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  • 12016-17

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Houston-Downtown

    Dr. Nicole LaRose Student Research Fund

    Undergrad Graduate GPA Min. Status # of Awards Award Amt.


    YES YES 3.0 full time varies up to $500/award

    SEPT 15

    Nicole M LaRose, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Houston-Downtown passed away in 2011. This young scholars published work examines how questions of community, identity, and technology are explored in texts centered in and around the sprawling metropolis of London, a city that exerted a particular fascination to her. Dr. LaRose invited her readers to see cities as places of contradiction and confusion, but also as sources of discovery and community.

    LaRose Funds are intended to support the research and creative activity of students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) at UHD. Applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty from CHSS. All funds must be used to support student research or creative activity. Applicants may request funding to support any research or creative activity needs, including but not limited to the following: purchase of books or materials to conduct research, travel to attend a conference, travel/admissions costs to gather data or view materials (books, art, etc.), etc.

    The committee will review all materials and make awards based on the strength of the overall set of materials, with special attention to applicants who demonstrate strong writing skills and a research interest that suggests potential for creative/independent thinking. While a proposal may be based on work done for a course, these scholarships are not intended to fund the purchase of materials required for a course or course project that is assigned as part of the regular coursework. To be considered for this award, applicants must

    be a certified full-time undergraduate (at least 12 semester credit hours) or graduate (at least 9 semester credit hours) certificate or degree seeking student in at the University of Houston-Downtown.

    have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of application. be in good financial and academic standing with the university at the time of application. plan to be enrolled at UHD during the period in which the award will be used.


  • 22016-17

    UHD CHSS LaRose Scholarship: Application Form

    1. Personal Information

    Last name First MI Student ID number

    Street Address Apt. No.

    City State Zip code

    GatorMail address Cell or daytime phone 2. Academic Information

    Note: Attach an official UH-Downtown transcript.

    Major Major must be officially declared __________________________

    Number of Completed Semester Credit Hours (include transfer SCHs)________

    Current UHD GPA ___________

    3. Proposal Information

    Title/Brief Description of Research Project: _____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Total Amount requested (may not exceed $500.00): _____________

    Funds will be used for (check all that apply and attach additional pages if needed):

    Purchasing materials or tools (specify materials in an attached document)

    Travel to conference: Conference title________________ Conference dates __________

    (Identify specific costs related to airfare, mileage, hotel, registration, etc. in an attached document)

    NOTE: If you are requesting support to attend a conference, you must attach a copy of the conference announcement and, if you are a presenter, you must include evidence of the acceptance of your paper/poster/presentation, along with a copy of the abstract or paper that you submitted.

    Travel to carry out research (not conference related)

    Travel dates______________ (Identify specific costs related to airfare, mileage, hotel, registration, etc. in an attached document)


    (Identify specific costs in an attached document)

  • 32016-17

    4. Typed Description of Research Project

    Attach a 500 word description of your research, addressing the following: What is your research topic and research question or hypothesis? What have you done thus far in regard to pursuing the research? What role does your research play in your overall academic plan of study? How will the scholarship funds support your research/what will you use the funds for?

    5. Affidavit

    I hereby grant permission to the CHSS Scholarship Selection Committee to review my complete application to determine my eligibility for a scholarship. All of the information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that intentionally falsified information will lead to my disqualification from consideration for a scholarship and may require repayment of any scholarship money already awarded. I understand this affidavit and understand that if I am not able to attend UH- Downtown or carry out my proposed activities during the semester awarded, the award will be returned to the scholarship fund.

    Printed Name of Applicant

    Signature of Applicant

    Date signed

    Note: The selection committee will make its funding decision based on the combination of factors including the applicants UHD GPA, progress toward graduation (cumulative SCHs completed), and quality of the research project as measured by typed description of research project and the faculty letter of support.

    Submit this completed application form, typed statement, and transcript, to the Office of the CHSS Dean in 1015-South by September 15. Please also ensure that your reference sends her/his letter of support to Office of the CHSS Dean 1015-South, One Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 by the deadline.

  • 42016-17

    UHD CHSS LaRose Scholarship: Recommendation Form Recommendations should conform to the following requirements:

    The recommendation should be from UHD faculty member from whom the student has

    taken a class and preferably with whom the student is conducting research. Recommendations should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the recommender's

    signature across the sealed flap of the envelope. The name of the APPLICANT should be written on the outside of the envelope.

    For Applicant to Complete:


    Student ID Number

    For Recommender to Complete:




    In what capacity have you known the applicant?

    Please attach a statement or letter that reflects your knowledge of and experience with the candidate, especially with respect to the applicants qualities, abilities, and interests that would qualify him/her as a strong candidate for a research scholarship. Please indicate if you plan to offer guidance to the candidate while s/he is conducting her/his research.

    Recommendations should be in a sealed envelope with the recommender's signature across the sealed flap of the envelope. Recommendation letters can be given to the applicant for submission or they can be delivered directly to the Office of the CHSS Dean with an indication that it is a letter of reference for a LaRose student scholarship.

    Office of the CHSS Dean 1015-South One Main Street Houston, TX 77002


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