pgina 1 y recorta las 25 tarjetas. Si tienes menos </p><p>de 25 alumnos, no recortes todas de forma individual, deja alguna </p><p>con un par de ellas (siempre de la misma historia). Si tienes ms de </p><p>25 alumnos, puedes recortar los ttulos y sumar 28 y si tienes ms </p><p>alumnos, puedes cortar algunas de las tarjetas ms largas en dos. </p><p>Para poder leer el cuento completo tienes que leer de izquierda a </p><p>derecha. La tarjeta con borde ms grueso te indica dnde comienza </p><p>cada una de ellos. Goldilocks tiene ocho tarjetas, Cinderella nueve y </p><p>The three little pigs ocho. (Los ttulos no estn includos).</p><p> Reparte una tarjeta a cada alumno y dales tiempo para que la lean. </p><p>Despus se pasean por la clase contndole su tarjeta a diferentes </p><p>compaeros hasta que hayan encontrado todas las tarjetas de su </p><p>historia. Anmales a que cuenten lo que pone en la tarjeta, pero no </p><p>a que lo lean. Cuando hayan juntado todas las tarjetas y se hayan </p><p>formado los tres equipos, ordenan las tarjetas para formar el cuento </p><p>completo. Leen en voz alta para corregir que el orden es correcto.</p><p>1 Answerthequestions. Haz una fotocopia para cada alumno, contestan las preguntas y hacen un dibujo de forma individual. </p><p> Respuestas: respuestas abierta</p><p>Vocabularywas, were, wasnt, werent; words related to the stories </p><p>Goldilocks and the three bears, Cinderella, The three little pigs</p><p> Preparingtheactivityasaclassgame.This activity can be done </p><p>with the whole class or in groups of four. Make one photocopy of </p><p>page 1 and cut up the 25 cards. If you have less than 25 pupils, do </p><p>not cut up all the cards; leave some in pairs (they need to be from </p><p>the same story). If you have more than 25 pupils, you can cut out the </p><p>three titles of the story and this gives you 28 cards. If you have more </p><p>than 28 pupils, you can cut one of the longer cards in half. The stories </p><p>are arranged in order from left to right on the page. The three cards </p><p>which are highlighted, mark the beginning of each story. Goldilocks </p><p>has eight cards, Cinderella nine and The three little pigs eight. (Titles </p><p>are not included).</p><p> Give each pupil a card and allow them time to read it. They then </p><p>walk around the class telling each other the sentence on their card </p><p>and looking for the pupils who have the other lines in their story. </p><p>Encourage them to tell the story, not to read it. Once they are in </p><p>group, they put the cards in order to make the complete story. They </p><p>read it aloud to check it is correct.</p><p>1 Answerthequestions. Make one photocopy of page 2 for each pupil. They answer the questions and draw a picture individually.</p><p> Answers:open answers</p></li></ul>