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  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)






    Submitted for prti! fu!fi!me"t of re#uireme"t for t$e %rd of deree


    Of  Mumbi +"i-erit/01Mumbi2

    Seio" 13456734582



    SEAT NO.53:;4ONE0 SA*AR(I

    ,OMBI?I(I 1EAST2

    ACA,EMIC 9EAR 345@73458


  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)



    I MONIS' P *ORE declare that the report of the project work entitled COMPARISON BETWEEN PEPSI & COKE is based on my own work carried out during the course of my study under the supervision of Mr. BOOMA 'A(PET'. The information submitted in this project work is true and original to the best of my knowledge and belief.



      1 53:;4

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    T$i i to ertif/ t$t Mr. MONISH P GORE Stude"t of BMS 1B$e!or of  m"eme"t tudie2 emeter - 1345:7345@2 Seat no.12!"#" '

    uefu!!/ omp!eted $i proet %or o" “$O%&'(ISO) *+T,++) &+&SI - $O+/ +"der t$e uid"e of Prof. BOOMA 'A(PET' 

    per Mumbi +"i-erit/ /!!bu.




  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)



    Sr No. Co"te"t P "o.

    5 Eeuti-e ummr/ 6

    3 I"trodutio" :7@

    6 O-er-ie%1Soft dri" i" I"di2 87<

    : Coe1Comp"/ Profi!e2 54753

    @ 'itor/ 1Coe i" I"di2 56758

    8 Br"d i" I"di" Orii" 5;

    ; PepiCo i" I"di 5=736

    = Coe i" I"di 3:765

    < Mreti" Strteie 1Coe & Pepi2 6376;

    54 Coe -F Pepi 6=7@=

    55 )i"di" & A"!/i @

  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)



    This project is an etensive research on the marketing strategies of the two

    $ola giants &epsi and $oca $ola. It covers an etensive survey

    and depicts all graphs fact and figures of two companies. It

     begins with the introduction of soft drink industry and

    introduction of these two companies of soft drink industry. It

    covers some of the major strategies adopted by &epsi and $oca3

    $ola like their pricing policy sales promotion and advertising

     policy distribution policy etc. The project has been made

    interesting with the inclusion of the topics which covers the &4s

    of marketing.

    The major players in the soft drink industry in India are $oke and &epsi. &epsi holds the major market share followed by $oke. They have

    a cut throat competition between themselves. ,hatever strategy is

    followed by one company it is copied by the other.

    Sample of to brands were selected on the basis of there uses and



  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)


    One of the selected brands is )O1 brand in their respective product

    categories the other one brand is close competitor of the )o 1

     brands. Total sample of si6e of 2"" respondents selected on the

     basic of convenience was surveyed which include consumers.

    7ata was collected from secondary as well as primary sources. Structure

    8uestionnaire was use to collect primary data


    In the modern urban culture consumption of soft drinks particularly among

    younger generation has become very popular. Soft drinks in various flavors

    and tastes are widely patroni6ed by urbane population at various occasions

    like dinner parties marriages social get together birthday calibration etc.

    children of all ages and groups are especially attracted by the mere mention

    of the word soft drinks.

    ,ith the growing popularity of soft drinks the technology of its production

     preservation transportation and or marketing in the recent years has

    witnessed phenomenal changes.

    The so3called competition for this product in the market is from different

    other brands. %ass media particularly the emergence of television has contribute to a large etent of the ever growing demand for soft drinks the

    attractive jingles and sport make the large audience remember this product at

    all times.


  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)


    It is epected that with the sort of mass advertising reaching almost the

    entire country and offering various varieties annual demand for the product

    is epected to rise sharply in the times to come.

    In any marketing situation the behavioral : environmental variables relating

    to consumers competition and environment are constantly influ. The

    competitors in a given industry may be making many tactical maneuvers in

    market all the time. The may introduce or initiate an aggressive promotion

    campaign or announce a price reduction. The marketing man of the firm has

    to meet all these maneuver and care of competitive position of his firm and

    his brand in the market. The only route open to him for achieving this is the

    manipulation of his marketing tactics.

      In today4s highly competitive market place three players have dominated

    the industry; The )ew

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  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)


    It all began in 1??9 when a tree legged brass kettle in @ohn Styth

     pemberton4s backyard in 'tlanta was brewing the first & of marketing

    legeent =naware the pharmacist has given birth to a caramel colored syrup

    which is now the chief ingredient of the world4s favorite drink. The syrup

    combined with carbonated the soft drink market. It is estimated that this

    drink is served more than one thousand million times in a day.

    +8ually oblivious to the historic value of his actions was Arank I.

    (obinson his partner and book keeper. &emberton - (obinson laid the first

    foundation of this beverage when an average nine drinks per day to begin

    with upping volumes as sales grew.

    In 1?# this beverage got into bottle courtesy a candy merchant from

    %ississippi. *y the 1#5"4s $olas was a daily consumption item stored in

    house hold fridges. Soon were born other non3 cola variants of this product

    like orange - Bemon.

     )ow the soft drink industry has been dominated by three major player > C1D

    The )ew

  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)


    Over local competition the two 'merican $ola giants have cleared up the

    arena and are packing all their power behind building the Indian franchisee

    of their globe girdling brands. The huge amount invested in fracture has

    never been seen before. *oth players seen an enormous potential in his

    country where swigging a carbonated beverage is still considered a treat

    virtually a luury. $onse8uently by world standards India4s per capita

    consumption of cold drinks as going by survey results is rock bottom less

    than over )eighbors &akistan - *angladesh where it is four times as much.

    *ehind the hype in an effort invisible to consumer &epsi pumps in (s 0"""

    crores C1##D to add muscle to its infrastructure in bottling and distribution.

    This is apart from money that company4s franchised bottles spend in

    upgrading their plants all this has contributed to substantial gains in the

    market. In colas &epsi is already market leader and in certain cities like

    *anaras &epsi outlets are on one side - all the other colas put together on

    the other. ,hile coke eecutive scruff at &epsi4s claims as well as targets

    industry observers are of the view that &epsi has definitely stolen a march

    over its competitor coke.

    'part from numbers &epsi has made 8ualitative gains. The foremost is its

    image. This image turnaround is no small achievements considering that

    since it was established in 1#?# taking the hardship route prior to

    liberali6ation and weighed down by eport commitments.

     )ow at present as there are three major players coke &epsi and $adbury

    and there is stiff competition between first two both &epsi and coke have

    started sponsoring local events and staging fre8uent consumer promotion

    campaigns. 's the mega event of this century has started and the marketers

    are using this event > world cup football cricket events and many more

    other events.


  • 8/19/2019 coke-vs-pepsi-120411025001-phpapp01 (1)


    Bike &epsi coke is picking up e8uity in its bottles to guarantee their 

    financial support; one