Co-Op Mission Next Sunday - Welcome Fr. John Satone, 30 Joseph Malisek RB Family ... Jr., Rachel Maietto, Joan Watkins, Marilyn Lonzenski, Mark Bensen ... Anne Dattilo. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 12am X X 1 1 ...

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The readings for this Sunday may be found in:Catholic Community Hymnal in Section 622Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time / CJuly 13 - 21Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeSaturday5:00 Erin BabineauRB Parents Sunday7:30 Grace AntoliniRB Sister9:00 Anthony PaganoRB Wife10:30 Peggy, Debbie & Peter FrancisRB Family12:00 James DonahueRB Steve & Mary Ellen DAmatoMonday8:00 Bernice BuchmirRB Brian Buchmir & FamilyTuesday8:00 Beverly DeGiralamoRB FamilyWednesday8:00 Sandy HovanRB Mary MalyskaThursday8:00 Angela GirottoRB Julio & Maria DuqueFriday8:00 Mary Ellen WynneRB FamilySaturday8:00 All Parishioners Living and Deceased5:00 Stephen ScherbackRB WifeSixteenth Sunday in Ordinary TimeSunday7:30 Joseph MalisekRB Family9:00 Donna Piccirillo, 15th AnniversaryRB Mother10:30 Bill MulliganRB Alberti & Sweeney Families12:00 Seery, Schreibert & Nemec FamiliesRB FamilyChurch Renovation Update - The interiorrenovation of our church has begun and is on schedule.The church will be closed until early October. Dur-ing the renovation, all Masses will be held in the Par-ish Center which will be open during the day for per-sonal prayer. Confessions will be held in the Kindergar-ten classroom. The Adoration Chapel will remain openduring the renovation and please access the chapel bythe outside door. This is a very exciting time for our par-ish, and we ask for your prayers for the timely and suc-cessful completion of our beautiful new church interior.Thank you again to the many parishioners who contrib-uted to the renovation fund and for making these reno-vations possible.Fr. Francis Xavier Bilung from India -For the past six months, the Diocese of Bridgeport hasbeen processing a visa for Fr. Francis, a priest of theDiocese of Simdega, India. Fr. Francis is from the samediocese as our own Fr. Birendra, and we are expectinghim to be assigned to St. Marks Parish as a secondparochial vicar, as soon as his visa application processis completed; he can make arrangements to travel to theU.S. Fr. Francis has been ordained for seven years andserves as a high school chaplain in his home diocese.Please keep Fr. Francis in your prayers as he makes thisimportant transition from the life of a priest in India to anAmerican parish. While we wait for Fr. Francis to ar-rive, please welcome Fr. Patrick Sawie, a priest fromLiberia, who is assigned for the summer months at theCathedral of St. Augustine. Fr. Sawie will be helping usat St. Marks with masses and confessions during ourpriests summer vacation. I know that you will welcomethese priests with the same warm hospitality so charac-teristic of our parishioners.Parish Nurses - We would like to congratulateour parish nurses and parishioners, Chris Pfeiffer andAnne Vigeant, for completing the St. Vincents MedicalCenters Parish Nurse Orientation. Chris and Anita wereinstrumental in restarting our parish nurse program. Over30 volunteer nurses and recorders help with the pro-gram on the third weekend of the month! Stop by thisweekend and get a reading and say hello! The parishnurses are located in the corridor off the foyer of theParish Center.Co-Op Mission Next Sunday - WelcomeFr. John Satone, C.S.C. a Holy Cross Priest to our par-ish. Fr. Satone, a native of Waterbury, will speak to usabout his congregationss mission work in Peru. Eachyear we have the opportunity to hear directly from afirst-hand witness missionary. Thank you for your gen-erous reponse to this diocesan collection.Fr. Sawie Needs a Ride - Fr. Sawie needs aride from and to St. Augustines Rectory when he saysMass at our parish; if you are able to help drive him,please call Susan in the Parish Office at 203-377-0444.For your summer reading...Science Still Cant Explain the Shroud of TurinFor those who believe, no explanation is necessary.For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.Even with modern scientific technology, the Shroud of Turin continues to baffle researchers. Barrie Schwortzwas the documenting photographer for the Shroud of Turin research project in 1978, an in-depth examination ofwhat many people believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, it took me a longtime to come to terms with the fact that Im a Jew and involved with probably the most important relic of Christian-ity, Schwortz told the Catholic News Service. Isnt it funny how God always picks a Jew to be the messenger,he said. Schwortz said that he, along with the other members of the research team who came from various faithbackgrounds, had to set aside personal beliefs and focus on the shroud itself rather than any religious