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  1. 1. Client: Santos Design: Flour Australia Head Contractor: Clough Downer Joint Venture Completed: Under construction Location: QLD Size: 420,000m2 Material Quantity: 1,260,000m2 Scope: Supply and installation of triple layer lining system, permanent ballast- ing of the floor, animal egress and water level indicators to the following associate ponds: 200ML Associated Water Balance Pond 340ML Permeate Pond 4 x 350ML Brine Ponds A, B, C & D Design and Construction: The Flour design was a triple layer system consisting of triplanar drain- age net covered by geosynthetic clay liner, followed by a 1.5mm HDPE smooth geomembrane liner as the primary layer. The primary liner floor of each pond was electrical tested to ASTM D7007 Standard Practices for Electrical Methods for Locating Leaks in Geomembranes Covered with Water or Earth Minerals, and the walls to ASTM D7703 Standard Practices for Electrical Leak Location on Ex- posed Geomembranes using the Water Lance System. The primary liner was secured to spillways and sump structures using Fablock sup- plied prefabricated by Fabtech, and precast into the concrete struc- tures. Fabtech was recognised by Clough Downer Joint Venture for diligence regarding all aspects of safety on site. Santos | GLNG Upstream Project - Fairview HUB 04 Design Testing Supply Installation Shawn Brown being presented an award for diligence regarding all aspects of safety onsite.