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  • T he popularity and influence of reality cooking programs, celebrity chefs and high-visibility food trends has inspired a new crop of would-be restaurateurs and foodies to follow their passion and try and make their living in the food and beverage industry.

    But beyond the obvious lifestyle benefits, this industry is also one filled with plenty of opportunity.

    Exploding in recent years, the caf/restaurant sector has increased 400% since the 1990s, with ATO figures from 2013 stating that there are currently 37,700 restaurants, cafes and catering businesses in operation,1 turning over a total of $12 billion. Comparatively, within the pub, bar and nightclub industry there are only 3640 businesses in operation, however turnover for 2014-2015 is forecast at $16.5 billion, according to IbisWorld.2

    This boost in revenue comes at an interesting time when Australian alcohol consumption has fallen but the trend for refined drinking has increased in popularity due to people opting for quality over quantity. In short, people are now looking for a better experience and are willing to pay more for premium products, served in an enjoyable environment with great service. The result being a proliferation and revolution in

    boutique small bars across Australia.However, the hospitality industry is a competitive one and new businesses are fraught with challenges. A study by Cornwell University revealed that 60 per cent of restaurants actually fail in their first year.3

    As a consequence, the franchising industry has demonstrated to be statistically a much safer and proven option and is amongst the most dynamic and progressive business sectors in the economy.


    According to the Franchising Australia 2012 report by Griffith University, the franchise sector has responded positively to improving economic conditions. Sales turnover of the entire franchising sector was estimated at $131 billion in 2012, contributing to approximately 14 percent to Australias Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Additionally, the study reported 90% of franchisees were operating profitably.

    The number of franchise systems had grown from 977 in 2010, to 1137 in 2012 - a net growth of 160 franchise systems - with an estimated 73,000 franchisee business units employing more than 400,000 people, making Australia one of the most franchised nations per capita.

    Another strength of the industry is that Australia is one of worlds most highly regulated franchising nations. Franchisors are required to abide and comply with Australias stringent franchising legislation, which helps ensure that Australian franchise systems are successful.

    There are a huge number of factors to consider when opening a hospitality venue. These factors cover all aspects of the business; council permits and requirements, construction and design of the shop fit out, liquor licensing and service, staff acquisition and training. Many entrepreneurs who are not equipped with any industry experience can be nave to these factors and ultimately become burdened with administration and legal red tape.


  • To help minimise the issues borne of inexperience, many hospitality industry hopefuls opt to invest in a franchise, rather than start their own business.

    When it comes to selecting a franchise, no one can offer you a model that guarantees success but they should be able to offer you the tools you need to be successful and a framework for how to achieve this. Coco Cubano offers prospective franchisees the experience, support, systems and business model required to run their business.

    Coco Cubanos unique market position means they have limited direct competitors and are enjoying a significant period of growth and brand development. Early adopters of the Coco Cubano model enjoy first choice of great locations, capitalising on this period of growth and establishing themselves within their market at a time when buzz around Coco Cubano is getting louder.

    So what are you waiting for? Join the revolucion!


    Bursting onto the scene in 2008, Coco Cubano is unlike any other franchise. Inspired by the romance and rustic charm of Cuba, as

    well as the friendly, relaxed, yet sophisticated style of the European caf and bar experience, Coco Cubano offers guests space to unwind at any time, in a setting reminiscent of an old Havana club.

    The company was founded by some of Australias leading small business and franchise experts, including the former Deputy Chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia. This gives Coco Cubano a deep understanding of the particularities of the franchise journey, and what is important to people buying and running a franchise. Theyve applied this knowledge at Coco Cubano, building a unique brand experience for both guests and franchisees alike.

    Rejecting the old adage that you cant please all of the people all of the time, one of the main strengths of Coco Cubano is its caf:restaurant:bar all-day trading model which sees the venue morph throughout the day from breakfast to lunch, dinner, tapas, desserts and cocktails. This widens the guest base and helps guests feel like Coco Cubano is their ever-reliable local that welcomes them at any time.

    Along with providing this sense of comfort to their guests, Coco Cubano is committed to helping their franchise owners feel empowered

    and capable in managing all aspects of the business. They provide franchisees with a support manager who is dedicated to providing assistance and advice, and are on hand to help the owner across every aspect of the business.

    For many franchisees who have never worked in hospitality before, the prospect of running a caf, restaurant and bar can be daunting. To combat this, Coco Cubano assists franchisees throughout the hiring and recruitment process, helping to secure a team with the right skills to support the various parts of the business. They can help you on-board an experienced bar manager, barista, waiter or cook with the knowledge needed to run that aspect of the business, allowing franchisees to focus on the big picture of working on their business.

    If you are going to run a business and dedicate a lot of time, money and energy to the cause, you want to be proud of what youre doing and enjoy it at the same time. Franchisees speak of the satisfaction they feel in being able to invite their friends and family to their venue, share a delicious meal and drinks with them, and show off their business with those closest to them. The big picture, other than the opportunity and investment, for many franchisees, is the pride and joy they feel owning a Coco Cubano venue.

  • If you think Coco Cubano may be the right fit for you or you want to know more please contact us at

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    FASTFACTS1. Investment range $500,000+

    2. Bank & Lenders accreditation

    3. Build time approximately 12 weeks*

    4. Visit -

    5. Contact - or 1300 094 764

    *Build time varies and may take longer subject to site, council, shopping centre, building authority, liquor licensing or health requirements, as well as the appointment and schedule of shopfitters, material and equipment availability or any other unforeseen circumstances. This time does not include site procurement.

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