Cloning By: Victoria R. Komosinski. Introduction Do you know what cloning and genes are? Genes are things you get from your parents. Genes make you, you!

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CloningBy: Victoria R. KomosinskiIntroductionDo you know what cloning and genes are?Genes are things you get from your parents.Genes make you, you!Cloning is making a exact copy of another livingorganism. More about that later.In this Power Point, you will learn about actualcloned animals, how it works and if it is bad or not.{And much more!}Fasten your seatbelt!

What is Cloning?Cloning is a very useful tool.Cloning makes a exact copy of a living organism.Did you know that twins are classified as clonesbecause they share the same DNA?You might think that cloning is the next best thing,but it can cause some problems, too.{See paragraph #6}

How Does Cloning Work?It is hard to understand how to really clone something,but this way is the easiest to understand:

You have genes from your mother and father.You take one cell from a living thing.That little cell holds enough information to recreatethe same living thing!!!!! Cool, Huh?!

Can Cloning Help Us?Cloning CAN help us!Cloning can solve many diseases.Some of the diseases are Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Huntingtons diseases.Actually, Parkinsons disease is cured withCloning already!The future is in clonings hands!Another way cloning can help us is by cloningendangered species so they dont go extinct!Cloning could save our mascot!!!!!!!

Does Cloning Create Problems?Even though of all its riches, cloning doeshave its flaws.Cloning has never had much success.Cloned animal meat may not be safe becauseOf genetic diseases that perhaps theanimal got.If you got cloned, your lifespan would probablydecline because of genetic diseases.Would you want to be cloned?{Probably not.}

Who Was Dolly?Dolly was the first cloned animal from an adult animal!Everyone was amazed at how this could happen.Guess what, this was only 17 years ago!Cloning would still be considered a new science.The cloning of Dolly made people wonder if human cloning was on its way to existence!

Human Cloning: Safe?Some people think that human cloning should be banned.It is this way because of genetic diseases that can be causedby cloning. You are very likely not to survive if you were to be cloned.Especially if you are young because we need our DNA.What do you think?Should human cloning be banned?

ClosingCloning is still a very new concept. It could keep endangered animalsalive and help the world population to grow!The future depends on cloning to help!Cloning is a fascinating subject.What do you think?