implication itmight carry. We were there to gather information ... to do empirical science and do it to the best of our abilities,Schwortz said. It doesnt have anything to do with my personal religious beliefs. It has to do with the truth.The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot linen that has a full-length photonegative image of a wounded man on thefront and back of the cloth. The scientific team spent five days analyzing the chemical and physical properties of theshroud, paying special attention to the topographical information showing depth that was encoded in the light anddark shading of the cloth. Our team went to Turin to answer one simple question: How was the image formed?Schwortz said. Ultimately, we failed. We could tell you what its not not a painting, not a photograph, not ascorch, not a rubbing but we know of no mechanism to this day that can make an image with the same chemicaland physical properties as the image on the shroud.Testing has been performed on the shroud since the initial analyses, and the results continue to be con-tested. In 1988 carbon testing dated the cloth to the 12th century, leading many to conclude that the shroud is amedieval forgery. In a paper published in 2005, chemist Raymond Rogers, member of the 1978 research team,challenged the claim that the shroud is a fake. He said the sample used in the 1988 carbon testing was a piece usedto mend the cloth in the Middle Ages and that the methodology of the testing was erroneous. Even though thecontroversy over the origin of the cloth does not seem like it will be determined any time soon, Schwortz said theshroud can still be regarded as a bridge between science and faith. I think the implication of the shroud, for thoseparticularly of the Christian faith, is that this is a document that precisely coincides with the Gospel account of whatwas done to the man Jesus, he said.Schwortz said the public online technical database that the team created shouldbe used as a tool to learn more about the physical attributes of the shroud, but that individuals should draw theirown conclusions about what it means for their faith. People often ask me, Does this prove the resurrection?Schwortz said. The shroud did not come with a book of instructions. So the answer to faith isnt going to be onthat piece of cloth, but more likely in the eyes and the hearts of those who look upon it.Proper Posture During the Eucharistic Prayer Without Kneelers - Please be advisedthat the proper posture is to stand during the Eucharistic Prayer when there are no kneelers. All parishioners areasked to STAND from the end of the Holy, Holy, Holy until Communion time, and to make a REVERENT BOWat the elevation of the Sacred Host and the Sacred Chalice. Those who find standing to be a hardship may sit.Thank you.Our Stewardship of Treasure Readings for the Week of July 14Bob Haborak, Fedare Hrinak, Jeff Mastroni, Barbara Manning, JulieKoloules, Bob Wargo, Mark Burry, Jose Millet, Kathy Skinner,DianeVanderwaylan, Matthew Freetas, Caroline DiRiusso, Toni Stabile,Kathleen Hampton, Shirley Fenn, Michael Howard, Katie Bleekrod,Mary King, Christina Alterio, Evelyn Garafolo, Andy Yankowski,Carol Gay, Elaine Hauge, David Gallo, Julia Sellers, Emma Cannon,Mary Kahanec, Lillian Butler, Michael Hostetter, Jr., Rachel Maietto,Joan Watkins, Marilyn Lonzenski, Mark Bensen, Florence Steele,Yvonne Wilson, Henry Pawley, Marie Pfrommer, Martha Reynolds,Samantha Frattarola, Claire Hromjak, Eddie Corcoran, Bette Stumpp,Mike Czech, Arlene Zayas, Spencer Grady, Eleanor Cornese, LeeEveretts, Frank Vitucci, Sr., Terri Nardone, Cayden Morin, FelizardoCipriano, Connie Dezso, Chelsea Wheeler, Andrea Timchak, Will-iam Flynn, Mark Morreale, Michael McLoughlin, Gary Iadarola,Donna Bizak, John Semosky, Alex Convertito, Edward Recupero,Daniel Marzella, Quinn Faerdy, Linda Bates, Douglas Selmont, ElmerKlosterman, Anthony DeLarosa, Mike Paternoster, Lisa Sinise, AbigailFeehan, Mike White, Bob Marchetti, Pete Deyo, Janet Tolomeo,Joan Bershefsky, Jane Arbisi, Vincent Guccione, Jerry Hopeck, GinaRaucci, Shelley Macaluso, Ellie Kavanaugh, Anne Fahy, Lisa Whitaker,John Hoffman, Fanny DeRose, Joe Greene, Tony Martello, StephenYachymczyk, Terri Moots, Sara Chmielewski, Patricia Russell, Mar-garet Rafferty, Melissa Crocco, Ericka Janosko, Maddy Salveson,James Myer, Jean Radomski, Alice Gruninger, Robert Volpe, ViolaDeRosa, Barbara Galli, Mary Seery, John S. Falzone, Thomas Dalton,Debbie Parisiau, William Turner, Anne Dattilo. