Clues to applying for AORN scholarships

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    Clues to applying for AORN scholarships

    Have you considered applying for an AORN Scholarship only to ask one or more of these questions?

    Should I apply if Im an associate member? Im only going to school part time? I have another scholarship? I applied before, and . . .? I am not a 4.0 student? I know someone at my university who already has an AORN scholarship? I received one a few years ago?

    Dont let the ifs stop you. We hope the following answers to some of the concerns members have expressed will encourage you to submit a scholarship application. These clues may lead you to a successful applica- tion.

    The clue is membership. Whether you are an active or associate AORN member, you are equally eligible. You must have maintained your membership at least one year prior to the deadline for application and be a current member in good standing. Members of the National AORN Board of Directors (during their elected terms) and AORN Headquarters personnel are ineligible.

    The clue is merit. AORN scholarships are based upon scholastic merit, completeness of application form and supporting data, identifi- cation of personal goals, commitment toward educational growth, and contribution to operat- ing room nursing and the Association of Operating Room Nurses. Financial need is not

    a criterion for selection. Remember to contact the financial aid office of your educational in- stitution for other available scholarships, loans, and grants.

    The clue is education in nursing. Applicants pursuing a baccalaureate degree must have a major in nursing. Courses required to enter a baccalaureate curriculum are not fundable by the AORN scholarship program.

    Advanced-degree candidates applying for scholarships must be pursuing a degree in nursing or in a related, complementary field.

    The clue is scholastic achievement. You must have an accumulated grade point aver- age (GPA) of 3.0 using a 4.0 point scale in diploma or undergraduate courses. If you can- not meet this requirement, an official transcript of recent course work demonstrating capability of maintaining a 3.0 GPA at the college level will be considered. If less than 12 credit hours are presented, the 3.0 must be in academic courses.

    The clue is maintaining the GPA. To qualify for AORN-Edith D Hall Scholarship funds for consecutive quarter or semester course work, you must maintain an accumulated grade point average at the 3.0 level for each completed quarter or semester.

    The clue is additional scholarship awards. You may apply for additional scholarships if your grade point average has been sustained at a 3.0 level.

    The clue is individual. Each scholarship is granted on an individual basis. You may be either a full- or part-time student. Other chapter members who have been recipients or their attendance at a collegehniversity of your choice has no effect on your application.

    The clue is selection. Criteria for scholar- ships are the same for all scholarships: AORN-Edith D Hall Scholarships, Purdue

    AORN Journal, February 1976, Vol23, No 2 173

  • Frederick Fellowships, the Newhauser Me- morial Award, and Air Step and Naturalizer Scholarships. During the selection process, the AORN Scholarship Board determines which award will be granted to a designated recipient.

    The clue is tuition. AORN-Edith D Hall Scholarships provide funds for tuition and reg- istration fees only; they do not cover room and board, books, transportation, parking, and other expenses. Payment is made directly to the educational institution. Industry awards for a specified amount are paid directly to the re- cipient.

    The clue is period of application. There are two periods of application with deadline dates of May 15 and Jan 15.

    Applications received during the Jan 15 to May 15 application period are considered for AORN-Edith D Hall Scholarships for the sum- mer session immediately following the selec- tion or for the upcoming academic year or both.

    Applications received during the May 15 to Jan 15 period are considered for all available industry scholarships, fellowships, and awards, plus any remaining fiscal year funds for AORN-Edith D Hall Scholarships. AORN- Edith D Hall Scholarships are for spring course work or the following summer session or both.

    The clue is application form. There is one standard application form for all available scholarships. Applications received by the Jan 15 deadline are considered for any of the five offered scholarship awards. Application forms are available at most AORN educational offer- ings or by writing to the AORN Education De- partment. An application is not considered complete until the application form and all sup- porting data have been received prior to the specific deadline date.

    The clue is accreditation. Only course work within an accredited educational institution is fundable, and you must provide evidence of such enrollment.

    If the college/university is not accredited by the National League for Nursing, you will be requested to have your institution provide in- formation to the AORN Scholarship Board identifying the schools accreditation standing and the name of the accrediting body. To be acceptable, this must be an organization rec- ognized for accreditation purposes.

    The clue is official. An official transcript bears the seal of the issuing school. You are responsible for requesting official transcripts

    for all previous diploma nursing and college- level courses for submission to the AORN Scholarship Board.

    The clue is recommendation. You are further responsible for requesting three letters of recommendation in your behalf for submis- sion to the AORN Scholarship Board. At least one letter must represent current or most re- cent work experience.

    The clue is contingency fora ward payment. When an applicant indicates the potential for receiving a federal nurse traineeship or other total-funding grant, the AORN Scholarship Board will place astipulationon the award from AORN-Edith D Hall Scholarship funds. If the other grant is received, AORN monies will be withheld for another member to be named at the next selection meeting. Other nonconflict- ing scholarships received by an applicant will not affect AORNs award.

    The clue is continued scholarship funding. AORN wishes to see recipients complete their educational goals and welcomes subsequent applications, providing you have met the grade requirements and you submit another applica- tion form with an updated personal statement. All previous supporting data on file will be ad- vanced to your current application.

    The clue is recognition. In addition to a writ- ten notification to the individual, names of the scholarship recipients will be published in AORN Journal and Congress bulletins. Recip- ients will also be recognized at the AORN awards banquet at Congress.

    The clue is apply again. If you were not selected during a previous application period, you are encouraged to reapply. Your cir- cumstances and situations may have changed, as well as AORNs growing scholar- ship program. Like other scholarship offerings, the amount of available funds, number of scholarships to be awarded, and the number of applicants involved can affect the selections to be made.

    If your specific question was not answered in this column, please write to the AORN Schol- arship Board, Education Department, AORN, Inc, 10170 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, Colo 80231.

    If you are interested in continuing your for- mal advanced education, follow these clues to an AORN Scholarship.

    Margaret D Stenson Educational assistant

    174 AORN Journal, February 1976, Vol23, No 2