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  • 8/3/2019 CNX Physics Editing Checklist 1130 c


    Connexions Physics: Reviewer ChecklistsThe checklists below should be used by reviewers to ensure that editors have followed the guidelinesassociated with the following tasks:

    y C reation of art manuscripty D evelopmental editingy W riting of alt text for imagesy C opyediting

    Guidelines for the above processes are presented in the following documents.

    y CNX Physics_Art Manuscript_guidelinesy CNX _Physics_ D evelopmentalEditor_Guidelines_11-21-11

    y CNX _Physics_alt_text_guidelines_11-17-2011y CNX Physics_ C E Guidelines_v2_11-03-2011y Legend_v7_Physics_11-03-2011

    Art Manuscript/Art Specs Checklist All illustrations in the chapter manuscript have a corresponding document in the art manuscript.

    Photos do not. All illustrations and photos should have a figure number. All illustrations and photos should have an entry in the Art Log with all relevant information.

    Each art spec document contains a complete spec for one illustration. (D


    E: not relevant) Each piece is designated as either Urone Pickup, N ew art, Photo/Image Pickup, or Photo/Image

    Modification S ketches and notes to production are clear. S amples are included where appropriate and are labeled clearly as SAMPLE ON LY S pec refers to old Urone figure number if recreating/modifying S ketches are not done using W ord drawing tool. (If they are, please make sure components of

    the drawing e.g., arrows and labels are appropriately placed, take a screen shot, and replaceoriginal drawing with the screen shot)

    Any requested changes to old Urone figure are specified in a clear way F igure number changed to new format ( F igure_[chapter]_[section]_[number], e.g.,

    F igure_03_05_02.)

  • 8/3/2019 CNX Physics Editing Checklist 1130 c


    Module Manuscript Checklist N ote: All editors have been instructed to track changes and refrain from deleting comments.

    General F ile has appropriate filename that reflects editorial stage.

    SME comments appropriate edits made; if not made, justification for no edit provided in acomment

    Tabl es all tables numbered and formatted per guidelines Equa tions (in- line) all math equations/expressions containing any variable and/or

    superscripts/subscripts is an M S Equation 3.0 object; equations are properly formatted perguidelines

    Equa tions (on sep ara te line) - all math expressions containing any variable and/orsuperscripts/subscripts is an M S Equation 3.0 object; Equation numbers that appeared in Uronehave been deleted and replaced with a comment noting the original equation number

    Equa tion o bj ects ( all ) -- Vectors in bold, not italics; magnitudes of vectors in italics, no bold;units in Roman; units always specified; subscripts almost always Roman (see Urone 2E Glossaryfor exceptions)

    R efe rences to Equ a tions references by equation number have been replaced by the equationitself

    R efe rences to othe r modu les/ch apte rs by number have been removed (preferred) or replacedby the title of the chapter/module and tagged per guidelines; note to production included as acomment

    R efe rences to Ex a mp les are by title, not number Misconception al e rts and other Call outs added per S ME comments Summ ary bullets are present for each module, excluding intro module; glossary terms are not

    tagged as such in the summary Key te rms tagged as a term on first mention within the module and in the Glossary, but not in

    the Summary Gloss ary -- appears in any module that contains any key terms tagged as such inthe module text; otherwise may be omitted

    Any Check You r Unde rst a nding Questions have answers Any P hET simu la tions appear at end of appropriate module

    ( ) Measurable Lear ning O bj ectives present for each module Key Wo rds present for each module

    Exa mp les formatted properly. Example number removed and replaced with comment providingoriginal number.

    Call outs have titles Footnotes removed and integrated into text Spe llcheck performed

  • 8/3/2019 CNX Physics Editing Checklist 1130 c


    Art P hotos/I llust ra tions - figures (and all figure references), including those in questions and

    problems, have been re-numbered and tagged per guidelines P hotos all are CC -BY and caption includes credit Ca ptions have been edited to reflect any changes to/replacements of Urone art/photos A lt text all photos and illustrations and tables contain alternate text; an empty alt tag is

    permissible only if the caption provides all necessary information A lt text does not include formatted text or equation objects; language and style is consistent

    with CNX Physics_alt_text_guidelines

    E nd-of-Module Conceptual Questions and Problems Conceptu al Questions have been inserted near the end of the appropriate module from the

    EOC Problems/ Solutions document. ( Some modules may have none, but all of the original end-of-chapter C onceptual Questions should be accounted for across modules.)

    P robl ems and A nswe rs to eve ry othe r p robl em have been inserted at the end of theappropriate module from the EO C Problems/ Solutions document; all math content is present viaequation objects. ( Some modules may have none, but all of the original end-of-chapterProblems should be accounted for across modules.)

    N o Dup lica tes - no individual C onceptual Question or Problem should appear in more than onemodule

    R efe rences to problems by number are replaced with relative reference or repetition of theoriginal question.

    F igu re specs, alt tags, tags, references are complete and appropriate

    F ormatting

    Entire document is Times N ew Roman 11 pt with 1.0 spacing and 0 point autospace betweenline breaks, no right justification

    All chapter elements and formatting are indicated by proper identifier tags, per the C EGuidelines_v2 and Legend_v7_Physics documents, N OT by W ord s formatting/styling tools.These include but are not limited to

    o Italicso Boldo N umbered or lettered listso Bullet points

    Line breaks: line spaces should be addedo Between paragraphso before and after figureso before and after exampleso before and after call outso between module elements such as section summaries, glossary, problems, etc.


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