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 12am X X 1 1 1 1 C 1am X X X X X X C 2am X X X X X X C 3am X X X X X X C 4am 1 X X X 1 X C 5am 1 1 1 1 X 1 C 6am 1 X X X 1 1 C 7am 1 1 1 1 1 X C 8am 1 2 1 1 2 1 C 9am 1 1 2 2 2 2 C 10am 1 1 1 1 1 C C 11am X 2 2 1 1 C C 12pm X 1 1 2 X C C 1pm X X 1 1 1 C C 2pm X 1 2 1 X C C 3pm X 1 1 1 X C C 4pm 2 X X 1 2 C C 5pm 1 1 1 X 1 C C 6pm X X 1 1 1 C X 7pm 2 1 2 2 X C 1 8pm 1 1 1 2 1 C 1 9pm 2 1 X 2 1 C X 10pm X 1 X 1 X C X 11pm X 1 1 1 1 C X ADORERS NEEDED FOR ALL X and 1 HOURS! X = NO Adores Scheduled, but needed (1 = One Adorer Scheduled) (2 = 2 scheduled) C = Chapel CLOSED (for now) Update: Dec 11, 2012 Please call Gary Tennyson at 203-953-1200 or Scott Goodfellow at 203-394-2248 or Email to if you wish to volunteer or change your hour or have any questions or concerns. Adoration Chapel ScheduleSunday: Dt 30:10-14/Col 1:15-20/Lk 10:25-37Monday: Ex 1:8-14, 22/Mt 10:3411:1Tuesday: Ex 2:1-15a/Mt 11:20-24Wednesday: Ex 3:1-6, 9-12/Mt 11:25-27Thursday: Ex 3:13-20/Mt 11:28-30Friday: Ex 11:1012:14/Mt 12:1-8Saturday: Ex 12:37-42/Mt 12:14-21Next Sunday: Gn 18:1-10a/Col 1:24-28/Lk 10:38-42Adoration Chapel - The Adoration Chapelwill remain open during the upcoming ChurchRenovations. New regular adorers are always welcome.Please call Gary or Scott at numbers below to sign upfor an hour.Let light eternal shine on them, O Lord,Let light eternal shine on them, O Lord,Let light eternal shine on them, O Lord,Let light eternal shine on them, O Lord,Let light eternal shine on them, O Lord,with Ywith Ywith Ywith Ywith Your saints forour saints forour saints forour saints forour saints forevevevevevererererer, for Y, for Y, for Y, for Y, for You arou arou arou arou are mere mere mere mere ful.Second Collection this weekend is the MonthlyCollection which helps toward the extraordinary ex-penses of the parish. Thank you for your generosity.Budget for this Week $12,000.June 7, 2013 $ 9,119.June 8, 2012 $10,107.July 14, 2013 $ 9,794.July 15, 2013 $ 9,372.Annual, 2013 $36,451.Annual, 2012 $42,560.Lydia KurimskyJulia TimmonsRobert Tyrrellgo and do likewise. Luke 10:37This was Jesus simple command to all of us at the endof the Good Samaritan story. How do we do likewise?By sharing our skills. By reaching into our pockets whenfinancial help is needed. By taking the time to help whenwe are needed, not when its convenient for us..Defending Our Religious Liberty It is worthrepeating that the federal health care mandate does notexempt Catholic charities, schools, universities or hos-pitals. These institutions are vital to the mission of theChurch and all of the people we serve, but the adminis-tration does not deem them religious employers de-serving conscience protection. This stipulation violatesreligious freedom guaranteed to every American underthe First Amendment. Please voice your opposition tothe federal health care mandate, by calling the Capitolswitchboard in Washington, D.C. at 202-224-3121 andask for your Congressmen or Congresswoman and/orU.S. Senators. Ask them to support legislation that willoverturn the mandate.Volunteers Needed for Merton House:Additional volunteers are needed for serving meals atMerton House. St. Marks serves the second Mondayof the month, the next Thursday and the followingWednesday from 10:30 to 1:30. Each volunteer can serveas little as once a month. Contact Deacon Paul at 203-378-8025 or at pkurmay@att.netConfirmation 2013 - will be held on Friday,November 8th, at 7 PM. Our pastor, Fr. Don, willadminister the sacrament while the diocese is still with-out a bishop. Eighth grade religious education studentswill receive a letter with details at a later date. If youplan on being confirmed, but did not attend 8th GradeR.E. classes, please call Mrs. Nettleton at 377-3158 tomake arrangements.Men for Christ Early Risers Mens Group will meeton Saturday, July 13th, in the Church Hall from 7:00to 7:55 AM. Questions, please call Joe Koletar 203-380-1594. Please take note of change of place.St Mark Girls Basketball Camp - This yearwe will not be having our annual Girls Basketball Campdue to the Church renovation. We hope to plan our nextcamp for August 2014. Please call Walt Brown 203-377-3987, if you have any questions.St. Ann Concert Series - Family Friendly; Bringa Picnic and your lawn chair or blanket! Tuesdays, 6:00PM to 8:00 PM, on St. Ann Field in lovely Black Rock:481 Brewster St., Bridgeport. Featuring: July 30 - AnEvening of Show Tunes, performed by Fairfield Schoolof Music Students. August 6 - Irish Fusion by TheMacTalla Mor Duo. August 13 - Jazz Performance byJoe Kiernan and Friends. August 20 - Bluegrass Nightwith The Bedlam Brothers. Admission: Suggested Mini-mum Donation of $5.00; Children under 12 enter free.Annual Bishops Appeal - Thank you to the439 parish families who supported the Annual BishopsAppeal, Beacon of Hope. We are 1% away from meet-ing our parish goal of $130,000. If you can help, wewould very much appreciate your ABA gift. The fundsfrom the Appeal do so much good in our diocese and inthe community at large.Acct # 04-0152Saint Mark ChurchStratford, CT.04-0152 wk# 33cSunday, July 14, 2013susanlenahan@sbcglobal.nettom@hitekracing.comQuestions: Call Susan203-377-0444.


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