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    Opening Exhibition


    Reuben Colley Fine Art was established in February 2010 in Moseley, Birmingham.

    Having built up a strong reputation for dealing with some of the best contemporary living artists in the UK the gallery relocated in February 2015 to

    85 89 Colmore Row, Birmingham, in the heart of the Colmore Business District.

    Alongside the artists we represent we also offer a sourcing service for clients looking for specific pieces.

  • Alex Russell Flint Alex Russell Flint is a British painter specialising in beautifully crafted, soulful oil paintings. Painted in the traditional style, he adds

    a modern twist with his choice of subject and composition.

    Along with countless commissions, including a portrait of HRH the Duke of Gloucester, he has had numerous group and solo exhibitions in the UK and Ireland and his work hangs in public and private collections in America, China, South Africa and Europe.

    Russell Flint divides his time between London and Argenton-Chateau, France where he is living in and renovating an old school house which has become the backdrop for many of his paintings.

    Alex is the Great Grandson of Sir William Russell Flint

  • Fade Oil on Canvas 120 x 88 cm

  • Camille Oil on Panel 49 x 41 cm

  • The Equestrian Graphite on Gessoed Panel 70 x 58 cm

  • Outlaw II Oil on Canvas 85 x 114 cm

  • Carousel Oil on Canvas 85 x 102 cm

  • Reuben Colley Reuben Colleys paintings are serious but far from solemn, indeed, they are full of a sense of wander; even joy.

    Having built an international reputation for his urban landscape paintings of both Birmingham and London and having had numerous sell out exhibitions in both cities over the past 15 years, Colley opened his own gallery in 2010 to show not only his own

    work but that of likeminded artists.

  • Embankment Pier Evening Oil on Canvas 102 x 76 cm

  • NRG Oil on Canvas 152 x 117 cm

  • Woodland Graphite on Paper 22 x 18 cm

  • Towards the Light Graphite on Paper 22 x 18 cm

  • Rick Garland Rick Garland studied at Gemini, one of the premier illustration colleges in Europe. His four year training course was very much in the tradition of the old masters. The first year focussed entirely on black and white drawing allowing him to fully understand tonal


    With collectors all over the world for his photo realist paintings, the demand means that they sell very quickly. The pieces included in this catalogue are the only original paintings by this artist that are currently available in the UK.

  • Long Hot Summer Original Acrylic on Canvas 135 x 100 cm

  • Afternoon Sun Original Acrylic on Canvas 35 x 50 cm

  • Tony Karpinski Tony Karpinski began painting and drawing at the age of 4 receiving art prizes every year of his school life. He went on to study

    the techniques of the great masters such as Rembrandt and Rubens.

    Over the past 20 years Tony has built up an international reputation as one of the UKs leading photo realist artists. His paintings have been sold in galleries, at art fairs and auction houses throughout the world.

  • Nude Oil on Panel 19 x 30 cm

  • Mircea Teleaga Mircea Teleaga was born in Radauti, Romania and is currently based at The Slade School of Art in London. His paintings explore

    the history of certain places without the use of a narrative. The abstracted landscapes bear clear marks of their past, avoiding a very self explanatory approach, he intends to show distortions or scars in these landscapes.

    Mircea has been selected for a scholarship from The Sarabande Foundation who are there to ensure that the creative talent of gifted artists and designers can flourish. Over 20 years ago the idea for a charitable foundation was born out of the creativity and experience of the late Alexander McQueen who passionately believed that young creative minds with the potential to push

    boundaries and overturn prevailing orthodoxies should be given the same opportunities hed enjoyed.

  • Untitled II Oil on Canvas 36 x 42 cm

  • Untitled III Oil on Canvas 56 x 81 cm

  • Untitled VII Oil on Canvas 102 x 117 cm

  • Untitled VIII Oil on Canvas 82 x 117 cm

  • James Byrne James Byrne is a Birmingham painter who has had a studio practice in the city since completing an M.A. in painting in 1982. His

    work has been included in a number of important shows in the UK and Hong Kong and his paintings are included in The Warwick Arts Trust permanent collection as well as Birmingham Museum and IBM Collection.

    In 2014 James Byrne painting Book as exhibited in the John Moores Painting Prize at The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

  • Giltar Point Series IV Oil on Canvas 60 x 60 cm

  • Wicklow Recall II Oil on Canvas 122 x 92 cm

  • Wicklow Recall III Oil on Canvas 122 x 92 cm

  • Annette Pugh Annette Pugh uses a diverse range of media to investigate the point at which, and how, a photograph becomes more than just a

    copy. She sources imagery from a range of archives and often references subjects and locations which are at once both familiar and yet anonymous.

  • Here Where the Roses Bloom Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 82 x 122 cm

  • Walking Towards You Original Mixed Media on Canvas 51 x 72 cm

  • Strolling I Original Mixed Media on Canvas 41 x 41 cm

  • Michael Talbot

    Michael Talbot is a British sculptor. After completing a BA Hons degree in Sculpture, he gained a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools London for post graduate study in 1980, winning the Landseer prize in 1983. He studied further at The Sir Henry Doulton

    Sculpture School under Colin Melbourne ARCA and Dame Elizabeth Frink RA. Michael was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1997.

  • Ophelia Original Bronze Edition 55 x 94 cm

  • Serephina Original Bronze Edition 35 x 92 cm

  • Grace Original Bronze Edition 75 x 91 cm

  • How Do I Love Thee Original Bronze Edition 30 x 56 cm


    85 89 Colmore Row, Birmingham. B3 2BB

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