Coastal Hazards Climate Change Experiences from Sri Lanka Mangala Wicramanayke

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Director General Coast Conservation & coastal Resources Management Department Defence & Urban development Ministry Sri Lanka


Coastal Hazards &Climate Change Experiences from Sri LankaEng. Mangala WickramanayakeDirector GeneralCoast Conservation & coastal Resources Management DepartmentDefence & Urban development Ministry Sri Lanka 123Contents of the Presentation Coastal erosion Immediate responses Long term protection and restoration Tsunami experiences 2004 Recovery & restoration4Coastal Zone6Causes of Erosion Sand deficit Coast protection Natural processes Seasonal fluctuations Human interventions78910Immediate responses1112Responses13Definition of protection types Emergency protection Coast protection Long term shoreline management Soft Solutions1415161718Management objectives for shoreline management Ensure that coast protection schemes do not contribute to, or aggravate coastal erosion. Identify coastal erosion trends, prioritise areas which needs protection and formulate appropriate Shoreline Management Plans recommending solutions that are cost effective as well as socially and environmentally acceptable. Minimise the negative impacts of coastal erosion and sea level rise in highly developed and protected areas by reclaiming suitable coastal frontages to ensure new development possibilities and to enhance economic potential of coastal frontages.1920PresentlayoutAlternative layoutWave generated currentpatternSediment transport patternCoastal Research & Designs Coastal Planning Preparations of coastal Designs Coastal monitoring Coastal Research Coastal studiesOffshore MonitoringNear-shore MonitoringAr ug ambay Hik k aduwa Mt Lav in i aNi lawe l i Po lhe n a Unawa t una Bathymetry Shape of coastline Tide levels Ground level & slope Topographic features Shore roughness Shore-connected water bodies Sand dunes Coastal vegetation information Coastal land useMonitoring Shoreline changes Stability of shore structures Functional behavior of structures Effects of coastal developments Coastal features Coastal destruction practices Unique coastal landscapes Coastal fauna & flora Coastal sites with archeological significance Monitoring Post WarShoreline ChangesSand DunesCoastal Destruction Coastal Landscapes Sea GrassCoastal DevelopmentsCoastal SpeciesCoastal Archaeological Sites Shoreline management3637Provides: Protection Restoration of sandy beachesAllows: Recreation Beach seine fishing Sheltered boat landing38394041BeforeAfter4243Tsunami 2004 Not aware Not prepared No management mechanism in place No immediate responses Slow recovery Many authorities/funds/other resources4445464748Recovery Process Main highway one week Other infrastructure one month Rail link four months Fishery industry one year Settlements 18 months Warning system 3 years49Solutions Warning system in place Management mechanism established New Ministry for disaster preparedness Awareness programs50Mitigation of Climate Change Impacts through Ecosystem Conservation and ManagementCoral Reefs Lagoon areas Healthy Coastal Ecosystems ;Provide resources for livelihoods for local coastal communitiesProvide buffers against coastal hazards like storms, tsunami etc..Soft SolutionsThe Department uses following methods for conservation and management of coastal ecosystems Restoration and Rehabilitation Protection EnhancementRestoration and RehabilitationProtection57Enhancement5859Thank You


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