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Collaborative Learning Activity. Students Assessing Teaching and Learning Program. Pre-Survey. How open are you to working in groups? Please complete this survey individually. We’d like to gather your honest opinion. Only summary results will be shared with the Core 1 program. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collaborative Learning Activity

Collaborative Learning ActivityStudents Assessing Teaching and Learning Program

Introduce SATAL and the purpose of the presentationWell walk you through the rationale behind the collaborative learning activities assigned in your Core 1 assignment #2 which make teamwork effective and relevant, thats to say, activities which make group work effective and relevant.

Pre-SurveyHow open are you to working in groups?Please complete this survey individually. Wed like to gather your honest opinion. Only summary results will be shared with the Core 1 program.Pre-SurveyHow open are you to working groups? Not just Core 1(Then pass the pre survey)Do not collect paper until the end.Presentation Outcomes: You will be able to...We understand there is a lot of value derived in working in teams...Group work is better than the work the smartest person in the group can do alone...Identify the values of teamwork

Outline teamwork pros and cons

Assess assignment worksheets & forms

After this presentation you will be able to...Activity: IcebreakerDiscuss with your group.If you had any superpower what would it be?How would you and your super group members work together to help victims of natural disaster of your choosing?

Ice breakers - Get in your group. -Think -Pair - Share1) What would be your superpower?2) How would your group work as a team?Take three minutes to talk about it then present.For example: mudslide/CA Drought/missing planeShare what you learned with the class

They will talk to the class how they would use their superpowers to be a team, to build on each others powers. Teamwork is a life skillLead Recruiter: You will lead and motivate a team of direct reports to achieve amazing performance goals. You'll work closely with the executive management team to set and develop business strategies... You will use your strong communication skills to tell rich, meaningful stories using data and influence decisions. You will develop strong relationships across the organization, working collaboratively with clients, peers and key leaders to drive results for your team, the department and clients.

Have a student read the description. Nearly every job on Google job listing includes teamwork in the job description. Emphasize this job because teamwork is essential to job. Teamwork is also in the majority of other job listings for google, this one just emphasizes the majority of them. They have to work in multiple teams and organize with other teams. Have management and communications skills to develop relationships.Teamwork is a Life SkillOther Examples:

Medical fieldSportsAny other?

Why we picked medical field/sports. Then ask them for examples (Think Pair Share)Talk about who are the team players (doing surgery who needs to do what) in the first bullet then ask the students to say about the rest and ask if they have any more examplesMedical - Sports - how the team functionsPros Increase confidencePromote discussions and diversity in ideasHelp students become more comfortable asking for helpIncrease understanding through help from peersImprove effective communication skillsTeach students to organize groups and manage their timeHelp develop conflict resolution skillsSocial LoafingScheduling meetings issues Meeting deadlines Conflicting personalitiesDominating group member/sCoping with distractionsConsHave them talk in groups about these.Have each group write up on the board one pro and one con - pair shareThen just showing the whole thingYou have worked hard so have candy

-from pros and cons decide on using the last slide

Social LoafingOccurs when certain members of a group get by with less effort than what they would have put when working alone. Two common manifestations are: Free rider effect where some members do not put in their share of work under the assumption that others efforts will cover their shortfall, and thus cause ...Sucker effect, where the other (fully performing) members lower their efforts in response to the free riders attitude. (Business dictionary)

Social loafing is a common issue and we wanted to define it, it is easier to control something if you know what it isAsk for their suggestions to try to stop social loafingOur suggestion - In other classes you can use google docs to see who is doing what and you can comment on stuff others wrote (or why even you like it)

Teamwork Value RubricHow would you resolve social loafing situations using the strategies from the value rubric?

Group ResumeHow does each members education benefit the group?How does each persons skills benefit the group? What experiences do we all bring to the table?

