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  • 7/29/2019 Cognitive Development - Student


    *Biography of JeanPiaget* Cognitive Theory

    * Four periods inCognitive Development* Evaluation ofCognitive Development

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  • 7/29/2019 Cognitive Development - Student


    Was born in Neuchatel, Switzerlandon August 9, 1896

    he was the most influential theoristin the history of Developmentalpsychology and the study of humanintelligence.

    published his first article at the age

    of ten (A Description of the AlbinoSparrow)

    In 1921, Piaget launched a career inresearch that focused that on the

    mental development of children First books in psychology: The

    Language and Thought of the Child(1924) and Judgment andReasoning of the Child

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  • 7/29/2019 Cognitive Development - Student


    Genetic Epistemology the study of the development of knowledge

    SCHEMAS - sensori-motor skillsdirected the way in which the infantexplored his or her environment andso how they gained more knowledgeof the world and more sophisticated

    exploratory skills.

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    2 complementary processes of schemas

    Assimilation-process by which we integrate newinformation w/ our existing knowledge of things


    -altering our schemas so that we can includenew information that does not fit into ourexisting ways of thinking

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    Four Periods in Cognitive Development

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    Period of sensory input and coordination of physical action Primary circular reactions (0-4 months) just an action of his

    own which serves as a stimulus to which it responds with thesame action, and around and around we go.

    Secondary circular reactions (4-12 months) - which involvean act that extends out to the environment

    Tertiary circular reactions (12- 24 months) - consist of thesame "making interesting things last" cycle, except withconstant variation

    Object Permanence

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    PRE-OPERATIONAL STAGE (2-7) Period of representational and pre-logical thought Symbolization - A symbol is a thing that represents

    something else. A drawing, a written word, or a spokenword comes to be understood as representing a realdog.

    The use of language is, of course, the prime example,but another good example of symbol use is creativeplay, wherein checkers are cookies, papers are dishes, abox is the table, and so on.

    Clear understanding of past and future Inability to mentally hold changes in two dimensions at

    the same time (centration) Inability to consider another point of view (egocentrism)

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    Period of concrete logical thought in number,class ,order

    Conservation refers to the idea that a quantityremains the same despite changes in appearance. (6or 7)

    if you have two five inch stickslaid parallel to each other, thenmove one of them a little, shemay believe that the movedstick is now longer than theother.

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    he will know that you have

    to look at more than justthe height of the milk in theglass: If you pour the mildfrom the short, fat glass intothe tall, skinny glass, he willtell you that there is thesame amount of milk as

    before, despite the dramaticincrease in mild-level!

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    By 7 or 8 the children maydevelop conservation of substance : If I take a ball of clayand roll it into a long thin rod, oreven split it into ten little pieces,the child knows that there is stillthe same amount of clay. And hewill know that, if you rolled it allback into a single ball, it wouldlook quite the same as it did afeature known as reversibility.

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    By nine or ten, the last of the conservation tests ismastered: conservation of area. If you take four one-inch square pieces of felt, and lay them on a six-by-sixcloth together in the center, the child who conserveswill know that they take up just as much room as thesame squares spread out in the corners, or, for thatmatter, anywhere at all.

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    Period of unlimited logical thoughts hypothetical thinking - involves

    using logical operations, and usingthem in the abstract, rather thanthe concrete

    Ex: "If Edith has a lightercomplexion than Susan, and Edith isdarker than Lily, who is thedarkest?"

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    Evaluation of

    Piagets Theory

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    Piaget was correct about theorder in which children mastercognitive tasks

    However, Piaget underestimatedthe cognitive abilities of infants andchildren. Later studies prove that

    children can share conversation atan earlier state than Piagets proposal.

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    TH AN K YO U!