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  • January 2013

    Volume 3, Number 1

    From the Chairman of the Board

    I am honored to be the 2013 Chairman of the Board for the Clovis Chamber and am looking forward to working with its members, directors and staff.

    Over the past 5 years, our country has been challenged like never before. We have slid into an economic quagmire that we just cant seem to get out of. Add the political noise of blame and diametrically opposed solutions and were at a standstill.

    However, one bright light for me has

    been the perseverance of the Chambers members and staff who have stepped up to the plate to face our problems head on.

    Thats why my focus for the coming year will be the Chambers most valuable asset, our members. I call it Back to Basics.

    The Clovis Chamber has always had a large, strong membership. Yes, our numbers have slipped although much

    less than many other chambers. Some of our members are doing quite well and some arent. But each and every one has stayed passionate towards their employees and customers.

    Weve been pleasantly surprised by the number of businesses who have chosen to join the chamber for the first time. They all recognize the importance of the valuable networking programs that we offer.

    Now its time for me to do my part.

    As the board chairman, I will work with the board directors to encourage them to play a more active part in our membership commitments. Our directors are chosen not only for their business knowledge and support of the chamber, but also because they are influential members of the community. They also have a broad base of contacts that can be a source of new members.

    Our directors are doing a terrific job representing and supporting the Chamber. They are active in our programs, events and committees and have done much to enhance the reputation of the Chamber. Their hard work is appreciated and I know that in 2013 theyll be essential in bringing the Chamber to new heights.

    If you are currently a Clovis Chamber member, I promise that your association with us will be advantageous and profitable. If youre not yet a member, I invite you to join our dynamic organization. We are waiting for you to call.

    Heres to a great 2013.

    Ken May2013 Chairman of the Board

    Mark BlackneyCEO/PresidentClovis Chamberof Commerce

    Getting a Grip

    Its hard to believe that Ive been the CEO of the Clovis Chamber for over four years. And what a ride it has been. During this time, weve had to carry on through one of the worst recessions in our nations history while maintaining the Chambers programs and successful events. Needless to say, at times it has been a struggle, but we are still a force supporting our local businesses and the Clovis community.

    One of the constants during my tenure has been one of my favorite groups of people the Chamber Board of Directors. Even though names may change, its purpose and dedication to the Chamber mission stays the same.

    Each year, several members term out and new ones are nominated to join. We dont look for just anyone to become a director. We seek the special people who have the skills, talent and passion to enhance the Chamber purpose.

    We make sure our directors represent the many facets of our economy and businesses. On our board youll find small

    business owners, upper management, employees, and retired individuals. We believe in the importance of our educational institutions by having representatives from the Clovis Unified School District and Willow International Community College Center.

    We recognize that many of our members are from the younger generation so we are adding that age group to our board. Their innovative ideas are the perfect mix with us older folks wisdom and experience. Board discussions get quite interesting as points of view from different generations mix and sometimes conflict. But we always end up with a decision that makes the Chamber stronger.

    The directors play an important role in our events. Several assist in their planning while others are here at 5 am to direct vendors and help do the set up. Several board members can be found manning the beer garden and the Chamber booth. We are always open to their suggestions.

    In 2011, under the guidance of Chairman Rod Geist, the directors decided to expand our outreach to the community beyond our economic endeavors. The Chamber Gives Back program was started with its first project, Hooked on Books. Through the tireless work of the directors, donations were accepted from local businesses and the public

    at BIG Hat Days and ClovisFest. Those revenues funded the purchase of hundreds of books that have been distributed to three CUSD elementary schools so far. The goal is to put a book in the hands of every school child in the district.

    An important role the directors play is to retain and add to our membership base. That is another criteria we use when considering their membership to the board how can they influence people to join the Chamber? Im excited that incoming Chairman Ken May has chosen Membership Development as his goal during 2013. He has the passion to make the Chamber grow and I know we will have many new members join us.

    One charge of our new board is to determine what changes we need to make to continue our success in the new era of business that is based on the needs

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    Message fromCEO/President

    Grip, continued on page 2

    Outgoing Chairman Rick Snow, Incoming Chairman Ken May

    Chamber Directors distribute books at Temperance-Kutner Elementary School.

  • Clovis Chamber of Commerce325 Pollasky

    Clovis, CA 93612299-7363 Fax

    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEKen May - Board ChairRick Snow - Past Chair

    Snowflake DesignsShelly DArcy - Chair Elect

    Kaiser PermanenteKarena Dillon - Vice Chair,

    Chamber Gives BackBaker Dillon Group

    Nick Maxwell - Vice Chair, FinanceLPL Financial

    Gary Honeycutt - Vice Chair, Advocacy

    B.J. Kountry KitchenEllie Huston - Vice Chair,

    MarketingGina Estrada - Vice Chair,

    NominatingAXA Equitable


    Schneider ElectricRon Barsamian

    Barsamian & Moody Professional Corp

    Alex ContrerasDonaghy Sales

    Rod GeistCentral Valley Community Bank

    Bob HallHalran Consulting & Marketing

    Nykole HibbsDinner MyWayDeborah Ikeda

    Willow International Community College Center

    Claudia MoorefieldSees Candies, Inc.

    Greg NewmanLand Value/Sierra Vista Mall

    Thom RichardsonSunrise DisplaysPaul Spraetz, Sr

    Farmers Insurance GroupCheryl Storer

    Cheryl Storer, CPASteve Ward

    Clovis Unified School DistrictMary WilliamsDumont Printing

    2 -

    About this publication...Chamber Insider is the official

    monthly publication of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, 325 Pollasky, Clovis, CA 93612, (559) 299-7363. Reproduction by any means of the entire contents or any portion of this publication without written permission is prohibited.

    The appearance of any advertisements in this publication does not constitute support or endorsement for any product, person, cause, business or organization named therein, unless specifically noted otherwise in the advertisement.

    GripContinued from page 1

    and characteristics of this generation of business owners who are younger and very tech savvy. We have already made good strides with our emphasis on the use of and training on social media.

    But we have to do more. We are looking at our popular networking events including our mixers and the traditional trade shows. They have been very successful but we must make sure were making the necessary adjustments to attract that younger age group. Should we change the format, the location, the timing? All these aspects will be considered with the assistance of our

    younger board members.

    We have to put our advocacy program under the microscope. These are scary and uncertain times for our businesses. Are we doing the most to help our members tread through the maze of treacherous regulations and new taxes? For some, major decisions will have to be made regarding their workforce, location and even the future of their businesses. We have to be there to offer whatever support and resources we can.

    Were hoping this uncertainty wont stop the entrepreneurial spirit of people

    who want to start a new business. We have to make sure the Chamber is able to assist them through our membership programs that can help them succeed. The Board acknowledges the economy will make it more difficult, but it knows how important the Chambers role continues to be in the business community.

    As we start another year, Im confident the Chamber is up to the challenge of representing and supporting our most valuable asset, our members. With our dynamic new board, I know that only great things will happen in 2013.

    Congressman Devin Nunes Keynote Speaker at Chamber Annual Meeting

    The date is set, the menu chosen and the keynote speaker lined up for the Chambers Annual Membership Meeting and Salute to Business Awards Dinner.

    Join us as we say farewell to outgoing Chairman Rick Snow, welcome incoming Chairman Ken May, install the new Board of Directors, and recognize outstanding business people who have excelled with the Chamber and in the


    End the evening with a discussion by Congressman Nunes (R-Clovis) who has been outstanding in the heat of battle for the past years. He

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