Introduce group resume, explain, then give our exampleSATAL Student ResumeEDUCATION:Charlesice: Jessica: Engineering, PhysicsValorie: Lit/History of 1960s, Marketing, MacroeconomicsSATAL Student ResumeSKILLS:Charlesice: Research, Presentation/Lesson Plan DesignJessica: Detialing, planning, and computorValorie: Writing, editing, and public speaking

SATAL Student ResumeEXPERIENCES:Charlesice: Working in a research lab David: Medical internshipsValorie: Playing on a sports teamJessica: Web design

Group Resume First, come up with a team name for your group. Take 8 minutes to complete the group resume by collaborating with your team members.

Please only initial if you want the resume back.Please fill out the group resume, if you have any questions please ask.We are going to collect these to use for future projects, if you want it let us know now and we can make a copy of it to give it back to you.Review Your ResponsibilityIn your group, reassess the team plan:What will you keep and change?

Now that you are done with the group resume, and you know the skill of everyone and what everyone can contribute. Please look at the team plan and in your groups discuss if you would like to adjust it. Take two minutes now to discuss if you want to change anything.If you need more time you can do it after class.Activity Log

Relate to how SATAL has meeting minutes- to avoid the cons previously mentioned in the groups and presentersGroup and Self Assessment

Talk about how SATAL does this. The importance of assessing performance to identify what works, what could use some change, and what we going to do differently in the future.Teamwork is behaviors under the control of individual team members (effort they put into team task, their manner of interacting with other on team, and the quantity and quality of contributions they make to team discussions).Teamwork Value Rubric

Give out the supplementary material. One is hints for being effective in communicating in groups.The other is a teamwork rubric that clearly states how to assess yourself and your classmates.

How to Use a Google DocHere is a link to a Google doc used collaboratively by six students:

From a Marketing Class

What questions do you have?Our possible suggestions:Write in different colorsUse comments to talk about other peoples ideas without changing what they wrote.The revision historyThe chat toolShow them the example google doc.ReferencesBarkley Elizabeth F., Cross K. Patricia, Major Claire H. (2005). Collaborative Learning Techniques. A Handbook for College Faculty. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco. Johnson, David W., and Johnson, Roger T. (2009). An Educational Psychology Success Story: Social Interdependence Theory and Cooperative Learning. Educational Researcher 38: 365.Mills Barbara J. Enhancing Learning- and More! - Through Cooperative Learning. Idea Paper #38.Tomcho Thomas J. and Foels Rob. (2012). Meta-Analysis of Group Learning Activities: Empirically Based Teaching Recommendations. Teaching of Psychology 39: 159."Google Career Listing." Google Careers. Google. Web. 8 Apr 2014. .Post-SurveyWe understand there is a lot of value derived in working in teams...Group work is a life skill.How open are you to work in groups?Please complete this post presentation survey individually. Wed like to gather your honest opinion. Only summary results will be shared with the Core 1 program.

Please fill this out. We care. We will be using this feedback to improve the next presentations for the next class.

Collaborative Learning ActivitiesCollaborative learning (Johnson & Johnson, 1988) is an instructional method characterized by the following traits:Positive interdependence: Team members need one another to complete their task.Individual accountability: Each team member is responsible for a certain part of the task or fulfills a certain role. If someone is not doing his/her job, true collaboration is absent.Social skills: Team members must learn to handle conflict, argue constructively, and disagree without being disagreeable, etc.Face-to-face interaction: Team members physically work together, in a common space, to complete their task. Group processing: Team members help one another understand how learning occurred and how each team member contributed to completion of the overall product. Reflecting on learning is critical to real learning.

Teamwork is a life skillJobs at Google:Visual Designer, Youtube: As a Visual Designer, you work closely with Engineers and Product Managers to create products that are simple but great for the user.

Software Engineer, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence: Machine Intelligence is a high impact team within Knowledge thats building the next generation of intelligence and language understanding for all Google products.

Along the lines of it does not matter if you are a group of superheroes or you are in a class or a job, the role you play in a group is importantThese jobs were pulled from the google job listings and highlighted in blue are the needed teamwork skillsSATAL members talk about own experiences in needin