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    In the modern urban culture consumption of soft drinks particularly among younger generation has

    become very popular. Soft drinks in various flavors and tastes are widely patronized by urbanepopulation at various occasions like dinner parties, marriages, social get together, birthday

    calibration etc. children of all ages and groups are especially attracted by the mere mention of the

    word soft drinks.

    With the growing popularity of soft drinks, the technology of its production, preservation,

    transportation and or marketing in the recent years has witnessed phenomenal changes.

    The so-called competition for this product in the market is from different other brands. ass

    media, particularly the emergence of television, has contribute to a large e!tent of the ever growing

    demand for soft drinks the attractive "ingles and sport make the large audience remember this

    product at all times.

    It is e!pected that with the sort of mass advertising, reaching almost the entire country and offering

    various varieties annual demand for the product is e!pected to rise sharply in the times to come.

    In any marketing situation, the behavioral # environmental variables relating to consumers,

    competition and environment are constantly influ!. The competitors in a given industry may be

    making many tactical maneuvers in market all the time. The may introduce or initiate an aggressive

    promotion campaign or announce a price reduction. The marketing man of the firm has to meet all

    these maneuver and care of competitive position of his firm and his brand in the market. The only

    route open to him for achieving this is the manipulation of his marketing tactics.

    In today$s highly competitive market place, three players have dominated the industry% The &ew

    'ork based (epsi )ompany Inc. The *tlanta based coca- cola and +.. based )adbury Schweppes.

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    Through the globe, these ma"or players have been battling it out for a bigger chunk of the ever

    growing soft drink market. &ow this battle has been evolved up to India too with the arrival of

    these three giants.

    Soft drink industry is on amazing growth% ultimately these are only one person who will determine

    their fortunes. The Indian consumer the real

    War to /uench his thirst has "ust begun.

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    It all began in 001, when a tree legged brass kettle in 2ohn Styth pemberton$s backyard in *tlanta

    was brewing the first ( of marketing legeent +naware the pharmacist has given birth to a caramel

    colored syrup, which is now the chief ingredient of the world$s favorite drink. The syrup combined

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    with carbonated the soft drink market. It is estimated that this drink is served more than one

    thousand million times in a day.

    3/ually oblivious to the historic value of his actions was 4rank I!. 5obinson, his partner and book

    keeper. (emberton 6 5obinson laid the first foundation of this beverage when an average ninedrinks per day to begin with, upping volumes as sales grew.

    In 078, this beverage got into bottle, courtesy a candy merchant from ississippi. 9y the 7:;$s

    )olas was a daily consumption item, stored in house hold fridges. Soon were born other non- cola

    variants of this product like orange 6

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    going well and well not suffer the same fate as the 5s. : crore )adbury India$s apple drink

    *pella. )S9I is now with orange =crush>, and Schweppes soda in the market.

    *s orange drinks are the smallest of non-cola categories that is 5s. ;; crore markets with ;J

    market share and cola heaving :;J is followed by

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    RANGE This is the last but not the least factor, which affects the sale of the products of a

    particular company.5ange availability means the availability of all flavors in all sizes.


    Con Styth (emberton first introduced the refreshing taste of )oca-)ola in *tlanta, Beorgia it was

    ay 01 when the pharmacist concocted caramel colored syrup in threelegged brass kettle in his

    backyard. 2e first distributed the new product by carrying )oca-)ola in a "ug coin en"oys in a glass

    of )oca-)ola at the soda fountain. Whether by design or accident, carbonated water was teamed

    with the new syrup, producing a drink that was proclaimed EDelicious and 5efreshingF.

    Dr. (emberton$s (artner and bookkeeper, r. 4rank 5obinson, suggested the name and

    penned as E)oca-)olaF in the uni/ue flowing script that is still famous worldwide today.

    Dr. (emberton$s sold ?: gallons of syrup, shipped in bright 5ed wooden kegs. 5ed has been a

    distinctive color associated with the &o. soft drink brand ever since. 4or his efforts, Dr.

    (emberton grossed H :; and spent H @.71 on advertising, by 07, *tlanta chemist as a B.)anler

    had ac/uired complete ownership of the )oca-)ola business.

    2e purchases it from the Dr.(emberton family for H ?@;;. With in 8 year his merchandising flair

    helped to e!pand the consumption of )oca-)ola to over H?: million.

    5obert W. woodruff become the president of the )oca-)ola company in 7?@ and his more than

    si! decades of leadership took the business of commercial success making )oca-)ola an institution

    the world over. )oca-)ola begins as a never tonic, but candy merchant Coseph *. 9iedenharn of

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    ississippi was looking for awry to serve refreshing beverages. 2e responded to this demand

    began offering bottle )oca-)ola using syrup shipped from *tlanta, during a hot summer in 078.

    77;s L &ew and growing markets

    (olitical and economic changes opened vast markets that were closed or underdeveloped for

    decades. *fter the fall of the 9erlin Wall, the )ompany invested heavily to build plants in 3astern

    3urope. *nd as the century closed, more than H.: billion was committed to new bottling facilities

    in *frica.

    ?st )entury L

    The )oca-)ola bottling system grew up with roots deeply planted in local communities. This

    heritage serves the )ompany well today as people seek brands that honor local identity and thedistinctiveness of local markets. *s was true a century ago, strong locally based relationships

    between )oca-)ola bottlers, customers and communities are the foundation on which the entire

    business grows.

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    eeping in view of tapping the Indian soft drink market and also developing soft drinks as a

    drinking product among Indians. The )oca-)ola in India has setup an independent organizations

    which is 2.).) 6 9.).) with a capital of @:; +.S.H each by virtue of sellout decision of the

    passed managing director Sh. S. ). *ggarwal.

    2industan )oca-)ola bottling =&-W> (vt.

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    )oca-)olaG Developed in a brass pot in 001, coca-cola is the most recognized and admired

    trademark around the globe. &ot to mention the best selling soft

    drink in the world.

    SpriteG In 71, a citrus-flavored drink made its +.S debut, using ESprite 9oy Eas

    inspiration for its name. This elf with silver hair and a big smile was used in 78;s advertising for

    )oca-)ola. Sprite is now the fastest growing ma"or soft drink in +.S and the world$s most popular

    lemon-lime soft drink.

    4anta G The name Efanta E was first registered as a trademark in Bermany in 78 ,when it was

    used for a few year for a soft drink created from available materials and flavors . The name was

    then revived in 7:: in &aples, Italy, when it was used for theGF fanta Eorange drink we know

    today. It is now the trademark name for a line of flavored drinks around the world.

    Diet cokeG The e!tension of the coca-cola name began in 70? with the introduction of diet coke

    =also called coca-cola light in some countries>. Diet coke /uickly becomes the number one selling

    low calorie soft drink in the world.
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    . The world$s largest spherical coca-cola sign is in &agoya, Capan a top the dial &agoya

    building in front of the &agoya railway station. The sing is a double sphere constructed from more

    then 81 tone of steel, more 78;meter of neon tubing, and more then, 07 light bulbs. The outer

    shape features the coca-cola logo and contour bottle, while the inner sphere portrays a comic scene

    with twinkling planets and stars.

    ?. Ane of the world$s largest signs for coca-cola is located on a hill called E3

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    :. If all the coca-cola ever produced were in 0- ounce bottles. *nd these bottles were

    distributed to each person in the world. There would be 10 bottles or over 8? gallons for eachperson.

    1. If all the coca-cola ever produced were in 0 ounce bottles, placed side by side and end

    to end to from a lane highway, it would wrap around