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  • 1. Cloud Computing: Defining and Describing an Emerging Phenomenon, Gartner, 17 June 2008

2. S c a la b l E la s t ice Ec o n o m i S ta nd ac a lrds 3. Blunt unit of measureExpensive to procureTime-consuming to deploy Difficult to upgrade 4. T H E E N T E R P R IS E C L O U D : D E M O RANDY ROWLAND, GM MANAGED HOSTING 5. E n t e r p r is eR e q u ir e m e n t sWorld-Class InfrastructureSecurity & CompliancePremium Service & SupportMeaningful SLAs 6. Dev/Test/QA tes Scalable Consumer Websi Back Office Applications Disaster Recovery 7. Data center consolidationBack office applications Disaster recovery solution Eliminated $210,000 CapEx 8. Traffic-heavy consumer sitesUnpredictable growth High-profile product launches 9. $0.00 10. 10:1 11. 85% 12. 9 minutes 13. G r e a t e r A g ilit y + S u p e r io r E c o n o m ic s .Dynamic capacity management Real-time deployment Granular scalability Better asset utilizationServer consolidation Zero CapEx B y 2 0 1 1 , 8 0 p e r c e n t o f F o r t u n e 1 0 0 0 e n t e r p r is e s w i ll p a y f o r s o m e c lo u d c o m p u t i n g s e r v ic e s .