Clipping Path Services Outsourcing Strategies

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    Where To Outsource Your Image Editing Task?

    A Clipping Path Family Publications

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    Table of Contents

    Why Your Company Needs Clipping Path Services? ............ 3

    Reasons of Why You Need Photoshop Services Online? ... 4 What Are The Purposes of Your Business These Photo Editing Company Can Fulfill? ...................................................... 7 Different Purposes of Clipping Path Services ........................ 9

    What If You Dont Want to Hire Any Image Editing Companies? ....................................................................................... 9 How to Save Money and Time By Outsourcing Image Editing Task To Any Third World Countries? ..................... 11

    Last But Not The Least ................................................................. 13

  • 3 Clipping Path Family

    Why Your Company Needs Clipping Path Services?

    May be you are an owner of an Website, an webstore or ecommerce site; or may be you are a manager of a company who needs a lot of unique images everyday. And this is idea; that fulfills by Clipping Path Family by providing you unique, edited quality images as much as you want.

    Not every image editing companies out there can fulfill your requirements. You sometime need those images in a very short time-around. And this is why you should be hiring a company or outsource your work to an organization who are capable of handling your large quantity of images per day and who communicate instantly.

    So, why basically you need clipping path services; i have given you a brief above, but here you goes to be more specific-

    1. Images that are hundred percent hand made and presented to you with care.

    2. Images that can be instantly uploaded to your webstore or required places without any more further editing hassles.

  • 4 Clipping Path Family

    3. Images where the Clipping Path line placed 2 pixels inside.

    4. Images where less number of anchor point added.

    5. Maintained all the natural curves within the images to look it natural and well polished.

    6. Images that have transparent background or white background so that it can be suited with any type of website and in any colored web pages.

    7. Images with layer mask so that further changes can be made if the clients need it to.

    If you are looking for features mentioned above; then you can definitely go to for further information.

    Reasons of Why You Need Photoshop Services Online?

    Clipping path services have gained extreme popularity and benefited different industries nowadays. The process simply involves improvement of image quality.

    It is impossible to work on the background of a photograph specially while advertising a product. Clipping path technique typically knocks out an image background without distorting the original image. The

  • 5 Clipping Path Family

    technique is applied through image editing software to cut through the edges of objects.

    All the elements visible within the path are kept untouched whereas, everything outside the path is erased or eliminated. Clipping path technique is available in multiple image manipulation software like, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Fireworks and more. Graphic designers, Photographers and web designers mostly use Adobe Photoshop for reserving their best performance.

    Clipping path service is well acclaimed to provide the highest quality images compared to other services. It can absolutely provide great results while dealing with complex images. You can expect to get an outstanding cutout image within a few minutes using Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw.

  • 6 Clipping Path Family

    Clipping path can be employed in isolating a particular photo in addition to clearing background. Also, it allows you to have elements on customized or transparent backdrops. Owing to this benefit, many graphic and web designers are delivering quality clipping path service online. Some of them are outsourcing these projects for further convenience, cost effectiveness, time management, and extra workload reduction. It is a better idea to get the job done by trustworthy path clipping service providers so that you can get the assurance of receiving quality and in time services at a very affordable rate.

    This is the probable cause of tremendously growing demand of Photoshop services online among advertising marketing firms.

    Photoshop clipping path online service providers can certainly help graphic or web designers as well as business owners to promote their businesses and extract the highest business revenue.

    But this must be done by highly experienced and professional companies as they possess adequate experts and resources to handle these projects. Such companies take pride in providing the clipping path services at competitive market prices.

    Owing to the competitive and economical pricing, the outsourcing idea of clipping path services has been preferred by the graphic or web designers as well as many marketing companies.

    A dependable Photoshop service provider will offer quote service which can help in making decisions in the

  • 7 Clipping Path Family

    future. Clipping Path Family (CPF) is such a company we recommend.

    Place a bid at now and get the genuine quotes immediately. Once your quote is accepted, you will receive invoice copy via email.

    So, what are you waiting for? Place an order today and get in touch with our reputed firm for the apt solutions.

    What Are The Purposes of Your Business These Photo Editing Company Can Fulfill?

    Clipping path is the technique of separating and selecting any particular or specific section from an image, which may be an advertising product itself. Clipping path service is used to remove the background from any image so that you can have your preferable background to them. The purpose of clipping path is to remove background and make the background transparent (without background) or white. Also, multiple clipping paths are employed for color correction. The whole process is done manually through Photoshop pen tool, though these can be done by some automated tools. Photoshop pen tool results in a flawless background and the best clipping path along with maximum pixels and minimum anchor points.

  • 8 Clipping Path Family

    Background removal by path clipping

    Clipping path services are most demanding in image editing industry. There are many automated programs and software which help to get rid of the unwanted parts of an image. Magic wand tool is one of such automated tools from Adobe Photoshop.

    It creates automated paths throughout the edges. Though it gives you the result rapidly, the quality never riches the best. In this process, random parts of background will be visible in places and the output is never professional in anyway.

    To resolve the problem, you need to operate Photoshop pen tool manually. The accuracy of hand-made process is not obtainable through any other automated software.

  • 9 Clipping Path Family

    Different Purposes of Clipping Path Services

    Removing or replacing backgrounds from images

    Creating transparent backgrounds

    Creating customized backgrounds

    Saving silhouette selection on images for later use

    Creating magazine covers, ads, and lots of other products in print media

    Creating desired or customized layers, and multiple layers using multiple selection

    Dropping shadows or shadowing of desired images

    Clipping path services are the basic requirements for any other image editing service. Image masking, color masking, background removal, old photo restoration, and many other services require the path clipping first. Clipping path services allow you to produce excellent layouts which can increase the competitive value of the products in the market.

    What If You Dont Want to Hire Any Image Editing Companies?

    This is not recommended. Its because, your time and effort will be in vain if you cant produce high quality images as per the requirements of what your customers will want to see. Image Editing is a task of professionals,

  • 10 Clipping Path Family

    experienced designers and the enthusiasts who would like to edit images to make these even better on their online pages or in use of different offline graphical works.

    But, the question raised when someone would like to tap into the image editing industry and want to give it a try. So, what are the best image editing softwares available?

    Here, we have come up a list of top 10 image editing softwares that have been recommended by the top designers and experts of the industry.

    1. Adobe Photoshop

    2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    3. Apple Aperture

  • 11 Clipping Path Family

    4. Corel Aftershot Pro

    5. ACDSee Pro 3

    6. ArcSoft Photostudio

    7. DxO Optics Pro

    8. Capture One Express 7

    9. GIMP

    10. GetPaint

    Just search on Google for finding the software link by DIY and then start using these one by one for being expert on this field. But, our recommendation is to stick with Adobe Photoshop and learn every aspect of it's several tools. That will give you the real perfection on image editing.

    How to Save Money and Time By Outsourcing Image Editing Task To Any Third World Countries? Are you worried about your large scale of image editing tasks? You dont have enough time to get these processed? You dont want to spend lots of money by processing your images? You want to save y